Thursday, July 31, 2008

Yelling out loud, "Mcdonalds is BAD!!!!!" at local Mcds

The RAWMEN were in action yesterday, spreading the rawvegan simple life message to many tourists and locals as we toured around the island. I love to see this simplistic type of life of the locals on the country roads, I feel sooo grateful to get to experience all the cultural differences to the western worlds.

Seeing New KFC's and Mcdonalds popping up in some smaller villages really pissed me off.....I became upset and depressed about this for a bit. Harley and I talked about what we can do to. We can get depressed and do nothing or keep sharing with others another way of life. We stopped into a Mcdonalds in Georgetown and yelled to everyone in there that "Mcdonalds is BAD!" we pointed our thumbs down to show our lack of support.....the Malaysian Mcd workers and the customers were all eating their hamburgers and fries and watching us in disbelief. Then I yelled, "Durian is Good!" and they all laughed and smiled, I feel they got the point that not all Westerners support the fast food industry.

-Harley and I Cycled 90km around Penang about 4hours of pedaling time. Found beautiful country roads through fruit orchards: rambatan, mangosteens, durian, chompadek, avocados, soursops, etc... visited some locals at the top of a STEEP hill climb of 2300feet elevation climb in 5km. Ate a durian lunch at a Chinese Monestery on top of the hill overlooking Georgetown and the ocean...relaxed in silence for one hour up in nature...saw bright yellow tropical birds, jumping spiders, drangonflies, centipede, insects, squirels.
-Swam in the Itam dam under a waterfall.
- 120pushups throughout the day.

Food intake:
2 bananas, morning snack
1 coconut water
1lb of durian chunks for meal #1
4lbs of durian chunks for meal #2

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Can we handle to be wrong sometimes?

Two atttractive canadian girls were eating icecream on the side of the road, so Harley and I stopped to have a chat. We shared our love for fruit and how we are enjoying the Durian Season here. They asked about Harley's 'vegan' sign on his bike (what a great feeling to be in a position to share with people interested!). As Harley has over 7years of eating a vegan diet, I love to listen to how he answers the questions that animal eaters have, he is very creative with his answers.
The Canadian girls said, 'but we are supposed to eat meat'.
Harley said, "Do you chase down live chickens and bite into them?"
and followed with, "listen to your heart, what is your heart telling you to eat".

This got me thinking about my heart of course. I wonder why I never listened to my heart the first 33 years of my life in regards to animal products. Maybe I didn't take time to think deeply about important issues? Does our society give us this time? I don't think so, we are always fact most people answer the question "what have you been up to lately?", with and answer like "I've been Busy!".
Maybe we must "make" the time to really think with our hearts on ALL issues, and be humble to the fact that many old beliefs may in fact be 'wrong'. Follow our hearts more when it comes to what we support. I believe we support things that we purchase. We truly vote with our dollars. What we purchase will be replaced with another one to meet more demand.
Some People say that The USA is ran by the politicians.
Some People say that the USA is ran by big corporations that donate to politicians.
What corporations would we have in the USA if we only purchased things from companies we personally investigated and agreed with its morals/ethics/values/purpose/mission? Would the world be a better place for all? Is it that easy?

You must be the change you wish to see in the world. -Mahatma Gandhi


Food intake
10lbs of mangosteens, Meal #1
2bananas snack
3lbs of durian chunks, Meal #2

Run barefoot in jungle 4miles fast pace (ave HR 155)
cycling 6miles

Monday, July 28, 2008

Give to feel happy

The bicycle repair man in Balik Palou was so kind and into his work....He is the expert around here. It felt great to watch him tune up my gears and chat with the other Malay customers.
I had two fresh and ripe Pineapples in my bike rack and the Malays seemed happy to see a white boy enjoying their fruit.
I feel like I am contributing simply by eating fruit. How amazing is that? We all know that helping others feels wonderful....I remember Tony Robbins saying if you feel down or low or depressed, Go GIVE to others. By eating fruit or sharing fruit I feel I am giving and spreading the fruit message, so I feel even more happy! Win/win for everyone.

one pineapple
4lbs of mangosteens
3lbs of durian flesh

cycling 3hours around Penang Island

are all vegans skinny?

A vegan friend of mine, Robert Cheeke. He lives in Portland, Oregon.
No animal products rotting away in this body.
recent article about vegan Robert

environment, how to eat more raw?

This is a MANGOSTEEN.....I am loving this 'Queen' of fruits! I nice lunch for me is 8-10lbs of this juicy luscious fruit.

1 sweet juicy pineapple
4lbs of mangosteens
one four pound "Chompadak" (like a jackfruit)
12ounces of sugar cane juice
3lbs of durian chunks: d11, d301, AngHair, D35


Ride up a 4 mile hill as hard as I could for 20minutes(heart rate at 170)
Jog up a 4 mile hill barefoot on asphalt, and run back down 1hour and 45 minutes
easy swim in the freshwater resivoir for 10minutes

Many Backpackers were staying at our guest house last week....New Zealand, USA, UK, AU, French. It was nice to have evening chats with different travelors. Most where on a shorter trip than me (one-three months). We still have 3Longterm Nomads from France and one longterm nomad from UK living at our guesthouse. They sure have their share of stories to tell.

Harley and I moved to a new guest house in teluk Bahang today. The Fishermans guesthouse (not the best name for a vegan travelor to stay at, but maybe I can remind people that fish feel pain too).
A wonderful night market takes place this evening in this fishing village, we plan to enjoy the fruit and show people how to make a meal of fruit instead of a snack.

I do remember when I was eating cooked food 3months ago and always wanting to leave room in my tummy for my cooked dinner. I am now realizing how addicted to salts and seasonings and spicy sauces I really was. And the MSG that is in most all Asian food was very tasty for me too (but so were the Bonghits I used to smoke years ago). It would make my heart race with excitement as I was eating the msg and salts. My day didn't feel complete without some sort of salty, savory, cooked food. Now I am preferring the much cleaner diet of foods of nature with no added chemicals, salts, addictives,etc...and no processing required, less impact on the environment.
I read that all the cooking of foods in the world is causing more damage than all the fumes from motorized vehicles. Maybe we all can eat more raw fruits and veggies then we have in the past to help slowdown the environmental destruction. Fried foods can cause Cancer too, even Fried Vegan foods!
For those of you that want to experience a change in your normal routine. Start simply by replacing one meal with raw fruits or veggies. Try eating a large amount of fruit for breakfast. If you normally have fruit on your cereal or yogurt, instead try to triple your fruit and eliminate the cereal and/or yogurt. We can always go back to our old habbits, they will be there waiting.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Food intake and excercise activities, FAT westerners

I like to log my food intake and excercise activities as much as possible. Many people love to read this sort of stuff, and Its fun for me to write about it and read it later.

Yesterday Food:
2kilos (4.5lbs) of delicious sweet mangosteens
1kilo (2.2lbs) of tasty Rambutans
3lbs durian chunks

15minute of stretching after wake up
45minute Yoga on the beach
60 pushups
20 minutes of swimming in ocean
biking to internet and along beach road 6miles

Today I saw a Huge Eagle fly 15feet over me as I was swiming in the Teluk Bahang Resivour....Wow..amazing nature here...completely quiet place.

I suprised my durian seller yesterday when I tasted his durian and good determine how old the durian tree was by the taste...I am becoming an was nice to see the Malay guy smile and laugh and tell his friends...His name is Tony...he sells on the side of the road outside of Feringi towards Teluk Bahang, across from the beach, big yellow sign, says "Eng Hoe durian farm"...he loves to tell all the customers that we are vegan which feels AWESOME, ....the vegan fruit eaters with white usually stimulates a nice conversation with their mostly broken english....Most people around Asia seem to think of us Westerners (AU, EU, USA, UK), as nice people that love cow burgers, pig eatin, chicken eatin, KFC, Mcd's, food, fat people that drink lots of alcohol and smoke cigarettes....we must show them that at least 10% of us are on a different path, maybe that will help some Asians improve their health.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Who knows a cigarette smoker?

Lately I have decided to 'drop the bombs' on more Mr. nice guy people pleaser, that doesnt work. One of My life purposes is inspire others to improve their health as much as possible, and eat a plant based diet. Being in Asia the white skinned person has some 'pull' too, people seem to respect us very much, people are open minded to hear what we have to say more here. Mostly I will do this by being a great example of health and vitality. In addition to that I may share things I learn with others either indirectly or directly.

Most of my life I never mentioned to people anything about their smoking habbits, even if I am smelling the disgusting second hand smoke they selfishly blow in my direction. I don't believe that Mr. nice guy strategy is effective. Maybe mentioning some facts about smoking, 'dropping the bomb', would be better?

I used to smoke cigarettes myself as well as chew tobacco, smoke pot, snort methamphetamines, eat mushrooms, even tried LSD a couple times. I believe I am someone that has experienced both sides of health. I never did enjoy Being one of the 90% of all humans that are inactive/sedentary and in addition, abusing my body with drugs/aclohol/animal products.
Maybe I can help smokers more by taking some conversation risks??? Any suggestion from smokers on how to help them "Wake the _________ up!", let me know.

For Example: Today I met a nice, smiling Malaysian tour guide at the top of a 10km Cycling hill climb. He lit up a cigarette as I was drinking my delicious organic Coconut Water.
I said with my thumb pointing downward,
"smoking is bad, drinking coconuts are good (thumb up)", and took a nice drink of my nutrition.
He said, "I know, I know".
I asked him "Do you have children?"
He said "Yes, 3 children.....2yrs, 5yrs, and 15yrs old"
I said, "wonderful for you! Do they smoke?"
He said, "NO, NO way, I always smoke away from them and outside."
I said with confidence, "Your children Will start smoking in the next year or two."
He smiled but then got a serious look and said, "no way, I am smoking away from them, always outside."
I said, " They see you as a role model and respect you, they know you smoke, they see you, they smell you, so they will smoke also in a year or two."
I then followed up with, "My parents smoked, so I smoked also, then I learned more and more about all the cancers and diseases that are linked to smoking and soon after I quit".
Next time I will also add this, "Will you smoke cigarettes with your kids when they start smoking?", hehehehhe, cant wait to add that.
Then I changed the subject, "I love your country Malaysia! so much fresh fruit and my favorite is durian, you like it".......

So, my fellow readers, that is called "Dropping the Bomb", and then changing the subject...all you smokers that I am friends or family with get ready for some serious "Bomb dropping" When I see you again because "Mr. Nice guy, wimpy people pleaser Darrick wasn't effective anyways so what Have I got to lose????
I love people and want the best for them. Many people say that only the smoker can make the decision and that is true ultimately, but I may have quit sooner if someone I respected came to me with some major "bomb dropping".

Thursday, July 24, 2008

What is a Vegan Diet anyway??

What is a Vegan Diet?

A vegan diet is a diet that DOES NOT contain any animal products. Animal products include flesh and other body parts from cows, chickens and other birds, pigs, fish, etc. Animal products also include milk and milk products, and eggs. A Vegan diet contains absolutely no cholesterol and produces significantly less free radicals in general (these are both risk factors for heart disease and other diseases). A vegan diet does not include any animal proteins. Animal proteins are particularly acid forming and contribute to osteoporosis, arthritis, gout, kidney problems, cancers and aging in general. A Vegan diet contains all nutrients required my human beings including proteins, amino acids, fatty acids, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

People's can thrive on a Vegan diet and many competitive athletes are Vegans.

Many Vegans also do not use products that have been tested on animals or engage in other things that hurt or kill animals (such as the wearing of fur, leather, etc.)

Dragonfly on my knee, todays Cycling race story

Today I had a pleasant jog followed by a swim in a primary jungle swimming hole. I was doing some stomach crunches under a tree and a dragonfly landed on my knee, wow that was neat to see (nice little Rhyme, eh?).
Harley and I just cycled over the Hill and it started pouring rain with thunder and lightning (One bolt was very near me, and the thunder was one second later, louder than ever). We were screaming on the way down in the rain with happiness and energy..all the Malaysian locals were waving and smiling from roadstalls, busses, cars, or homes. We found 7durian on the road from the storm! A big tree fell down and was blocking the traffic and we were able to carry our bikes around it. All the cars had to go back 20km another way (another sign that cycling has many rewards besides fitness, environmental, simplicity)

Yesterday I ate the following:
one coconut water
one banana
4lbs of bright yellow colored Rambutans
10 little chunks of chompadak
3lbs of durian chunks (D11, Red Prawn, SO)

Yesterday I was cycling up a 10km hill to my Durian Dealer and i spotted a muscular white person on a bike ahead of me...I decided to hang with him for a while. He spotted me at the next corner and picked up the pace, so did i. After one mile of a steady pace with my heartrate comfortably at 140beats per minute I decided I would stay behind him all the way up instead of passing him. I choose to ride 'hands free'all the way way up and stay on his tail. He kept checking to see where I was and seeing me handsfree. My conditioning is unreal at this moment due to my daily excercise and 'Clean' RawVegan diet of all Fruits and some veggies. At the top, my heart rate was about 150beats per minute and his was approximately 175beats per minute (I can estimate by how much a person is breathing when they try to speak)...He was very compimentary of my pace and skill and fitness. He is a 43 year old Chicago resident here on a vacation to soul search and figure out his midlife crisis (I told him its a mid life 'blessing', not crisis). I shared my story of having pursued material wealth for many years and transforming to a simple vegan lifestyle. It feels very good to share that I am vegan to other athletes and watch their expression, most seem to be amazed. I hope he sells his business and tries this way of living out...I've experienced both the cosuming and simple/environmental lifestyle and this is the BEST for me. Every day is better. This is the best time of my entire life. I believe the "Best is Yet to Come".
My Raw straight edge RawVegan fruit and veggie lifestyle means I dont contribute to many corrupt companies or consumable product companies
no plastic
no packaging
no sugar/salt/msg/condiment factories
no electricity for lights (mostly, I am sleeping when the sun sleeps)
no electricity for washing clothes
no cosmetic/cleaning supplies needed (cologne, deoderant, toothpaste, soap, dish soap, clothing detergent, etc...)
no excessive clothes (two sets of shorts and shirts)
Very little water usuage (cleaning myself in the tropical jungle streams)
Refill my water bottle with stream water
No garbage from eating (all compostable fruit scraps)
very little petroleum industries from public transport(cycling/walking mainly)
limiting my international Airtravel is next on my goals (travel by boat mainly around Asia).

IF anybody knows a westerner that lives a life with less environmental impact than myself please share with me ASAP!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

VIDEO: Darrick's strength workout in durian farm

its raining but we is still training...
Harley videos me training in the rain.

Monday, July 21, 2008

planting Mangosteens, Jungle, fast food culture

Hello wonderful readers!,
I Began my day with some swimming in a pure, fresh jungle stream followed by a wonderful meal of 7lbs of Mangosteens for breakfast. Next, I went with a French travelor named, Patrick to plant our mangosteen seeds in the jungle. Patrick is very experienced at planting fruit trees, and does this daily wherever he travels as a way of contributing back to this earth. He lives in Thailand most of the year on a fruit farm. When I eat my fruit meals I am usually composting my seeds in a natural area which will result in trees growing if they take. This was my first time to consciously plant some trees by digging a little hole and making sure that the location is un-obstructed with some sunlight coming through the jungle trees. Wonderful experience I had with Patrick. I felt very connected to this earth when I did this. I felt connected to Patrick as we did this.

Last night, Harley and I ate Durian by the Monday Night Market in Telak Bahang. We choose a spot 50 meters from the market on the roadside. Many Locals walk, drive, or cycle by us and we get to show our passion for their Malaysian Fruits..They are all very happy to see us eat the durian and we share the vegan message when we can. I sometimes feel lazy to share that I am vegan with the Asians after so many, but I feel it is important to be an example of a westerner that eats a sustainable, environmental diet instead of the KFC and McD's that is so prevalant. The Aians feel Prestigious when they eat at the FastFood places here and It is one of my purposes to show the asian fast food culture another animals suffer option.

Yesterday food intake:
wake up 8am
2lbs of rambutan 9am
1 coconut water 10am
4lbs of sweet juicy Mangos 12pm
2lbs of delicious Durian chunks 7pm

walking 15 minutes
100 push ups
cycling 60km (36miles)
swimming 10minutes in Ocean

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Interviewing Harley

We are at Boa Sheng Durian Farm in Penang, Malaysia. I interview Harley about nutrition. We both taste the 'Hor Lor' Durian.

Penang Hill Race today, completed

Harley and I entered a race today up Penang Hill in Malaysia. The race starts with 1000 entrants all Asian except for Harley, me, and one other westerner. 3km of flat road, followed by 5km straight up hill about 2300feet climb. Harley received an amazing 8th place and only took about 52minutes (His heartrate stayed between 170-180beats per minute, mine a little less). I completed the race in 56 minutes (mostly with barefeet, the only crazy barefooter). The winner of the race completed in 46minutes. Some people take 4hours to finish.
We were able to share the Raw Vegan message with many Asians. We also enjoyed advertising fruit eating and drinking coconuts after the race when most people are drinking sodapop, gaterade and eating cooked animal products. It seems when we are drinking coconuts, other people join in and buy coconuts too...this feels wonderful.

RAWMEN--- This is what Harley and I are practicing....We are touring around on our bicycles daily, shirtless and speaking to many people each day about our vegan diets and ecofriendly lifestyles...I told Harley that I feel like a couple of Mormon boys, traveling around spreading the message on our bikes....He made up the word, "RAWMEN", not "MORMON", hhehehehe.

Food Intake today prior to race:
wake up 6am
ate 10 rambutans = 100calories
Race from 8am-9am
9:30am One coconut water
10:30am another coconut water
11:00am 6lbs of mangosteens
3lbs of Durian chunks for diner to be graciously devoured at about 3pm!!

Excercise today:
Cycled 12miles to Penang Hill Race
Cycle 12miles after Penang Hill Race

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Street Dogs in Malaysia

I am really enjoying the streetdogs here in Malaysia. I enjoy befriending the dogs when I can. Whenever I am in the mood to be with a dog, I can find feels like a "Rent a Dog" situation, but for free..hehhehheheh.
Yesterday, I was walking on the beach and a little dog came to greet me. I stopped and gave her some love for a while. After i continued my stroll, she came with me, wagging her tale, tongue out smiling, happy as ever, full of energy. I gave her some of my love and she gave me a wonderful feeling like I made a difference in her life. We hung out for a while after the walk under a tree, enjoying the sounds of the ocean and birds, Breathing the fresh air and watching the day pass by. I dont need a pet ever again in my life because there are so many street dogs that need my daily love. Time is all I have these days. No hurry for anything. Keeping the days simple. Embracing any adventure or learning experiences as they come.
Just minutes after my goodbye to my new dog friend, I witnessed another dog get hit by a car. He was hit, then ran over by the tire, then tumbling under the car. I went over to see how I could help. The dog was trembling, and blood was coming from his nose. I picked him up and gently carried him to the side of the road, as the other cars kept moving on.
It seems like Nobody stops or comes to help animals when they are hit in these asian countries. Why is this? Is it because many asian countries Eat dogs and dont want to feel sorry for them because then they would feel sorry when they eat them? I am not sure why. It seems that people would help the dogs in other developed countries like USA, Europe, AU. Would they help a Pig, cow, or chicken that was hit by a car? I have so much time to think about things everyday now.....Yesterday, it was pooring rain, so I layed in my bed from 2-5pm reading and thinking. I love to have thinking time. I have wonderful childhood and adolescent memories to reflect on. Its fun to think of my sister, brother, mom and dad and friends.

What I Ate Yesterday:
6lbs of JackFruit (Chompadak)=600 calories
5 finger bananas=150 calories
5 Durian = (4lbs of eatable durian flesh = 2800calories)

gentle walking
gentle cycling
lots of rest and being horizontal

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Durian Calories

Durian is 20percent flesh recovery:

one durian weighs approx 4lbs

five durian weighs approx 20lbs

I eat am averaging 15lbs-20lbs of durian each day, which equals about 3lbs-4lbs of actual durian food intake.

3lbs of Durian flesh

48 ounces of durian


1cup of durian = 350calories

6cups = 2100calories

4lbs of Durian flesh

64 ounces of durian

8 cups

1cup of durian = 350 calories

8cups = 2800calories

treking Penang Jungle barefoot

The first climb was to the highest peak on this island, took me approximately 1hour to run/climb/trek barefoot to the peak ....most people say it takes 3hours, Most people arent eating Fruit for energy. My heartrate was averaging 160beats per minute all the way up, I felt amazing after this challenge. At the top, I waited for my two treking partners, one man, Kevin, is from UK, 60years old, retired exporter that lives here in Penang most the year, his time was 1hour 26minutes...very fit man! The other friend was Harley, he was close behind me.

We then continued treking all alone for most the day, about 6hours total.....some of the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen: Huge bamboo trees, durian trees, insects, butterflies, birds, breathtaking views of the jungle and ocean through the trees, had Leeches on my skin too. In the last 30minutes we saw other trekers as we were finishing, many Malaysians and Chinese, they seemed interested in us, our shirts off and me being Barefoot.....We shared the vegan message many, many times and that we eat fruit for fuel, and are here for Penang durian was a fun day of outside activities and sharing.

My foodintake:
8lbs of mangosteens at 9-10am
no food for trek 10am-4pm
one mango 4:30pm
4 durian 7-8pm
2 durian for midnight snack (woke up hungry and couldnt resist all the tree ripened organic Durian fallin from the trees outside my guesthouse window).

Sunday, July 13, 2008

food intake today, vegan conversation with Vetinarian

Food intake yesterday:
2lbs of rambutans
2lbs of mangos
5 durians

Activities yesterday:
group cycling 60km, including a 5km hill that took 50minutes(approx 2600 feet elevation climb).
casually swimming around in ocean 20minutes

Have a new friend from France named Benwa....52year old that looks 30years old! He is in excellent condition and has eaten a vegan diet for 10years, vegetarian for 17years, traveling vagabond 30years. Him and I may travel through Sumatra after Malaysia.

I had 3 hours on a private beach this morning...meditation, thinking time, stretching, easy swim, enjoying my abundance of free time.....Time used to be money to me. I used to say "Time is money", but I feel that was an illusionary visious circle. Money would buy me time so I would keep earning more money to get more time which actually left me with less time.
After my quiet beach time, I met Harley at the durian seller across from the beach near the waterfall in the Jungle by the monkeys. We feasted on some durian and spoke to some tourists. One tourist the other day was a vetenarian who works with animals and helps them be healthy and stay alive when sick. Harley was asking her how she can contribute to animal suffering and slaughter by eating meat. Needless to say it was an interesting conversation to witness. I believe he left her with some thinking to do. Harley has a huge heart and really wants to save more animals from needless suffering. Harley has a direct approach with people and is very talented in his delivery. I am able to share with people better only when they ask and only by my actions. Maybe someday I will be a stronger voice for animals too.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

cartoon, where do you get your protein?

Food intake yesterday.....

I ate:
4lbs of fresh sweet Malaysian Papaya
3lbs of Mangosteens
4 small bananas
1 coconut water
5 Delicious durians (varieties: hor lor, D600, Red Prawn)

swimming in fresh water waterfall pool 20minutes
Cycling up and down hill twice 45minutes
swimming in Fresh water Dam 15minutes
yoga 15minutes
cycling around town 30minutes

Are vegans too Skinny??

Do you ever get told you need to put on some weight, or you are too skinny? The body goes back to its normal size when we stop eating animal products.
Another way the body may appear too slim is by training very intensely, for example Tour De FRance athlete, Rasmussan. I wonder if Pro cyclists get told they are too skinny? Probably not, because this is what it takes to WIN.
If we look at most Pro athletes (Lance Armstrong, Rasmussan, etc..) or very active people, their bodies are slimmer then sedentary less active people.
Sometimes a body may appear too slim or lean in a society full of animal eaters. Most animals are fed growth hormones so they grow faster and produce more milk etc....that way the farm owners increas their profits.
How many wild Horses and monkeys are considered overweight? They seem to be pretty lean on vegetarian diets too.

VIDEO: Darrick interviewing the Farm Owner....

VIDEO: Darrick eat durian in penang

video of Darrick at Durian farm

Thursday, July 10, 2008

4 vegans at my malaysian guest house!

This is great news for me.....4 vegans here! 3 French men, 1 Australian. This creats awesome evening conversations with other nonvegan travelors....Very inspiring and fun to hear others journeys towards veganism and in life.
My friend Harley the raw vegan cyclist from AU arrived to join me in Penang for Durian Season. Harley is a wonderful person and environmentalist who has a passion of spreading the vegan message and living a minimalistic life. Harley has cylced 500km in one day, using fruit for his food of choice.....that is over 300 miles in one day (about 20hours.)...This usually inspires non vegans to listen to him more carefully. Harley has a rather direct approach and is not afraid to speak openly about the environmental and animal devistations of a cooked, animal eating diet. It is fun to be with him as we share the message with other tourists or locals. I feel I am living my true purpose as I travel around and share the message when It feels right. Cycling by Pig, chicken, cow Slaughter houses at times enforces how important it is for me to be a voice for animals....It is challenging for me to hear the wonderful, intelligent, innocent pigs squealing and screaming in pain as they are beaten on the way to having their throats slit for slaughter. All I can do is remind people we dont need animal products to survive and thrive in life.

Yesterday's Diet-
1.5 kilos of Lamai
1 banana
2 coconut waters
4 durian
4 tomatos
small piece of raw garlic and onion
water, water, water

Yesterday's body movements-
5 sets of:

-hunting for coconuts and durians

we eat durians and coconuts from the trees outside our many Food miles is that? How many people had to work and drive cars and transport the food??? ZERO? I love the low environmental impact of eating fruit from my own trees....Congrats on all you that eat from your own garden!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Earthlings - part 1 of 3 (You tube clip, powerful)

This is a powerful clip narrarated by Joaquin Pheonix, please enjoy some of it

lady in black head to diet today..

Many arabic people come to Penang for holidays...the ladies all wear Black from head to toe, even covering their faces. The men seem to wear what ever they want. The ladies seem to walk a bit behind their husbands too. The kids seem to wear what ever they want.
As I was drinking a coconut water on the side of the road, I spoke to a muslim man. He and I were watching the families walk by us. I asked him why the women wear these black clothes. He said they are to 'protect' the women. Since us men are misbehaved we need women to be covered up inorder to control ourselves. Interesting religion. Maybe most men are this way, not sure.

I love sharing the message of eating more fruits and veggies and being a vegetarian....I tell people vegetarian when I travel, because most countries don't have a word for 'Vegan' yet.

I ate yesterday:
5 durian (14kilos)
10 rambutans
2 coconuts
16 ounces of freshsqeezed sugar cane juice
1 mango
1 slice of watermelon

I rode about 70km all over Penang on my bicycle, ran 20minutes, did yoga 20minutes, swam 10minutes

Friday, July 4, 2008

pictures in Thailand

this is Gretta's Daughter, Rachel and two Thai friends in Chanthiburi

Penang, Malaysia-nature, eating, freetime.....

Hi there,
This island of Penang, Malaysia is so full of natural wonders. I am staying at a Guest house (Ms. Lohs)that is about a 5 minute bike ride from the following:

--a Huge Resivoir/DAM for swiming
--Forest with trails going for many miles
--Ocean to swim with white sandy beach
--several waterfalls with pools for swiming
--National park with many animals, birds, insects
--Trails to isolated white sandy beaches.
--Fruit orchards:Durian, rambutan, mangosteen, starfruit, lamlai
--Botanical garden
--Hills for cycling and running
--limited tourism

All this with the creature comforts available as needed too.

I visited with some nomads at the guy, Kevin from UK is about 60years old and has lived in about 30 countries and has decided on SE ASIA as his home for the rest of his life....he is very interesting and currently enjoys long daytrips into the jungles and beaches here in Penang. His Brother came and visited him for one month and that was longest time they had spent toghether....I was thinking how its interesting how most of us wait until the later part of our lives to connect with Family for long periods of time.

Yesterday I ate and drank the following:

3liters of water
one coconut water
16ounces of fresh pressed sugar cane juice
5 Durians
10 rambutans
2 tomatos
1 piece of sweet raw corn

Yesterday I did the following activites:
--2hour cycling ride with a new Malaysian serious cyclist, John.
--30minute run on the beach
--30minute ocean swim
--gentle cycling around some natural areas for 1hour
--Durian feast with Malaysians
--Sharing fruit with Malaysians and tourists
--1hour meditation
--30minutes reading
--30minutes writing
--1hour slow walk through durian orchard (almost got hit by two falling durians)

I have so much free time at this stage in my life, its such a contrast for me compared to my 20's and early 30's.....I am Loving it soooo much....I have time for people and activites...I can say "YES" to a game and have fun with it.

Vagabonding Rocks!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

photos from Thailand

I won the 10km uphill race, fruit power

After spending the day relaxing at a National Park on a pristine Beach here in Penang, I was cycling back to look for some Durian to eat. I hadn't eaten anything all day except 16 ounces of fresh squeezed sugar cane juice and it was 5pm......I was heading up from the beach of T. Bahang and some man passed me on his road bike, doubling my 'cruizing' speed. He didnt say hello or acknowledge me, which seemed odd at the time. I decided to follow him for a while and see how I good keep up with him. After about 10 minutes of grueling Uphill I was within 20yards of him and continued to push myself even though I only had my flip flops on and not my cycling shoes......AFter 20minutes of talking to myself with positive energetic thoughts, "You have more energy than this Darrick, pedal harder".....I was 5 yards away, and continued to push hard. I turned my Hat around backwards, so the words, "FRIEND NOT FOOD" were visable to him as I planned to pass him and be first to the top of the 10km hill. Side by side with him, I said hello and told him he was hard to catch as I pushed on by him and smashed it to the peak of the hill and waited 4minutes for him to arrive. We had a nice chat and he is from Denmark, living here in Malaysia for 10years......what a great opportunity to share with people my veganism...its very shocking to most people how I can have energy to walk around, let alone win races.
I realized during my pain of climbing the hill with a heart rate around 170beats per minute, that I must show people what can be accomplished physically on a diet of only raw fruits, and by making animals our "friends", not Food.

I am staying at a place calle Mrs. Lohs Guest house now, refered by Harley. This place is a secret little haven that most people will never know about, must be referred by someone. Most the travelors here are very experienced travelors for many years (two people here now from FRANCE, one of them knows Harley and is interested in learning more about veganism here name is 'LOAU')...I fit in perfect here....nicely rough around the edges, with several dogs, plants, trees, outdoor porch swings.
Found the durian seller across from the beach, 'TONY', Eng Hoe Durian farm...famous for 'Capri King', white flesh-bitter sweet, nice fiber, slightly creamy....I also Had some 'Red Prawn'( sooo deliciously creamy and sweet, still my favorite!) $12ringit per kilo, normal price. I tried some of Tony's special durian from his farm with no name, but he named it today with me, 'ENG HOE', which was his father's name who died 2years ago. 'Eng Hoe' durian variety, is delicious and only $6ringit per kilo!!! this is an amazing price for the quality! Tony, the owner of the farm, Knew Harley from last year as someone who would eat large quanitites of rejected durian for free. Tony speaks perfect english and I am finding many Malaysians speak english, unlike Thailand.