Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Swine Flu ---- the 'real' truth

I really love this explanation, makes perfect sense to me............

We Develop Swine Flu When We Eat Like a Pig

I would like to apologize in advance to that warm and intelligent creature
referred to as a "pig". In some cases, we refer to an overweight person as
a "pig" or a person who slobbers over himself as a "pig". When we hear of a
woman who puts out easily, she is a "pig" also. So, the pig is a "pig",
because we take advantage of its ferocious appetite and feed it our awful
food, then it becomes obese, and then we eat it. (Makes us think, doesn't
it?) So, I apologize to these gentle, loving creatures, for using that old
and offensive verbiage. The flu should be rightfully called the "Human's

1. The Human's Flu occurs because we eat like that hungry creature we call
a "pig". From the time we awaken until we go to bed at night, we treat our
wonderful body like a garbage can.

2. Because we eat the way we do, we have made McDonalds the richest junk
food purveyor on earth. And not far behind are Colonel Saunders, burger
king, pizza hut and many others, that fill our stomachs and make our body
struggle to survive. The medical industry must be shaken in its foundation,
and the public needs to wake up from this malnutrition-induced coma. This
must be understood, because our way of life is killing us, and here are some
facts that cannot be cast aside.

3. Your body is polluted if your bowel movement stinks. Or, if your breath
could kill a horse, if your teeth are decaying, and your joints are stiff;
if your stools are loose, and your urine is dark and the odor from your body
requires a deodorant; if the female period is heavy and you have discomfort
before it begins; if you have headache and backaches, or if you have
difficulty sleeping; if there is vaginal drainage, or if you are overweight,
then you could be a victim of the human's flu. And all of this happens,
while you are surrounded by doctors and their medicine. And as long as we
are unaware, we will condemn our children to a short life of suffering,
under medical supervision.

4. Now, the body is congested with mostly indigestible material, which is
pushed through the bowel by subsequent eating, as the peristalsis is frozen.
And the rest is backed up, producing concentrated poison. Then, the body has
no alternative but to create diarrhea. This will lower the energy level and
increase its susceptibility. The heart is in a constant struggle, and the
stomach has never stopped reacting, but we didn't listen, and as a result it
burnt out and went silent like a spent volcano.

The blood becomes thicker and soon it will offend rather than nourish. Soon,
there won't be enough energy to look out through our windows without
glasses, because so much blood and energy is used in the digestive system
that our hands and feet become cold. We look older and our hair falls out.
And all of a sudden, we have a fever, we cough and we're tired and stiff,
and forced to lie down because of low energy.

5. In the middle of our misery, a doctor comes on the radio and talks about
the flu, and you have the symptoms, and when you hear that many have the
same symptoms --- your neighbor, your friends, and some of your family, it
is easy to believe you've 'caught' the flu, because after all, the doctor
has just announced the epidemic. And as you realize more and more people
have this flu, it reinforces the medical perspective. You wash your hands
and practice good hygiene, and continue to make McDonalds a phenomenon in
marketing, and because the authority who referees this, are doctors,
scientists and graduates of the most prestigious universities on earth, we
don't dare refute them. Remember the World Health Organization (WHO)? They
are a powerful and dangerous group. They have power over government as they
proved during the SARS fiasco that they could destroy airlines and
countries. So, what a predicament we're in! The medical authority does not
see the correlation between what we eat and what we have become, because
they see the symptom as the "disease". It is unbelievable that these
eggheads don't get it!

6. But I am refuting them, because they are absolutely wrong. A number of
people all over the earth who have this condition, are just as polluted as
each other. Some are genetically weaker, and because of medical suppression,
will die from that condition. Microbes do not cause disease, and that makes
the word "epidemic" the result of a bad thesis. And if their thesis is
wrong, what is the truth?

7. We must finally see that all the purveyors of junk food are successful
all over the earth. They are absolutely an enemy of every good wish we
have. They peddle the worst food that we can put inside the body. One only
needs to study the average restaurant's menu, and you'd see "Stomach Ulcer -
$6.50", "Future Heart Attack - $8.95", "Constipation - $7.25" and I almost
forgot, plus tips. So, rather than having the highest principles of life in
common, we have only our diseases in common - our weak hearts, our cancers,
and our iffy mentality. And if we could open the refrigerators of the
afflicted, we could see we have something else in common --- WE EAT POORLY.
And At The SAME TIME, EVERYWHERE, the body just can't take it anymore and
goes into A Major Elimination, which unfortunately, is seen as a disease.

8. So, the bottom line is, we get "Swine flu" because we eat like a pig.
This is not an epidemic, and is not caused by a microbe. It is caused by our
condition and our level of susceptibility. It is our ignorance and the way
we treat this highly evolved organism. This is the cause. Our ability to
prevent should get the Nobel Prize, not the guesswork of treatments that
will ultimately fail.

9. This is how to prevent this stupidity that ruins our lives:

a) Disregard the WHO and other disgraceful "authorities" that are absolutely
b) Don't vaccinate, allow the sickness to occur, because you caused it and
you can't heal without it.
c) Stop eating poor food, especially meat, diary, fried food and vitamins.
d) Educate yourself, read Herbert Shelton and J. Tilden.
e) Become recession proof.

10. So, the biggest defense against "Swine Flu" and all other diseases is
to keep the body clean and eat well. This is the time to spend a couple of
days drinking juices, fresh from the juicer, and celebrate your freedom.
Also, consider a water fast under guidance.

11. We are finally confronting the cause of our failures and it will take
great bravery to make the changes that will give us a life of happiness. We
must take full responsibility for causing this ignorance. Yes, we were
convinced by experts, but we became a victim! So much for experts.

All the very best,
Ray Kent
Vancouver Island, April 09

P.S. The cause of all disease, from the hyperactivity of a child to
Alzheimer's, from skin
eruptions to AIDS, all is caused by a combination of the following:

1. The way we eat and how we live our lives

and, to a lesser extent,

2. Our individual genetic history


Sunday, April 26, 2009

monkeys vegan

This morning, I fed monkeys a variety of fruits....they loved the bananas most, then raw Pistachio nuts, then mangosteen, then dried mango, then green beans.
Monkey Forest in Ubud is an amazing place to be....go early about 7am and be alone with many monkeys, no tourists and its free then, no charge. All the monkeys are free and wild but love to hang out in this area to eat food from tourists. They do not eat Blue cheese I tried to feed them this...true Vegans maybe accept for insects.

picture: Bali bike ride with durian

My pops and I found some delicious durian. We cycled from Ubud to Kramas beach area to enjoy sun and surf for night. Very fun to be out with my dad and enjoying another culture.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

photos: slim Bali 90year old

Inspiring, Check out this slim, healthy fit looking 90year old man who picks up rocks on the beach for money. These round soft rocks are used for the surrounding areas of swimming pools.

Pigs NOT in a blanket

I was walking around Ubud and I spotted a pickup truck with 3 huge pigs in the back in separate cages. The temperature was about 90degrees and the pigs were in Direct sunlight.
The truck was parked outside a restaurant that specializes in roasted Pig (Babi Guling). The pigs were panting and snorting and squirming in the hot sun. Their snouts were bloody from sticking their noses through searching for air or freedom.
I realized they are about to be slaughtered so the owners probably stop feeding them food and water to save time and money, which makes business sense.
I quickly went and got the suffering pigs some water and a snack of potato chips. They might as well enjoy their last few minutes of life.

Go Vegan Please!

Instead of pig bacon, Try 'smart bacon' i hear it is delicious, cholesteral free, no animal suffers or dies

Friday, April 17, 2009

Finding Durian near surf in BALI

My dad and I bicycled to the beach from Ubud and stayed one night. It takes about 90minutes at an easy pace to Kramas beach. I found a sweet place to sleep near Kramas at a place called Masceti Beach for 100,000 rupiah per night (maybe they will take less next time, but that was the lowest this time). There is a nice left point break out front of the guesthouse (approx 200meters North of the main Kramas Break).
The Durian was for sale on the main hwy 50meters before the stoplight at Masceti BEach (sign there says to turn right to Pantai Masceti). The place is a Warung on the left side, they had a couple durian sitting on a table out front and about 50 more durian inside. The prices are about 15000 rupiah for one durian ($1.50), the durian is about 1kilo. The durian is from Kintamani area and is yellow flesh. I found it to be average taste, but the convenience of not having to go to the poluted city center is worth it! And you can stock up and bring to the beach pad and eat while watching the waves crashing.
I surfed my brains out the last two days at 3 different points, mostly uncrowded. Had a nice run on the beach. enjoyed being with my pops and eating durian in peace and quiet with him. He loves durian too, but not a fanatic like me.
I ate approx 3cups of durian chunks and 2kilos of mangosteens for dinner last night....I normally dont prefer to food combine like this with durian. I felt like i wanted to eat more after the durian was finished so I enjoyed the delicious high quality mangosteens I got at the fruit seller in Denpasar near the durian seller in Denpasar, high quality (25,000 rupiah/kilo).

Back to UBUD today, using the wireless at KAFE....the creature comforts are here for sure as my mom and dad like to stay at more upper scale places then I would choose alone. I dont mind at all, nice change.


Monday, April 13, 2009

How i eat papaya

This is in Philippines before I flew to Bali

photos in Philippines

1. durian seller in Davao, 20 steps from my hotel!
2. Pongoy, 13yr old surfer in Dahican beach, probably going to be Professional in a couple more years...very nice boy
3. my hammock for sleeping on the beach in Dahican, pure freshness!

What does Eating Rice support?

I am in UBUD, Bali with my parents. We are enjoying some quality time together. I am fortunate to have my parents alive and healthy enough to fly to Bali and stay with me for one month! My mom loves Ubud area for all the culture, dances, classes. While I am enjoying the change of scenery and activities, I am a surfer so I feel like a fish out of water in Ubud sometimes. My dad seems to enjoy the beach a little more also, so we easily get transportation to the beach every few days (30minutes).
When I have alone time in Ubud i enjoy jogging/walking through rice fields, doing yoga and/or meditation classes, working out at the open air minimalistic Bali Ubud Gym ($1), finding durian and juicy fruits (papaya is best here and cheap, mangosteens are $3.00/kilo!) at the local market, meeting other travelers from around the world at some of the cafes that attract the healthier mindset, attending Raw vegan potluck (a couple I have met here named Mark and Gabrielle have been expanding the rawvegan mindset in Ubud with his website and classes

The other day I was at 'the Yoga Barn' taking a morning yoga class with my father. the first 10 minutes of the class was breathing and getting warmed up. Directly outside the class is a huge ricefield. Some workers were preparing the soil with a machine, like a Rotateller machine, very noisy and uses Gasoline to power. Most of all the emissions and carbon monoxide and other toxic smells were rising up into the open air Yoga Barn. Meanwhile 20 plus people including my dad and I are doing yoga. I smelled the smells and saw the smoke coming in as I am sure everyone else did. I began to get pissed off and angry, then I thought what can I do?? I can change my Procedure or change my perception (as I learned from Tony Robbins Seminars in the past)..I chose to change my Procedure and left to speak to the Manager.

The manager said they cant do anything about it, so I took a refund and went 50metters away from the pollution and did my own yoga/meditation.

After the class I waited for my dad and told him why I left. Nobody else from this class left the pollution.

I chose not to support a yoga class that takes place in a polluted environment.

I was thinking about Rice after this. Although I have been eating a raw fruitarian diet for about 6months, I have eaten very much rice in the past. If I eat rice, I support massive pollution from all the machines used to rototel the soil and prepare it for growing rice. I support this 100% if I choose to eat rice. This is now fully ingrained in my mind how eating rice is unethical for a true environmentalist, which I am striving to be. Also, what about all the wildlife that is killed when they chop down trees to grow rice? So can true VEGANs really eat rice if many animals are killed from growing rice?

I may eat rice again someday, but I will not be in integrity or congruent with what I know is 'right' and what i choose to do. I feel sooo amazing when My life is congruent with my knowledge. I am practicing daily to make my life congruent with what I believe to be best. These days, I feel I am more congruent then ever before. Closing the Gap is a practice and a never ending journey that requires massive patience and acceptance with where I am today and the direction I am heading. ITs ok for me to have setbacks and failures, but I must keep moving forward in the right direction and realize there is no perfection and keep remembering it is all practice!

peaceful Vibes,

Sunday, April 5, 2009

free stickers

free stickers to stick everywhere!!

my birthday

April 5th was my birthday. I didn't remember this until I had paddled out to surf at Turtle Island in Bali. As the sun was rising, I was feeling grateful for being in the water and realized, 'wow' its my Bday!.
What did I decide to do for my birthday? The same as I do everyday.....Whatever I feel like doing at any given moment. I feel everyday is like my birthday!
I Surfed, cycled to and from surfing, relaxed with my parents at a beach cafe, read, ate delicious watermelon for breakfast, Ate durian and dates and bananas for lunch, and went on a wonderful Durian Hunt on my bicycle in the evening to Renon, Durian street in Denpasar. I stopped at KFC and Mcdonalds to stick some vegan stickers in the bathrooms. I find this to be one of the highlights of my Birthday, activism! I love this, and I am excited to be in a place where I can interact with other passionate activists and connect. I used to be quite a rebel growing up and did some vandalism and shoplifting, I loved the adrenalin rush. NOW I get to do something that I believe is very good and helpful to other people, society and the world. Not only is it good for others, but I feel great doing it AND I get a nice adrenalin rush too as I sneak around and stick stickers up that remind others that Animals are Friends, not food.
Whenever you go traveling the world, be sure to bring lots of vegan stickers to stick up everywhere and give away to children as gifts!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bali times, sunscreen cause cancer?

Bali times!
Been one year since I was here in Bali.
I am enjoying the vibe very much. I do prefer more underdeveloped places like I have found traveling the last 5 months in Philippines. But something about Bali is sooo special even in the midst of all the consumerism and traffic.

One thing I love here is that I can virtually be shirtless 24/7 and feel totally accepted and not judged. I can go walk around the airport shirtless, or visit restaurants, or walk around the communities of Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Sanur, or Ubud or go shirtless from 7pm-9pm through the busy city of Denpasar on my bicycle hunting for the durian vendors on the side of the road. Most other SE asian countries don't seem to accept this shirtless behaviour in the cities or small towns, But Bali full on accepts it. I can even go barefoot most everywhere too....I plan to do an experiment of barefoot and shirtless for as long as I can soon.

I feel that when I am wearing only shorts that I am not supporting consumerism and conformity as much, and our skin is much healthier when it can breath freely (if my skin has had enough sunshine for the day, I dont need to put a shirt on, what I need is to get out of the sun.....Since I can do what I want, when I want, as much as I want 24/7, I can do what is best for my health and nature at any moment.)
I feel that sunscreen is not the solution to being safe of skin cancer. sunscreen actually can cause cancer. The solution is to remove the cause, 'get out of the sun'. Not cover up with some chemical that was made in a laboratory and most likely tested on innocent animals.

Most of us don't want to get out of the sun because we are on vacation and have only a few days to enjoy the sun before we are back to the indoor lifestyle of working, etc.... I realize this and have been doing it for the last 37years of my life too. Even now, I do occasionally wear some zinc to cover my nose and chin from sun exposure due to my addiction for surfing.

I plan to improve this in the future and only surf in the early morning and late evening hours when sunscreen isn't needed, but I am practicing patience with myself and foregiveness for doing what I know is not the best for my skin or life at this time and allowing myself to practice as I transition more every day to a natural hygienic lifestyle.