Thursday, July 10, 2008

4 vegans at my malaysian guest house!

This is great news for me.....4 vegans here! 3 French men, 1 Australian. This creats awesome evening conversations with other nonvegan travelors....Very inspiring and fun to hear others journeys towards veganism and in life.
My friend Harley the raw vegan cyclist from AU arrived to join me in Penang for Durian Season. Harley is a wonderful person and environmentalist who has a passion of spreading the vegan message and living a minimalistic life. Harley has cylced 500km in one day, using fruit for his food of choice.....that is over 300 miles in one day (about 20hours.)...This usually inspires non vegans to listen to him more carefully. Harley has a rather direct approach and is not afraid to speak openly about the environmental and animal devistations of a cooked, animal eating diet. It is fun to be with him as we share the message with other tourists or locals. I feel I am living my true purpose as I travel around and share the message when It feels right. Cycling by Pig, chicken, cow Slaughter houses at times enforces how important it is for me to be a voice for animals....It is challenging for me to hear the wonderful, intelligent, innocent pigs squealing and screaming in pain as they are beaten on the way to having their throats slit for slaughter. All I can do is remind people we dont need animal products to survive and thrive in life.

Yesterday's Diet-
1.5 kilos of Lamai
1 banana
2 coconut waters
4 durian
4 tomatos
small piece of raw garlic and onion
water, water, water

Yesterday's body movements-
5 sets of:

-hunting for coconuts and durians

we eat durians and coconuts from the trees outside our many Food miles is that? How many people had to work and drive cars and transport the food??? ZERO? I love the low environmental impact of eating fruit from my own trees....Congrats on all you that eat from your own garden!

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