Saturday, May 23, 2009


I am in Chanthiburi with 4 durian lovers....Harley, Freelea, Sunnied, and a very cool new raw foodist from Czechislovakia. We are devouring delicious durian varieties daily like: Montthong, chanee, Pomonee, Ganyao, etc..
This week long World Durian Festival festival kicked off today and there are massive amounts of fresh local durians available for as low as 60cents(USprice)/kilo!! I saw rambutans and Mangosteens, bigger and fresher than ever for 25cents(USprice)/kilo. Many other fruits available for cheap everywhere like Pineapples, Papaya, melons, jackfruit, Langsats, 'Nandakmy" Mangos, and sweet as ever coconuts.

I am enjoying morning bodymovements by the lake and daily country bike rides, excellent coversations about Natural Hygiene, and Constant and never ending improvement in our health, enviromental care, understanding and compassion for others that aren't as fortunate to know this raw healthy way of life.
The Thai people are so gentle, generous, interested, and special. I feel more than welcome here and am honored to take part in their wonderful durian event.

If you cant be in Chanthiburi by June 15th, then we will all be in PENANG, Malaysia for an even better Durian quality, taste and season...with lots of treking, swimming in waterfalls, swimming in ocean, cycling, etc....
Approximate dates to be in Penang with us are June 15th-July 15th, Plane tickets to Kuala Lumpur are cheap now (take a bus from KL to Penang for approximately $15, no prebooking necessary), feel free to come join the Durian season with us!


swayze said...

Oh wow, I so wish I could join you guys. I've never even had durian!

Swayze :)

jessica said...

how wonderful, a durian event. lucky. enjoy!