Thursday, July 30, 2009

video of some of us here in Ko Phangan.....

If you would like to enjoy some time in paradise with several members of '30bananas a day' this may interest you.........

What: live 10 days in Raw house Ko Phangan, Thailand absolutely FREE! All food and accomodation provided, bring your own sleeping pad and light blanket. Sleep inside house or outside under stars in fresh warm tropical air.
A small supportive community to thrive and learn and practice the exceptional raw diet.

When: NOW!! (in August 2009) Fly here sometime this August, look for your flights now.

Where: Ko Phangan, Thailand (beach front house near the Agama yoga retreat, ask the restaurant where the raw vegan fruit loving folks are, approx 200 meters from here on beach. Approx 5km north of where you arrive by ferry boat in Thongsala.)

Who: First 10 people who want to make it happen. We would like about 20 people living here! currently we have Darrick, Harley, Freelea, Nick, Rich, Choi, Colin.

How: We have the money to support you and want to share this amazing experience with others interested. We have arranged a perfect place and have excellent fruit connections (durian, bananas, dragon fruit, mangosteens, rambutan, watermelon, coconuts, etc..)
Let us know your arrival date on this thread and we will have some amazing fruit ready for you.

Two Videos of us attatched!.......
below see one video showing us all here at RawHouse, and one video showing a special night for a new raw friend's birthday where we made RAW mango tacos.

Random video of us raw vegans hanging out. Myself, Harley aka durianrider, Freelea, Nick, Rich, and Choi We call it 'Raw house', everybody here is practicing a diet of raw fruits and occasional g...

see us all eating some yummy Raw Mango tacos and Durian in Ko Phangan, Thailand. We call it 'Raw house', everybody here is practicing a diet of raw fruits and occasional greens.

Also, Here is an example of a lovely beach here:

Sunday, July 26, 2009

article about meat free monday, Paul McCartney says

random Thai fun and pics..

some random photos....
The big fruit is JackFruit..I saw this at the world durian festival in Chanthiburi..
How beautiful is that horse picture? feels so calming to see this and remember being there.

see that photo of the big sick pig below, very diseased looking and waiting for slaughter, my heart went out to this big guy (just say NO to Bacon).

Nick, Freelea, and I woke early for a nice 20minute Jog, 20minutes swim, 20minute jog. What an amazing way to start the day. Barefoot running on the rocks, road, beach gives us a natural foot massage. We did some light yoga and meditation afterwards back at our house we are renting. We now have Rich and Choi here too! So we have 6 people here at the Raw house....We are thinking about "Raw World", instead of Real World, hehhehhe. Hoplefully DAN and Sunnie will come over and join and any other people interested.

I ate some luscious dragon fruits, some mangosteens, some bananas and some durian yesterday. I tasted one durian that was very 'carmely' in taste similar to "Pomonee" variety, yellow flesh.

Harley and I did a nice run/hike up the tallest mountain on this island, it takes most people 2hours, Harley did it in 50minutes, I got lost. We met an organic fruit farmer and she now delivers me durian. She had monthong, Chanee, and Durian 'ban'.

I am enjoying the massages here in Thailand ($7)....very healing and relaxing...they stretch my whole body out too.

I sure feel great when I spend time around young children. OUr neighbors have 2year old twin girls. I love to give them some fruit and watch them devour it...They love durian too.


Monday, July 20, 2009

Random PHOTOS in Se asia

Primal durian meeting

meeting up with Primal durian in Thailand .....Him and his wife know how to treat their guests!...

Freelea mango

Freelea, Harley, and I in Thailand loving some local pineapples and mangos....

livin life in SE Asia, Ko PhanGan

Im in sort of nice routine here in Thailand. LIving in a beach front two story home with Freelea, Harley, and NIck. We have a kitchen that has refrigerator and blender, so we are making some smoothies with bananas and mangos. Living with some close friends feels amazing. Sharing durian, bananas, mangos, rambutan, dragon fruits, Lamlai, salads etc... is so connecting. Freelea and Nick and I are doing a yoga school daily called 'Agama' at Ananda yoga place.
Short Morning runs on the wide open low tide beach to get the blood pumping.
Naps in the hammocks.
We ordered 40coconuts to be delivered to our house today, we drink about 10 each per day...very sweet.
Bananas are easy to access.....two sweet and tasty varieties we like especially.
The yoga school has a restaurant outside, beach front...we hang out there and meet wonderful conscious people.
Yesterday Harley and I spoke to two nice Canadian Girls for one hour about Raw Vegan lifestyle. They seemed very excited to try vegan. They are changing there lifes very much on their 5month traveling journey.
The place we have is 3 bedroom, balcony, 2 bathroom, ocean front, nice grassy area to eat, next to other traditional Thai families with kids and babies smiling at us and sampling our fruits, nude bathing sundeck, 4000 BAHT/ Week ($120).
WE met HOlly the other day, a girl living here that loves to eat fruit.

I am feeling so great. I am loving to connect and be around some friends. I make time to be alone and meditate and rest in nature, then I find myself excited to 'reconnect' with Harley, Freelea and Nick.

We invite any other people on the Raw Vegan path to come stay one week free with us and see how they feel eating all Raw Fruits and some Veggies.

Monday, July 13, 2009


Headin to Thailand with Harley, Freelea, and Nick. Hopefully visiting Trevor (aka primal durian), then to Ko Pha ngan.
life is a dance to remember or a dance to forget?

facebook is amazing, I finally signed up


Friday, July 10, 2009

almost homeless night in Malaysia

Anybody is still welcome to join the RawFruity Crew in SE asia....plenty of durians everywhere, plenty of fun times together....

Durian contest in Balik Palau, Penang today. 3-6pm the judges will eat several varieties of durian. Sunday they will release the results.

I just walked around the area here in Balik Palau...They have some info in english....i saw nice organic papayas and bananas. I drank sugar cane juice there. I carry around a durian so people know I like it and can ask me questions. My answers typically lead to veganism.
Har, Free, Nick, Sunnie, Rich, and Choi if you read this, I hope you come around tomorrow......some people said that around 11am tomorrow is the best time.

Last night I wandered around some country road until about 9pm looking for some shelter to sleep under. I have all my personal belongings with me in my small back pack, accept my Hammock. I have a sleeping pad and a bivy. I finally was tired of looking for a private place so I asked some Malaysian girl if I could sleep on her front porch. This lead to an invitation to sleep inside their home under the fan. I usually prefer to sleep outside, but they seemed to be taking this as an insult, so I finally agreed to move inside. A great chance to mix with a Malaysian family of 8 and share a little vegan info. I feel extra happy today after being around such love and hospitality. Life is a Gift. Life is a box of durians. Life is easy.
peace out, D

Thursday, July 9, 2009

we need people

As much as I am a loner and love to be on my own, I am realizing how great I feel around close friends. Being with other humans especially with similar goals in life is so powerful. I am finding myself losing track of time amongst others which is more rare when I am alone. Spending time in nature with my friends is showing me how much I need to be around people. How often is the correct balance for me is something I am learning.

One of my friends from Australia is here, Nick. Nick is very disciplined on waking each morning and practicing yoga, mediation, and relaxation. He comes down near my campsite on the river and enjoys the jungle environment as he practices. Today I came upon him as he was finishing and his vibe was so peaceful, mature, comfortable, happy. This at first threatened my ego i noticed. Upon futher reflection, I noticed i was in admiration of his ability to be such a loving person with a controlled ego.

Harley joined up with Nick and I and contributed some powerful reminders on health and success on a low fat raw vegan diet. Teaching us again the importance in adequate intake of juicy fruits to satiate the mind, body, and soul. Harley claims one key to his success of nearly 3 years low fat diet of raw fruits and veggies has been eating enough daily. We discussed how eating an abundance of durian can contribute to gaining weight much more than juicy fruits. One way to balance this out is to eat a more nice juicy fruit meals in the daytime, leaving less room in the tummy for durian. This has worked well for me in the past, and I plan to practice this more often.

I believe that people on a cooked vegan diet can use the above wisdom to their advantage as well. If they choose to maintain and/or lose weight they could eat more juicy fruits in the day, eat more salads in the day, and have one meal with their favorite cooked vegan food along with a big salad. I remember this worked well for me to stay very lean. I remember looking extra forward to the evening meal and knowing I had earned it. I remember feeling yucky starting out my day with heavier foods: oatmeal, pancakes, breads, pastas, cereals...etc. I found that saving a heavier meal for my last worked the best for mind and body and peace.

We have a couple girls here too...Freelea, Sunnie, and Choi..I feel it is so important to be around the feminine energy. I am grateful to be around such a nice balance of males and females and different personalities to share, learn and grow.

"Where attention goes, energy flows, and Results Show".

Saturday, July 4, 2009

All U can Eat Buffet in Balik Palaou

We have a rather large group of like minded people here in Penang now (Vegan raw fooders eating mostly a diet of delicious FRUIT)
Harley, Freelea, Sunnie, Nick, Chris, Rich, Choy, and Myself. Two others are coming here soon: Stefanie (who went to visit Perenthian islands), and Dan (who has been enjoying Thailand. What an amazing peer group I have attracted. I say this, because a few months ago, I had a goal to be around several raw vegans to learn and grow with and be inspired by. I imagine most of us will be friends for our long life (some of us plan and hope to live healthy well over 120 years old).

Yesterday we enjoyed an "All u can eat buffet" for 15 ringit ($4-5). Durian, rambutans, chompadek, and Mangosteens. This took place on the organic farm, outside next to durian trees that were dropping durians (we werent under the tree).
Wow, what a feast of yummy fruits. This Farmer lets his 'Ang Hair' Durians drop natuarally to the ground. Most farmers here have saftey nets to catch the durians to prevent damage and to allow them to last longer. The best Ang Hair and durians I have are naturally dropping to the ground. This trauma to the durian actually enhances the flavor making it more complex and intense.

Today I did the Penang Hill race. I started one hour late and approx 2km head start and passed hundreds of racers up the 5km hill. Very nice body movement for me as I am recovering from my bycicle injury. I pushed my heart rate to 150 at times, but mainly kept a nice cardio pace. It took about one hour. I feel so high and happy after a work out like this. AFter some days of doing very little, I realize I need body movements daily to maintain an optimistic happy life.

I just finished a delicious Dragon fruit. The Malaysian dragon fruits are spectacular! Redish colored flesh with the black crunchy yummy seeds (similar to kiwi seeds). I used to not favor dragon fruits as I never had any 'sweet' ones. My friend Dan inspired me to give them another chance. My new rule with fruit is to try it several times before i close my mind.

I bought some DAtes from Saudia Ariabian country (high miles, not local)...i plan to eat them like popcorn at the movies later....I believe there are some healthier alternatives to cooked, oily, salty popcorn which I used to consume. Another options for movies is Rambutans or 'Lamlai' (aka longons). A fun low calorie food that keeps you busy opening. My associations with movie and food are very strong from the past, so I am working on nice fun replacements. Any more suggestions?

Thursday, July 2, 2009

video: Raw Spirit Fest 2009 - Farmers Market and Organic Veggies

This guy is GREAT! 40yrs as a vegan. 67yrs old. I enjoy how he speaks and educates. He has his own organic farm and shows some of his fruits.
what a great heart and purpose he seems to have. very inspiring.