Thursday, July 17, 2008

Street Dogs in Malaysia

I am really enjoying the streetdogs here in Malaysia. I enjoy befriending the dogs when I can. Whenever I am in the mood to be with a dog, I can find feels like a "Rent a Dog" situation, but for free..hehhehheheh.
Yesterday, I was walking on the beach and a little dog came to greet me. I stopped and gave her some love for a while. After i continued my stroll, she came with me, wagging her tale, tongue out smiling, happy as ever, full of energy. I gave her some of my love and she gave me a wonderful feeling like I made a difference in her life. We hung out for a while after the walk under a tree, enjoying the sounds of the ocean and birds, Breathing the fresh air and watching the day pass by. I dont need a pet ever again in my life because there are so many street dogs that need my daily love. Time is all I have these days. No hurry for anything. Keeping the days simple. Embracing any adventure or learning experiences as they come.
Just minutes after my goodbye to my new dog friend, I witnessed another dog get hit by a car. He was hit, then ran over by the tire, then tumbling under the car. I went over to see how I could help. The dog was trembling, and blood was coming from his nose. I picked him up and gently carried him to the side of the road, as the other cars kept moving on.
It seems like Nobody stops or comes to help animals when they are hit in these asian countries. Why is this? Is it because many asian countries Eat dogs and dont want to feel sorry for them because then they would feel sorry when they eat them? I am not sure why. It seems that people would help the dogs in other developed countries like USA, Europe, AU. Would they help a Pig, cow, or chicken that was hit by a car? I have so much time to think about things everyday now.....Yesterday, it was pooring rain, so I layed in my bed from 2-5pm reading and thinking. I love to have thinking time. I have wonderful childhood and adolescent memories to reflect on. Its fun to think of my sister, brother, mom and dad and friends.

What I Ate Yesterday:
6lbs of JackFruit (Chompadak)=600 calories
5 finger bananas=150 calories
5 Durian = (4lbs of eatable durian flesh = 2800calories)

gentle walking
gentle cycling
lots of rest and being horizontal

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