Monday, July 13, 2009


Headin to Thailand with Harley, Freelea, and Nick. Hopefully visiting Trevor (aka primal durian), then to Ko Pha ngan.
life is a dance to remember or a dance to forget?

facebook is amazing, I finally signed up



mroslij said...

have a nice trip to thailand darrick, sorry..i not visit u at forest farm, no free time due to busy settle my mom house renovation at my hometown parit buntar. next year when came again to penang sure i will visit you. my friend said your story together with harry was reported in Chinese news paper when both of you enjoying in the durian fest, eat around 10 kilos of durian. bye
rosli merida tfs900

Anonymous said...

We are vegan (not raw) but will be visiting Penang in December. Will try durian before our trip. Worried about what we will eat! My kids are very skinny (five and six years old). We are from northern California. Will look to you for tips. xo, Cay Snow

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