Saturday, May 30, 2009

Why did i eat cooked food after 6months raw?

I have been around Harley and Freelea here in Chanthiburi for several days now. It is great to see how a couple lives a successful fruit based diet and lifestyle for so many years. As I see it, The key is to eat enough fruit, so that other foods are not appealing. Harley and Freelea move their bodies daily approx one hour at least (bike, jog, swim, strenghtrain AND they eat 3 large meals of fruit daily (for example: 15 mangos would be one meal).

Looking back on my latest relapse to cooked food after 6 months of clean fruit eating, I was not eating enough. Harley does mentoring to people that want to increase their energy for life or endurance events. Freelea mentors all types of people as well, is their website. We discussed my goals and learning experiences in depth.
I was very active surfing several hours, burning lots of calories, but not eating enough. After a few days of this, I became ravenous but didnt have enough fruit available on the tropical island in Mentawaiis. I ate some cooked rice with my last remaining 9 bananas. After this, the 'flood gates' were open as they say. I then justified furthering my cooked food eating for a few days until I regained control. Now I am fully back to the raw fruit lifestyle feeling healthy as ever once again. All my detoxing of the salts, oils, additives, sugars, spices is complete. Even though rawfruit lifestyle feels best for me, I will allow myself to eat cooked food again whenever I please, but for now I feel wonderfully raw again!

Moral of the story, If you want to be a raw fruit eater like we are meant to be in nature, Eat lots of fruit. If other foods start looking good, you aren't eating enough.

Food intake
12mangos (900cal)
1 coconut with flesh (200 cal)
1 dragon fruit (100 cal)
5 cups of durian chunks (2000 cal)

10minute FAST run
3sets of pushups and pullups
8miles of easy cycling

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fruit4tinah said...

That's a really great lesson. Thanks for sharing. I prefer eating less fruit because when I overeat + live a sedentary lifestyle I forget the purpose. If I ever feel ravenously hungry I'll keep that in my awareness.