Tuesday, July 15, 2008

treking Penang Jungle barefoot

The first climb was to the highest peak on this island, Bendera....it took me approximately 1hour to run/climb/trek barefoot to the peak ....most people say it takes 3hours, Most people arent eating Fruit for energy. My heartrate was averaging 160beats per minute all the way up, I felt amazing after this challenge. At the top, I waited for my two treking partners, one man, Kevin, is from UK, 60years old, retired exporter that lives here in Penang most the year, his time was 1hour 26minutes...very fit man! The other friend was Harley, he was close behind me.

We then continued treking all alone for most the day, about 6hours total.....some of the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen: Huge bamboo trees, durian trees, insects, butterflies, birds, breathtaking views of the jungle and ocean through the trees, had Leeches on my skin too. In the last 30minutes we saw other trekers as we were finishing, many Malaysians and Chinese, they seemed interested in us, our shirts off and me being Barefoot.....We shared the vegan message many, many times and that we eat fruit for fuel, and are here for Penang durian season....it was a fun day of outside activities and sharing.

My foodintake:
8lbs of mangosteens at 9-10am
no food for trek 10am-4pm
one mango 4:30pm
4 durian 7-8pm
2 durian for midnight snack (woke up hungry and couldnt resist all the tree ripened organic Durian fallin from the trees outside my guesthouse window).

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