Friday, July 10, 2009

almost homeless night in Malaysia

Anybody is still welcome to join the RawFruity Crew in SE asia....plenty of durians everywhere, plenty of fun times together....

Durian contest in Balik Palau, Penang today. 3-6pm the judges will eat several varieties of durian. Sunday they will release the results.

I just walked around the area here in Balik Palau...They have some info in english....i saw nice organic papayas and bananas. I drank sugar cane juice there. I carry around a durian so people know I like it and can ask me questions. My answers typically lead to veganism.
Har, Free, Nick, Sunnie, Rich, and Choi if you read this, I hope you come around tomorrow......some people said that around 11am tomorrow is the best time.

Last night I wandered around some country road until about 9pm looking for some shelter to sleep under. I have all my personal belongings with me in my small back pack, accept my Hammock. I have a sleeping pad and a bivy. I finally was tired of looking for a private place so I asked some Malaysian girl if I could sleep on her front porch. This lead to an invitation to sleep inside their home under the fan. I usually prefer to sleep outside, but they seemed to be taking this as an insult, so I finally agreed to move inside. A great chance to mix with a Malaysian family of 8 and share a little vegan info. I feel extra happy today after being around such love and hospitality. Life is a Gift. Life is a box of durians. Life is easy.
peace out, D

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