Friday, November 28, 2008

comfortable doing nothing?

When I did a 10 day silent meditation in Bali January, I learned that I needed to learn how to be comfortable doing nothing. This was intense for me. I always wanted to be doing something: checking internet, reading, writing, surfing, napping, eating, walking, communicating and listening, watching, going somewhere, etc.... Meditation teaches me to be OK with just Being. Being in the moment. Enjoying the moment and not anticipating the next meal or the next thing to do.

Today, as I was meditating on the beach after surfing, I noticed how I wanted to be finished with the meditation. So I asked myself, "Why", And I thought of what I could do next...which was walking 1 mile to a small village to eat some durian with the local kids....but then I said, that can wait and pulled my mind back to the moment of the crashing waves. This happened about 100 times until i was done meditating...hehhehhehe....But meditation is all Practice anyway, so we can only be happy we are practicing and remember that Success equals practice.

Are you always doing something and keeping yourself busy? I predict most of us are 100percent of our lives. Doing nothing each day is good for our mind, body, and soul and for our patience and happiness. Try it for 2minutes NOW. "when is NOW a good time"?

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Ravi said...

ok...I made it about 30 seconds...doing nothing is "hard" :)