Saturday, November 29, 2008

PICTURES: couple travels with 4month old in INDIA

NIce couple from Chile I met in Southern India. They started traveling when their little one was 4months....these are 8month pictures....they said it was challenging at times, but not hard as people would think. I asked what they do differently with a baby than before.

1. shorter hikes

2. cook own food for baby in their guesthouses

3. bath the baby in filtered water, incase she drinks some

People are very welcoming to see them everywhere.

Many parents have no desire to travel with their children, but if you really want to, why let 'fear' hold you back?

article about doing it in Europe.....

Friday, November 28, 2008


Why are processed foods so much sweeter than natural foods? It's simple: Humans are programmed to seek out the sweetest foods. This fact is not lost on the processed food industry. If the sweetness of the sweetest fruit is 100 on a scale of 1 to 100, food manufacturers design their "food" to be 150 on the same scale. That's why if you give a toddler a choice between a piece of sweet mango and a piece of sweet candy, after sampling both, he'll go for the candy every time, because that's how our brains are hardwired. And that's how companies take advantage of our sweet tooth. And by-the-way, a sweet tooth is a very normal, natural thing to have, so you needn't apologetically admit you have one. And as long as we've gone off-topic for a moment, you should know that naturally sweet foods such as fruit (simple carbs) are an optimal source of clean burning fuel for us (as opposed to complex carbs which are not naturally sweet to the tongue).

comfortable doing nothing?

When I did a 10 day silent meditation in Bali January, I learned that I needed to learn how to be comfortable doing nothing. This was intense for me. I always wanted to be doing something: checking internet, reading, writing, surfing, napping, eating, walking, communicating and listening, watching, going somewhere, etc.... Meditation teaches me to be OK with just Being. Being in the moment. Enjoying the moment and not anticipating the next meal or the next thing to do.

Today, as I was meditating on the beach after surfing, I noticed how I wanted to be finished with the meditation. So I asked myself, "Why", And I thought of what I could do next...which was walking 1 mile to a small village to eat some durian with the local kids....but then I said, that can wait and pulled my mind back to the moment of the crashing waves. This happened about 100 times until i was done meditating...hehhehhehe....But meditation is all Practice anyway, so we can only be happy we are practicing and remember that Success equals practice.

Are you always doing something and keeping yourself busy? I predict most of us are 100percent of our lives. Doing nothing each day is good for our mind, body, and soul and for our patience and happiness. Try it for 2minutes NOW. "when is NOW a good time"?

Sunday, November 23, 2008

what do we avoid when we eat vegan, organic, plant food diet?

What we avoid when we eat an
organic, vegan, plant foods diet

Pleomorphic pathogenic bacteria - Meat, fish, and dairy are loaded with these organisms whether we cook it or not.

"The Average American meal of animal products contains between 750,000,000 to 1,000,000,000 pleomorphic pathogenic micro-organisms. The average vegetarian meal consisting of only plant foods (i.e. vegan) contains less than 500 pathogenic micro-organisms." pp278: Sick and Tired: Reclaim your Inner Terrain, Dr. Robert Young, Ph.D.,D.Sc.

A rotting body - Through live blood microscope work we can see that the inner terrain of most people leaves much to be desired. We are full of fungus, "bad" bacteria, parasites, and pathogens.

Leukocyte reaction - When we eat foods that have been heated to high temperatures, the body reacts as if we had introduced a poison. In a process called [digestive] leukocytosis, within the body there is a huge leukocyte reaction to deal with the unrecognized elements. This does not happen with uncooked foods (fruits and vegetables).

Trans Fatty Acids - Any fats or oils that have been tampered with are a major burden on the body, clogging up the arteries and leading to heart disease, cholesterol build up and death! Cooked oil, margarine, and animal fats are particularly destructive because they are not miscible in water. Since we are a water-based lifeform, this makes the metabolism of cooked oil difficult at best. Cooked oil, margarine, and animal fats are inflammatory to the tissues, harm the cardiovascular system, and accelerate the aging process. Cooking fats creates highly toxic trans fatty acids (basically rancid oil). Cooked oils are also the biggest cause of free radical damage.

Chemicals from agriculture - Pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and other synthetic (not to mention Genetically Modified Organisms) which are highly toxic to the human body.

Excessive Sugars - To take advantage of a human's natural sweet tooth, refined sugars seem to be added to everything causing mood swings, depression, and energy crashes to name a few. High amounts of processed sugar contribute to an acidic condition in the body which is dealt with by the body pulling calcium from the bones to buffer the acidic condition (which is a potentially life-threatening condition). So add processed sugar to the list of contributing factors to osteoporosis (eating a healthy diet that contains natural sugars from fruits does not pose this problem; a plant-based diet is a very alkalinizing diet).

Do you contribute consciously or unconsiously?

I noticed today that I am very conscious of my contribution. I ask myself a few times per day whether I have shared fruit with enough people. sometimes I share so much fruit each day that I would probably run short of money too soon.
Today I gave the local boys a Very Ripe Marang in my refrigerator. They were sooo grateful as they seem to be each day I share with them. I wanted to keep this Marang as it would be nice a chilled for tomorrow's breakfast, but I knew I had not shared enough fruit today. It feels better to give anyways, but I need to remember this each day when I want to keep for myself.
I hope that one day I will give unconsciously all day long in many ways. I do live on a monthly budget of about $1000 and this includes the fruit I give away. I could easily give much more away and be overbudget....but maybe I should do this anyway and see what happens...maybe nature will provide me when I have no money left to live....this sounds too scary for me now, but I must keep an open mind. Many wonderful people lived their lives this way...I believe Mother Theresa is an example, anymore?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Palin Laughs During Turkey Slaughter !

Can you believe how far away most people are from making a simple connection??

Why did it take me so long to have some compassion and eat something better than seems so obvious now?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

pictures of me with some pretty filippinas

Lanuza is beginning to have many more tourists coming for the surfing festival.
These 3 girls are staying at my guesthouse here in Lanuza. There will be a Bikini contest here Friday and one of these three may be the winner.
My Australian Durian friend Mike and I were eating some durian and shared with them. The Tall one, JUDY, loves it. Mary also enjoys it. Gisele is the one that prefers Mangos, so I suprised here with some on our trip to the Waterfall today...I brought sliced and chilled watermelon for Mary too.

Today I slept in (10hours total).
stretched and jogged 10minutes
surfed 90minutes on a fun head high beach break alone (no crowds)

I made a banana smoothie with 3bigred bananas and one big frozen yellow banana and some water. I enjoyed eating some durian with my banana smoothie. The durian was a bit underripe, so chunky and chewy at times...the smoothie made a nice combination and my belly felt good through digestion as well.

I have been enjoying only fruit for about 25days straight now...cleaner than ever...very energetic, hydrated, happy, peaceful, one with nature. Occasional sadness and lonliness at times but only 15% of my overall time. If someone has found excstatic happiness 100% of the time please comment your secret.

playing with youtube has been a fun thing to do with part of my day....i love it ..I posted some videos there VEGANTRAVELOR to find them.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

my accomodations in Lanuza

video: durian buffet

Lanuza may be home

I am enjoying this place very much...there is a surfing festival here Nov18-23rd. Many people come to watch surfing, live bands, entertainment, eat food, shop at the local vendors and artists. Last night I went to the opening ceremony and dinner. a very nice presentation and production. many children were doing skits and entertainment on stage. The Mayor was doing some dancing too! Everybody ate a large buffet of Rice, Pigs, Cows, and Fish (very little veggies)...I walked around the dinning hall with my "Friend not Food" Tshirt which displays this wonderful message on front and backside. The Philippinos seem to enjoy displaying a roasted pig head on the Buffet table. IT is scary and sad looking to me to see a large dead roasted pig head and body on the table. I feel that our culture doesnt do this much at all, and if we did we would have more converted vegetarians most likely. Maybe its best to do this, even better would be a restaurant that boasts to have the freshest pigs in the world on your plate. We could show up, and go pick out a live pig in the backyard, slit its throat ourselves, then either gut it or delegate this to the minorityworkers to do and prepare for the chefs in the kitchens to roast for us to eat. The restaurant could claim, "Eat Fresh Pig here from alive to dead and in your mouth in 30minutes or less or your meal is free!!"....
Where was I??

OH, back to my easy life purpose of wearing a friendly tshirt around surfing villages and share with people that pigs have central nervous systems and feel pain too.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

video: see highlights of 150mile race!

I was fortunate to race with this guy, David Goggins in 2006 at a 12and24 hour event in San Diego California. Since then David has become a legend. My dad was with me at my 12 hour race in San Diego too. Dad, remember this big black man that was there doing 24hours? He was much bigger then, now he is a LEAN machine.......

copy and paste in your browser.........

Siargao Island surf resort
Great place to stay for a while....easy life here...$9/night accomodation, many cute philippino girls working here to serve you, restaurant with full menu (many vegan options), fruit and coconuts available, many waves around, snorkeling, boat trips.

I must catch up on my sleep soon since have been sleeping only 7 hours each night due to the anticipation of morning waves...I get woken up at 4:30am by my Australian Surfer neighbors....IT is wonderful paddling out in the 85degree water and 75-80degree morning weather.
While sitting on my surfboard in the ocean I am fortunate to see the sunrise in the morning and the sunset in the evenings. The sky lights up with amazing colors and shapes of various clouds and rays of light.

Been eating about 3500calories per day, all jucicy fruits, coconuts, and durian.
I just had breakfast:
3 cups of sliced ripe sweet papaya with fresh lime juice squeezed on them
6 bananas

Monday, November 10, 2008

another day in 9 barrels

Incredible pleasurable days here on Siargao Island. I seem to have adapted to a 'routine' or 'daily grind' so to speak...........
--wake up
--surf 85degree perfect glassy barreling waves at sunrise
--eat some fruit: juicy Pineapples, papayas, coconuts, bananas lately
--use internet
--enjoy some relaxing time in the hammock, reading or just dazing
--drink some coconut waters (have a local Philippino boy climb the trees and chop me down some fresh ones for 30cents each plus tip)
--nap and/or massage
--eat some fruit
--surfing evening beautiful sunset session
--drink coconut water and feast on Durian
--sleep by 8pm

Yup, my daily schedule is entirely focussed on pleasure seeking which is wonderful but lacks much contribution. I am quite separated from the local culture here at this surfing resort, and I am noticing I am craving some culture shocking soon and to be around the local villages more.
I am sharing fruit daily with other travelors that call me a "fruit Bat"...many people notice I am eating fruit and nothing else and seem to be very curious about this.
One Nice German girl said, "that was so delicous, papayas are my favorite fruit, I could eat 10 of those!" after she ate some.
And I said,
"but you don't because your tummy is too full of rice and other foods. You ought to try eating all of the papayas you care for sometime and see how you feel."

I have noticed how much cleaner I am feeling with my 100%raw fruit diet (fruit does include tomatos, cucumbers, eggplant, zuchinis....although I am only eating juicy sweet fruits lately).
There are plenty variety of cooked vegan foods available at this resort, and it looks temptin at times. I really want to continue to enjoy the pure, raw, ripe, organic way of eating for as long as I easy, fun, nourishing, hydrating, natural, Proven to be Best for health, animals and the environment.

Yesterdays meal was mainly durian because we got a delivery of 24 kilos (approx. 30lbs) fun to see a big box of durian arrive!

I sent my Nephew, Josson 20 Pomegranates by "New Seasons" delivery in Portland...he loves this fruit feels soo great to send him something nutritious that he loves...
Dad!! I really loved speaking to you on Skype for your birthday...sorry the nice to hear you and mom are well traveling the USA..we are all more proud than ever to be American with OBAMA in office soon too!

Video: Darrick and Michael get Durian in Philippines

Friday, November 7, 2008

surf paradise, Siargao Philippines

I am staying at '101', a surf hotel..hammocks, green grass, beach, laid back lifestyle..$10/night...many waves here....4-5 foot swell today...Cloud 9 is heavy duty...Rock Island is nice big carving wave face.

I meet many surfers from around the world many people to speak and connect with here after being a loner for awhile...
I met an AU Durian Lover too....we ordered 50lbs of durian and ate 25lbs together today for lunch..
surfing 6-8am and 3-5pm daily...resting in between.

"The way you think, the way you behave, the way
you eat, can influence your life by 30 to 50 years."
— Deepak Chopra: Indian doctor and mind/body/spirit author

meal #1

fresh pineapple juice, then waited one hour for

1/2lb of tomatos

one small papaya

10 bananas

Meal #2

10 bananas

one cup of durian flesh

4banana smoothie using fresh young coconut water

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Philippines, Lanuza....Surf destination, roast some live pigs?

I am stayin at PocToy guesthouse on the river that flows directly into the ocean. The surf break is a Right that reels in very nicely. There are 2 other surf breaks within walking distance also. One is called "Punta Point"..a Barelling Right. Waves have been small here for 5days. I am surfing, swiming, or jogging daily. The fruit is very available here or within a 30minute busride...i currently have many 'marangs', Durians, rambutans, bananas, and coconuts to eat...all are perfectly ripe and delicious. My bamboo bungalo sits right on the river. We have two story lookout tour to see the swell and watch the waves. Another Australian guy is here with his Philippino Wife on surf vacation (many westerners I have met are in love). The Ripe Marangs are soooo amazing...I would bet everyone in this world would love this sweet, juicy, and light...I have a blender to use know which is very fun to make banana or Durian smothies usuing coconut water.
The Philipinno diet has lots of dead animals in it...they eat it every day. I see innocent baby pigs strapped down on the back of motorcycles heading for slaughter and SQueeling their brains out in discomfort all the way there...there squealing and screams are very loud. You can be inside a bus going the opposite direction and hear the squealing pig approaching, passing, and continuing on...tied down very tight unable to move whatsoever. The roast the pigs on a big stick that goes through their mouths and comes out their Anus. I hope they are slicing their throats before the roasting begins, but maybe its fresher tasting meat to roast alive?
I wear my "Friend Not Food" shirt everywhere. It has a picture of an innocent pig. I wish we could leave animals alone. Meanwhile my surfer friend is frying up his daily bacon and eggs...I think people forget that bacon is PIG, which is a living breathing beatiful innocent animal with a central nervous system. In USA we have many soy bacons and other bacon replacements that are far superior to health and leave animals to be...we vote with our dollars and the things we buy get replaced on the grocery shelves, so please buy smart!