Tuesday, December 23, 2008

DID you know this?

My friend wrote this and I thought is was a creative way to change some of the negative feelings we all feel at times...
"why are you focusing on problems instead of solutions? why are you choosing frustration instead of fascination? why are you choosing irritation instead of inspiration"

Did you KNOW?:
Most people cant replace a darn hotdog with a veggie dog?

Every year in the U.S., more than 27 billion animals are slaughtered for food. Raising animals on factory farms is cruel and ecologically devastating. Eating animals is bad for our health, leading directly to many diseases and illnesses, including heart attacks, strokes, cancer, diabetes, and obesity. In response to animal welfare, health, and ecological concerns, compassionate people everywhere are adopting a vegetarian diet.

Maybe you can practice it for one week....the first 7days of January 2008 may be a good time, especially if you are feeling bloated and heavy lately due to excess....

There are vegetarian alternatives to almost any animal food, from soy sausages and "Fib Ribs" to Tofurky jerky and mock lobster. Vegetarian-friendly menus are sprouting up everywhere—even Burger King offers veggie burgers—and more and more eateries are focusing exclusively on vegetarian and vegan foods. There are fantastic alternatives to every dairy product you can imagine, including Coconut milk based icecreams!, Almond milks, Hemp milks, rice milks, Soy Delicious ice cream, Silk chocolate soy milk, Tofutti cream cheese, Cashew Cheese and more...or just eat massive Fruits for breakfast and lunch, then at Dinner make a huge veggie pizza with Rice or nut Cheese with a special xtra tasty zesty sauce every night for one week.

I was doing this too....

Most of society is all about starving yourself on fruits and veg and then going binging on something sweet and salty. we under eat fruit and then go binge on potato chips (sweet and salty) etc.and then we beat ourselves up about it! and say 'your weak! your pathetic! this world sucks! i hate my life!' lol! all because we just neglected on fruits, water, exercise and sleep/rest.

Fruitarian lifestyle..

RAW FRUITARIAN feels sooooo amzing!! Yes I get thoughts of cooked emotionally linked comfort foods too, but that is why the road to SUCCESS is UPHILL…keep perservering and eating juicy foods with one ingredient!! Not a list of ingredients that I don’t understand….I have devastated my digestive system growing up as a kid in a somewhat healthy family (Thank you sooo much mom, no HOstess or wonderbread or sugar cereals!) compared to others but still had MSG Cambells soup and Top ramen, Partiallly Hydrogenated oil grahamcrakers, animals, eggs, loads of cow puss Milk, cheese, yogurt…..And then I still rebelled and went to convenience stores for Barbequed Beef burritos, 44 ounce ‘rainbow’ soft drinks, fries, cow burgers, cancer sugar candy GALORE…....
not to mention my Stint in India only 3months ago of massive salt, msg, sugar, etc… with a normal ‘healthy’ to most diet of Indian back yard street foods that tasted so amazing, like Crack probably taste like…….

But being CLEAN, and LEAN and pure and noticing how foods affect me is the best for me and I am the Happiest I have ever been in my life when I am eating the way I am designed to eat…...

I love eating less now..that is my new form of passion…studying people that really are lean and survive of very little food and have tons more energy and vitality than someone of normal weight or over weight or obese (which is only 20% overweight).
I get to be around many men over 70 years old working harder than I ever did, leaner than a Rock too…so many good role models to strive to be like around third worlds….so it is quite possibly easier to practice leaner healthier living here than USA, but than again that may be a mindset anyways.

Surfing lots....30minutes of strengthtraining twice a week.....jogging 20minutes twice a week....yoga for 10minutes twice a week...

most common 'staple foods' for me are Papaya and bananas....I know, I know, I can get those anywhere, but they are sooo damn good here so I eat lots of them...many different tastes of bananas too.

Dream livin!

After approximately 24 months of travel I have found the vision of my dream life come true....staying on the ocean, putting on my surfboard leash from my steps to paddle out to 3 different pointbreaks. I always visualized a place that was completely quiet from others, only natures sounds (waves, birds, animals, wind, etc..), ON the ocean (so close I had to evacuate last tuesday for a possible typhoon), Open air type living (several windows with views and fresh breeze coming through my place, View of the point break from my BED!, Hammock on my front porch overlooking the surf, surrounded by young coconut trees and green bushes, flowers, Close to Fruit varieties ...

I am about 10 minute walk to my Durian Dealer (season is NOW: NOv, DEC, Jan ( I also get my fruit delivered to my doorstep: yesterday I received 50lbs of durian, 15lbs of sweetesst papaya ever, 12lbs of rambutans, 8lbs of bananas, 10lbs of Marangs, 7lbs of juicysweet Pineapples, 1lb of Oranges....ALL for $55 USA!!
I am giving much away today and tomorrow for xmas gifts to new people i have met around the village and to strangers..)..

PEACE and SERENITY....reconnection with Nature...totally listening to my bodies needs as far as nutrition is concerned....savouring every juicy sweet flavor of the fruit varieties. Walking around Naked my property if and when I choose....I enjoy the Sunlight daily and get plenty of vitamin D. contributing sooo easily to village kids with my time or giving fruit (which they absolutely jump for joy for, this would be ridiculous in a USA suberb to give a bannana to a kid, they would laugh at my face and say NO, YUCKY!! give me chocolate now, heheheh).

Also in this dream life it will be a bonus to include a special someone to share it with, and I feel I have several options for this person within 4 hours away by bus when and If I choose to go for it...so many Philippino ladies educated and and yet have kept their 'simple' roots, which allows them to be comfortable doing nothing for hours on end, like myself (which takes lots of continued practice to 'unlearn' the need for being busy).

I have felt my self wanting to get more busy with contribution efforts….I started making more “friend not food” t-shirts to give to people ( found a resource here for $3/tshirt, cheaper than BALI), I start planning which fruits I will give to who, I journal about being nicer to people by smiling and saying hello constantly instead of ignoring the unrelenting stares from locals ( I would do the same thing had I grown up here all my life and finally see a white man walk by my village, so I must keep reminding myself this and have compassion. I believe only few USA people will understand this because it took lots of time in 3rd worlds to get this way)…..

How else to I try to keep myself busy: moving from watching the surf in my hammock to sitting on a chair in the grass, to reading in my bed, to eating, to text messaging girls I have met, or my sister in OREGON, HI Shonda..i love to send you random texts that you pay for, hehhehhe! That is a smart company in usa charging people to receive text messages too, here they don’t do this….it costs 2pennies to send one text here and you may see 5 out of 10 people in the text messaging act at any given moment anywhere in Philippines, even a remote village…..It can be easy to keep myself busy with these things I make time to meditate and do nothing daily and will keep increasing this.
These activities are rather harmless and very good comparably.. (granted in the past my thoughts were always about makin money, buying more things I dont need, drinking alcohol, chasing women, making more money, buying new cars, etc.....)

Xmas in the Philippines is very big here….big family times…I have several invites to spend xmas with families here, I may go visit an American guy and his philippina wife and boy and make durian shakes, but I may choose to isolate and be alone and be OK with this, as it is my choice……Many people are ALONE not by choice these holidays. Besides, xmas to me is about being with family and friends, as I am NOT religious….so no church tonight (most go to church tonight at midnight!).

The love for Americans is HUGE in Philippines…this seems to piss off the French the most (or so I have read and believe)! Then the other European countries get tired of being called Americans…but we Amercians are loving it…..They love us (not that there are many tourists in this area, none) and seem to wear USA shirts all the time…I see this in themiddle of remote villages too.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

moving to Sibahay on a Point break!!

moving to a place 8km away from my current location. This new spot is AMAZING!!! $18USA/WEEK!!!.....IT is right on the beach, the waves crash into my steps practically, brilliant sound. I am next to 2 perfect Right point breaks and 1 left short break. I am in the middle of palmtrees, plants, birds, dogs, chickens, nature galore....complete isolation and silence. Fresh air in abundance, beautiful scenery to gaze at all day long. I am alittle scared to be so alone, but it will be good for me. I am next to one other house owned by JEFF, and American that moved here 8years ago, married a fillipina and has a 7year old boy now. Jeff Built a huge home on his dream point break location for $16,000USA. Nice guy to chat with and surf with. He is into environmentalism and realizes VEGAN is the best way to be, but has yet been able to convert.

I have been enjoying the surfing each day and am still in disbelief that I can surf EPIC waves SOLO or with one or two others, which are now my friends anyways....Philippines is a secret surfing dream! For all you surfer buddies of mine, you would be amazed at my lifestyle here.

EAting only fruit for about 2months now....I am not missing cooked food at all...if I really wanted it, I would eat it, but All I want is fruit. Living this close with Nature really makes me eat like a monkey, I guess. I found some green bannanas, that are green on the outside, but still sweet and juicy on the inside.....eating lots of papaya lately...I find trees that have ripe papaya and I ask the owner if I can buy some (20cents/lb). Durian is very near my new place, so that will be nice and convenient. I blended durian with coconut water and it made a very rich milky, creamy shake.

I still get Stares constantly from everyone when walking to and from the market or internet or surf..it is challenging at times for me to be stared at so much...i long for some USA time where nobody looks at you.

I met the local nutritionist here in Lanuza. She said the milk companies are teaching mothers to feed their babies 'formula' milk instead of real human breast milk...this is frustrating for me, and what Can I Do? I can keep spreading the word of the vegan message. Never support dairy companies and their corruption....feeding on the ignorant and trusting 3rd world citizens....caring only about their 'bottom line'. Breast milk is the best for babies even up to 2 or 3years old....formula milk is processed poisen that begans to make cancer inside the body.