Friday, July 4, 2008

Penang, Malaysia-nature, eating, freetime.....

Hi there,
This island of Penang, Malaysia is so full of natural wonders. I am staying at a Guest house (Ms. Lohs)that is about a 5 minute bike ride from the following:

--a Huge Resivoir/DAM for swiming
--Forest with trails going for many miles
--Ocean to swim with white sandy beach
--several waterfalls with pools for swiming
--National park with many animals, birds, insects
--Trails to isolated white sandy beaches.
--Fruit orchards:Durian, rambutan, mangosteen, starfruit, lamlai
--Botanical garden
--Hills for cycling and running
--limited tourism

All this with the creature comforts available as needed too.

I visited with some nomads at the guy, Kevin from UK is about 60years old and has lived in about 30 countries and has decided on SE ASIA as his home for the rest of his life....he is very interesting and currently enjoys long daytrips into the jungles and beaches here in Penang. His Brother came and visited him for one month and that was longest time they had spent toghether....I was thinking how its interesting how most of us wait until the later part of our lives to connect with Family for long periods of time.

Yesterday I ate and drank the following:

3liters of water
one coconut water
16ounces of fresh pressed sugar cane juice
5 Durians
10 rambutans
2 tomatos
1 piece of sweet raw corn

Yesterday I did the following activites:
--2hour cycling ride with a new Malaysian serious cyclist, John.
--30minute run on the beach
--30minute ocean swim
--gentle cycling around some natural areas for 1hour
--Durian feast with Malaysians
--Sharing fruit with Malaysians and tourists
--1hour meditation
--30minutes reading
--30minutes writing
--1hour slow walk through durian orchard (almost got hit by two falling durians)

I have so much free time at this stage in my life, its such a contrast for me compared to my 20's and early 30's.....I am Loving it soooo much....I have time for people and activites...I can say "YES" to a game and have fun with it.

Vagabonding Rocks!


Gretta said...

Wow! Penang looks and sounds like a paradise!
Wear your helmet when your around those luscious Durian trees!

vagabondingvegan said...

Hi gretta,
what are you doin?