Monday, July 28, 2008

Give to feel happy

The bicycle repair man in Balik Palou was so kind and into his work....He is the expert around here. It felt great to watch him tune up my gears and chat with the other Malay customers.
I had two fresh and ripe Pineapples in my bike rack and the Malays seemed happy to see a white boy enjoying their fruit.
I feel like I am contributing simply by eating fruit. How amazing is that? We all know that helping others feels wonderful....I remember Tony Robbins saying if you feel down or low or depressed, Go GIVE to others. By eating fruit or sharing fruit I feel I am giving and spreading the fruit message, so I feel even more happy! Win/win for everyone.

one pineapple
4lbs of mangosteens
3lbs of durian flesh

cycling 3hours around Penang Island

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Kari said...

Great post - it's all about giving! Drew & I love reading your blog here in SD wishing we were vagabonding, too! I saw this and thought of you - this guy is traveling and spreading joy. Check it out:

Take Care, Kari