Saturday, May 30, 2009

Why did i eat cooked food after 6months raw?

I have been around Harley and Freelea here in Chanthiburi for several days now. It is great to see how a couple lives a successful fruit based diet and lifestyle for so many years. As I see it, The key is to eat enough fruit, so that other foods are not appealing. Harley and Freelea move their bodies daily approx one hour at least (bike, jog, swim, strenghtrain AND they eat 3 large meals of fruit daily (for example: 15 mangos would be one meal).

Looking back on my latest relapse to cooked food after 6 months of clean fruit eating, I was not eating enough. Harley does mentoring to people that want to increase their energy for life or endurance events. Freelea mentors all types of people as well, is their website. We discussed my goals and learning experiences in depth.
I was very active surfing several hours, burning lots of calories, but not eating enough. After a few days of this, I became ravenous but didnt have enough fruit available on the tropical island in Mentawaiis. I ate some cooked rice with my last remaining 9 bananas. After this, the 'flood gates' were open as they say. I then justified furthering my cooked food eating for a few days until I regained control. Now I am fully back to the raw fruit lifestyle feeling healthy as ever once again. All my detoxing of the salts, oils, additives, sugars, spices is complete. Even though rawfruit lifestyle feels best for me, I will allow myself to eat cooked food again whenever I please, but for now I feel wonderfully raw again!

Moral of the story, If you want to be a raw fruit eater like we are meant to be in nature, Eat lots of fruit. If other foods start looking good, you aren't eating enough.

Food intake
12mangos (900cal)
1 coconut with flesh (200 cal)
1 dragon fruit (100 cal)
5 cups of durian chunks (2000 cal)

10minute FAST run
3sets of pushups and pullups
8miles of easy cycling

Saturday, May 23, 2009


I am in Chanthiburi with 4 durian lovers....Harley, Freelea, Sunnied, and a very cool new raw foodist from Czechislovakia. We are devouring delicious durian varieties daily like: Montthong, chanee, Pomonee, Ganyao, etc..
This week long World Durian Festival festival kicked off today and there are massive amounts of fresh local durians available for as low as 60cents(USprice)/kilo!! I saw rambutans and Mangosteens, bigger and fresher than ever for 25cents(USprice)/kilo. Many other fruits available for cheap everywhere like Pineapples, Papaya, melons, jackfruit, Langsats, 'Nandakmy" Mangos, and sweet as ever coconuts.

I am enjoying morning bodymovements by the lake and daily country bike rides, excellent coversations about Natural Hygiene, and Constant and never ending improvement in our health, enviromental care, understanding and compassion for others that aren't as fortunate to know this raw healthy way of life.
The Thai people are so gentle, generous, interested, and special. I feel more than welcome here and am honored to take part in their wonderful durian event.

If you cant be in Chanthiburi by June 15th, then we will all be in PENANG, Malaysia for an even better Durian quality, taste and season...with lots of treking, swimming in waterfalls, swimming in ocean, cycling, etc....
Approximate dates to be in Penang with us are June 15th-July 15th, Plane tickets to Kuala Lumpur are cheap now (take a bus from KL to Penang for approximately $15, no prebooking necessary), feel free to come join the Durian season with us!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

headin to Thailand

Taking 22hour train from Penang, Malaysia to Bangkok, Thailand. Then catchn a bus to Chanthiburi for the "World Durian Festival". Meeting up with atleast 4 friends there to enjoy the durian, rambutans, mangosteens, etc...
Now off to go get my last Malaysian durian fix for a while.
Penang's Durian season will be pumping by June 7th! Maybe back by then.

Throw your banana peels in the streets

I have decided to advertise fruit eating more by leaving banana peels around. I got this idea while traveling through Nepal.
IN Nepal last year, I saw many empty packages of chips along the beautiful trails. As I was eating vegan cooked food then, i would start craving the chips that I would see most.
Genious advertising....I think the chip companies want as to litter their packages, so we see them, become more familar with them, and possibly start craving them. IT worked on me. I found myself buying those varieties of chips at the next village.
So, Now that I am eating mostly fruit and feeling better than ever, I want to advertise fruit and help others remember to eat more of it..maybe this will offset some of the junkfood we eat.

Care to participate? If so, Huck some fruit in the street today, ehehhehe

Friday, May 15, 2009

i love this fruit picture

smoking OK, but durian not allowed

I am in Penang, Malaysia now. My favorite durian in the world here. I just had a feast of "Ang Hair" (red prawn), "Horlor", "SO", and some other delicacies. "Ang Hair" is 16ringit per kilo ($5/kilo) now! Preseason prices, but worth it. I have had 'Ang Hair' dreams numerous times since leaving Penang in August of 08. I am back! Wow I feel sooooo amazing after the durian experience on 'Mccallister road' in Georgetown, Penang. EAting around several other Asian durian lovers feels so connecting. I planned to be finished after one hour session of eating slowly, but I was wrong. I brought about 5 more durian with me to share with the workers at my Hotel Noble, and low and behold what happened? I stopped 30minutes latter to 'wedge' some more of the best durian in the world in my stomach (dont worry, i saved some to share with the workers, ehhehe).

I was sitting on the steps next to an internet cafe in this city and the security guard guy said no eating here. I notice behind him some people smoking away on some toxic poisenous cigarettes, that is perfectly fine, get me out of the city BS please.

If you are in Padang, Sumatra at the Airport and want a durian fix quickly. hire a taxi and head in the direction of Bukitingii for 10-15 minutes and you will be happy to find some durian sellers on the right hand side of the road! What a savour.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

From Bali to Mentawaii's surf and food

After one month of fun with my wonderful parents in Bali, I ventured to Mentawaii Islands off of Sumatra for surf adventure. Found a ferry boat from Padang to Siberut (9hours), met some other surfers (French, AU, Brasilian), joined them on a small fishing boat to a smaller island with Ebay, Pitstops Beng-Beng surfspots nearby. What a quiet peaceful little village, no cars or motorbikes, pure jungle and fresh air! Amazing place to surf, within 30minute walk to 5 worldclass type surfing breaks. I feel soooooo amazing living the more simple tropical surfer lifestyle away from it all. I did have massive amounts of Durian dreams and cravings and anticipations for eating it again as it was not available. I must have this wonderful fruit available with the perfect waves too..i will continue the 'search', I have plenty of time, ehehhehe.

Most surfers pay $2500US for 10day luxury boat trips throughout the Mentawaiis (I did this in 2004 and it was great fun). I know how to travel mentawaiis for way Cheap now....I can stay at the breaks for $5/night and eat fruit and walk to the breaks and contribute to less environmental concerns.

I brought bananas to eat for one week and there are always an abundance of coconut trees. The other guys eat a normal SAD diet. I ran out of bananas after 5 days and ate some cooked rice and potatos (this digested fairly well even after 6 months of clean fruit eating). I was amazed how my cravings for more cooked food came about after this (purely emotional, thinking of past foods that were comforting when growing up, due to family and friends, etc...). For the past week I have been eating cooked foods occasionally (rice, dahl, salty veggies, even had potato chips once), even though I am back to an area that has plenty of fruit available IT is crazy how addicting they can be once they are back in my bloodstream. I am less energetic and feel bloated at times and yucky taste in my mouth, moody, sadness (all types of symptoms that are normal to someone that never have eating purely clean fruits for months at a time). I am gentle with myself and foregiving and I know I will return to eating clean and raw when ready. 6months of eating pure was an amazing accomplishment in the environments I have been in with no proper peer group support and I must be content and realize the journey continues. Constant and Never Ending Improvement (as Tony Robbins talks about). Remembering that wherever we are on the path to more improved health, there will always be somebody doing much worse and much better than us. I feel great today about myself