Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Philippines, Lanuza....Surf destination, roast some live pigs?

I am stayin at PocToy guesthouse on the river that flows directly into the ocean. The surf break is a Right that reels in very nicely. There are 2 other surf breaks within walking distance also. One is called "Punta Point"..a Barelling Right. Waves have been small here for 5days. I am surfing, swiming, or jogging daily. The fruit is very available here or within a 30minute busride...i currently have many 'marangs', Durians, rambutans, bananas, and coconuts to eat...all are perfectly ripe and delicious. My bamboo bungalo sits right on the river. We have two story lookout tour to see the swell and watch the waves. Another Australian guy is here with his Philippino Wife on surf vacation (many westerners I have met are in love). The Ripe Marangs are soooo amazing...I would bet everyone in this world would love this fruit...so sweet, juicy, and light...I have a blender to use know which is very fun to make banana or Durian smothies usuing coconut water.
The Philipinno diet has lots of dead animals in it...they eat it every day. I see innocent baby pigs strapped down on the back of motorcycles heading for slaughter and SQueeling their brains out in discomfort all the way there...there squealing and screams are very loud. You can be inside a bus going the opposite direction and hear the squealing pig approaching, passing, and continuing on...tied down very tight unable to move whatsoever. The roast the pigs on a big stick that goes through their mouths and comes out their Anus. I hope they are slicing their throats before the roasting begins, but maybe its fresher tasting meat to roast alive?
I wear my "Friend Not Food" shirt everywhere. It has a picture of an innocent pig. I wish we could leave animals alone. Meanwhile my surfer friend is frying up his daily bacon and eggs...I think people forget that bacon is PIG, which is a living breathing beatiful innocent animal with a central nervous system. In USA we have many soy bacons and other bacon replacements that are far superior to health and leave animals to be...we vote with our dollars and the things we buy get replaced on the grocery shelves, so please buy smart!


mumbot said...

Lovely blog and interesting post. I'll be visiting Philippines with my 4 year old son and other family members soon - we're also vegan!

Rachel Kooy said...

I will be living in the Philippines for 2 years starting in July. Do you have any good vegan advice about what to bring or expect?