Friday, July 25, 2008

Who knows a cigarette smoker?

Lately I have decided to 'drop the bombs' on more Mr. nice guy people pleaser, that doesnt work. One of My life purposes is inspire others to improve their health as much as possible, and eat a plant based diet. Being in Asia the white skinned person has some 'pull' too, people seem to respect us very much, people are open minded to hear what we have to say more here. Mostly I will do this by being a great example of health and vitality. In addition to that I may share things I learn with others either indirectly or directly.

Most of my life I never mentioned to people anything about their smoking habbits, even if I am smelling the disgusting second hand smoke they selfishly blow in my direction. I don't believe that Mr. nice guy strategy is effective. Maybe mentioning some facts about smoking, 'dropping the bomb', would be better?

I used to smoke cigarettes myself as well as chew tobacco, smoke pot, snort methamphetamines, eat mushrooms, even tried LSD a couple times. I believe I am someone that has experienced both sides of health. I never did enjoy Being one of the 90% of all humans that are inactive/sedentary and in addition, abusing my body with drugs/aclohol/animal products.
Maybe I can help smokers more by taking some conversation risks??? Any suggestion from smokers on how to help them "Wake the _________ up!", let me know.

For Example: Today I met a nice, smiling Malaysian tour guide at the top of a 10km Cycling hill climb. He lit up a cigarette as I was drinking my delicious organic Coconut Water.
I said with my thumb pointing downward,
"smoking is bad, drinking coconuts are good (thumb up)", and took a nice drink of my nutrition.
He said, "I know, I know".
I asked him "Do you have children?"
He said "Yes, 3 children.....2yrs, 5yrs, and 15yrs old"
I said, "wonderful for you! Do they smoke?"
He said, "NO, NO way, I always smoke away from them and outside."
I said with confidence, "Your children Will start smoking in the next year or two."
He smiled but then got a serious look and said, "no way, I am smoking away from them, always outside."
I said, " They see you as a role model and respect you, they know you smoke, they see you, they smell you, so they will smoke also in a year or two."
I then followed up with, "My parents smoked, so I smoked also, then I learned more and more about all the cancers and diseases that are linked to smoking and soon after I quit".
Next time I will also add this, "Will you smoke cigarettes with your kids when they start smoking?", hehehehhe, cant wait to add that.
Then I changed the subject, "I love your country Malaysia! so much fresh fruit and my favorite is durian, you like it".......

So, my fellow readers, that is called "Dropping the Bomb", and then changing the subject...all you smokers that I am friends or family with get ready for some serious "Bomb dropping" When I see you again because "Mr. Nice guy, wimpy people pleaser Darrick wasn't effective anyways so what Have I got to lose????
I love people and want the best for them. Many people say that only the smoker can make the decision and that is true ultimately, but I may have quit sooner if someone I respected came to me with some major "bomb dropping".

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