Monday, August 10, 2009

Life down under is fascinating

I FEEL amazing, woke up after 10 hours of deep recovery sleep. I Cycled up massive hills and back down to the snorkeling area of this island (KO MA), bonded with fish and other sea life for one hour, going deep, chasing fish, observing the life down under (being grateful I dont eat those wonderful creatures friendly creatures anymore. Then cycled back through the intense hills. The Lonely Planet Guidebook states to not use bicycles on this island unless you can keep up with the famous "Lance Armstrong". So here we have a ton of white tourists coming here to be healthy, practice yoga, practice vegan diet, and Ride a Motorbike to get around 5km (3miles) at the most. that is ironic to me, but i didnt realize this until last year, i have been slowly making the connection of how using motorbikes and cars contributes to things other than environmentalism.

I enjoyed some delicious, sweet red colored dragon fruits followed by a and huge salad of mango/cucumber/dragonfruit/tomato with OJ for dressing. Harley, Freelea, Nick, Rich, Choi, HOlly, Lindy and I sat in a circle outside for 2 hours of slowly eating our natural hygienic yummy food and great conversation.

Now I am enjoying some internet and more alone time. I am practicing using internet much less often, approx 2 times each week.

IF success is being happy, then I feel so successful today.

is my life REAL, is this a dream?

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