Wednesday, April 21, 2010

eating durian inside Airport....

Loads of durian stands on the roadsides as I was Heading back to Davao airport. I was catching my flight to Siargao Island for some surfing. I brought a couple durians to the airport. The entrance of the airport has a huge durian statue, so I felt like this may be a place that embraces durian. The first security guard at the front entrance was smiling and took little notice in my durians.

Now I am inside the Davao City airport which is enclosed and airconditioned. The checkin counter told me I cant bring my durian on the plane. I said OK, and continued through the first xray screen and security. They made me put the durian through the xrays.

Now I am at the area of cafes and shops before the final xray and gate entrances. This is were I sat down at a table and opened my strong smelling durian. People did look more than usual at me with smiles. NO issues whatsoever!!

The durians I had brought were from My favorite durian Stall in Magsaysay Park...the sellers name is Jeffry, nickname JO-JO, He is about 30 years old and has a belly, and is the most honest durian expert around! give him business, tell him DD sent you.

I also got another massage at the airport for $2!!! The best I have ever had in my life. From a blind man named "RICKY". Top floor of airport. sitting in the massage chair style. 30minutes of pressure points and relaxation.....after wards I had a chat with this Expert......I played a game, asking him to guess my age. Told him I would give him double if he guessed it.....he was close enough.

Philippines continues to impress me with the weather, the smiling hospitible people, the fruit, the durian, the massages, the cheapness, the beaches, the down to earth feeling in a big city like Davao, the ability to help others so easily and cheaply day in and day out, the adventure, the Girls, the love of life....,etc....

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Philippines: Davao Durian report.

The Durians are everywhere. I smelled durian when I came out of the plane at Davao city airport. This may be hard to believe, but so true. The philippina girl i sat with was coming to eat durian too.

The Magsaysay Park area has abundance of durians piled at the stalls. i saw about 5 durian sellers on the way to the magsaysay park from airport. I have seen thousands of durians since i landed 20 hours ago. i have feasted on some of the best in the world here today.....out ranking Malaysian even.
ARANCILO was the best so far in deep complex flavor, in a wet creamy format of bliss.

This is only a Semi season for durian (Msrch, April, May) prices are about 75cents/kilo. The Main season is August, September and October (50cents/kilo)
. Durian is available 365 days a year here in Davo, but the seasons have millions around for cheaper.

I am seeing abundance of other fruits: Marang, Jak, pineapples, mangos, papayays, mangosteens, Pomelo, etc...

The feeling here is so wonderful. I love the geniune Philippino people. The durian culture is full on. people all sitting at tables chowing down, or many walk by and stop and stand up while they devour a durian and go on their way.

a group of 4 girls (ratio of girls to boys here is 4 to 1) sat down with me and we chatted over durian. They are in Davao for a conference for teachers. This is what i tell people i do for a living now....TEACH everyone understands what I do, and i can openly share the vegan movement.

The Evergreen hotel is still about $7/night and footsteps away from piles of durian. The staff remembered me...i brought a big PUAT durian for them to immediately tuck into.

Got a haircut and shave today by a local little barber shop....the price is $1...this includes a nice 10minute massage.....i gave him $4, and he was amazed and so appreciative and happy that I am on a major BuZZ for the rest of the day from the experience with such a grateful man and his wonderful service.

If ever you feel down in Philppines, go get a massage or haircut and give a big tip.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

random photos, leaving Bali

AFter 2 months in Bali, I am heading to Philippines again.

Bali seems to have more Vegetarian places now.....i saw a few in Denpasar even.

The durian season is showing signs of a slowdown here.
I can still find heaps of durian on the road over the hill through Bedugul to Singaraja.
Not much durian around Denpasar or other roadside stalls closer to beaches.
Always seem to find durian at the Bali Chain called "Moana Fresh", A fruit and smoothie shop. The durians are called bangkok or Kanibali....they taste like Thailands' Monthong, but are grown in Singaraja, Bali (I visited the farms briefly this time).

Mom and Dad are headn back to USA. ...They stayed one month..may fun times...They put a big candle in the middle of my durian on my birthday and sang to me.....
Dad was eating mostly vegetrarian this trip....he likes the vegetable soups they sell around Bali, ask for 'Cap Cay'.

I feel so excited to have a change and some more uncertainty now, and some new durian flavors.
The durian season in Davao City area of PHilippines is ususally very strong Aug, Sept, OCt, I am excited to see what they still have this time.