Saturday, July 26, 2008

Food intake and excercise activities, FAT westerners

I like to log my food intake and excercise activities as much as possible. Many people love to read this sort of stuff, and Its fun for me to write about it and read it later.

Yesterday Food:
2kilos (4.5lbs) of delicious sweet mangosteens
1kilo (2.2lbs) of tasty Rambutans
3lbs durian chunks

15minute of stretching after wake up
45minute Yoga on the beach
60 pushups
20 minutes of swimming in ocean
biking to internet and along beach road 6miles

Today I saw a Huge Eagle fly 15feet over me as I was swiming in the Teluk Bahang Resivour....Wow..amazing nature here...completely quiet place.

I suprised my durian seller yesterday when I tasted his durian and good determine how old the durian tree was by the taste...I am becoming an was nice to see the Malay guy smile and laugh and tell his friends...His name is Tony...he sells on the side of the road outside of Feringi towards Teluk Bahang, across from the beach, big yellow sign, says "Eng Hoe durian farm"...he loves to tell all the customers that we are vegan which feels AWESOME, ....the vegan fruit eaters with white usually stimulates a nice conversation with their mostly broken english....Most people around Asia seem to think of us Westerners (AU, EU, USA, UK), as nice people that love cow burgers, pig eatin, chicken eatin, KFC, Mcd's, food, fat people that drink lots of alcohol and smoke cigarettes....we must show them that at least 10% of us are on a different path, maybe that will help some Asians improve their health.

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