Friday, April 17, 2009

Finding Durian near surf in BALI

My dad and I bicycled to the beach from Ubud and stayed one night. It takes about 90minutes at an easy pace to Kramas beach. I found a sweet place to sleep near Kramas at a place called Masceti Beach for 100,000 rupiah per night (maybe they will take less next time, but that was the lowest this time). There is a nice left point break out front of the guesthouse (approx 200meters North of the main Kramas Break).
The Durian was for sale on the main hwy 50meters before the stoplight at Masceti BEach (sign there says to turn right to Pantai Masceti). The place is a Warung on the left side, they had a couple durian sitting on a table out front and about 50 more durian inside. The prices are about 15000 rupiah for one durian ($1.50), the durian is about 1kilo. The durian is from Kintamani area and is yellow flesh. I found it to be average taste, but the convenience of not having to go to the poluted city center is worth it! And you can stock up and bring to the beach pad and eat while watching the waves crashing.
I surfed my brains out the last two days at 3 different points, mostly uncrowded. Had a nice run on the beach. enjoyed being with my pops and eating durian in peace and quiet with him. He loves durian too, but not a fanatic like me.
I ate approx 3cups of durian chunks and 2kilos of mangosteens for dinner last night....I normally dont prefer to food combine like this with durian. I felt like i wanted to eat more after the durian was finished so I enjoyed the delicious high quality mangosteens I got at the fruit seller in Denpasar near the durian seller in Denpasar, high quality (25,000 rupiah/kilo).

Back to UBUD today, using the wireless at KAFE....the creature comforts are here for sure as my mom and dad like to stay at more upper scale places then I would choose alone. I dont mind at all, nice change.



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Balazs said...

thanks for sharing!

post some pics too! :)