Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pigs NOT in a blanket

I was walking around Ubud and I spotted a pickup truck with 3 huge pigs in the back in separate cages. The temperature was about 90degrees and the pigs were in Direct sunlight.
The truck was parked outside a restaurant that specializes in roasted Pig (Babi Guling). The pigs were panting and snorting and squirming in the hot sun. Their snouts were bloody from sticking their noses through searching for air or freedom.
I realized they are about to be slaughtered so the owners probably stop feeding them food and water to save time and money, which makes business sense.
I quickly went and got the suffering pigs some water and a snack of potato chips. They might as well enjoy their last few minutes of life.

Go Vegan Please!

Instead of pig bacon, Try 'smart bacon' i hear it is delicious, cholesteral free, no animal suffers or dies

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Balazs said...

Pooor pigs :(
I feel sorry for them but what makes me more sad is the thought that they were the lucky ones... Most pigs dont even see the sun shining in their short life.