Friday, June 25, 2010

Peak Performance on a Fruitarian diet

This is Michael, a superior athlete who thrives on a fruit diet. Ran marathon in under 2hrs and 30minutes.
A family man with two children as well.
He speaks very thoughtfully and clearly and covers the bases quickly about his experience with fruitarianism.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

introducing Davao Marang and durian

so happy to be vegan today......

I was riding on a ferry boat today. Many people, baggages, animals on board. When I say animals, i mean chickens, goats, and pigs. These beautiful creatures are roped up and place on the sunny hot boat deck.

Have you ever had your hand or foot fall asleep? That is not a good feeling...Or have you wrapped your wrist or ankle too tight with an ace bandage, causing the blood to stop flowing?
One little adorable piglet had a bright red foot, swollen up a bit. This was due to the rope being tied too tight around its little ankle causing blood circulation to stop.

I showed the boatmen who were all sitting around the animals on the boat deck. I removed my pocket knife and handed it to the main boat man showing him he could cut the rope around the innocent piglets ankle to provide some relief.

The boat men were all laughing and acting as it is no big deal. They didn't do anything. They did however feel my disapproval towards the neglect of the adorable innocent piglet. I was not upset with the men whatsoever.

I completely understand the disconnection in our societies, as I was directly part of this. I understand how most of my family and friends can continue to happily eat their grilled chicken breast or lean ham sandwich. I get angry at first, but then calm down and have patience and compassion.

I just watched the piglet lay there, moving occasionally in discomfort. I took the moment to be sooo grateful that I can see the connection between whats on my daily meal plate and the process it takes to get it there.

When I am a Better man, I will have the courage to intervene into someone else's culture and property. I will take personal responsiblity to cut the rope around the darling piglet and provide relief. If I cant save all the animals, I can at least make one animal feel better for his remaining hours on death row.

MOther Theresa had a quote that went something like this...
"IF you cant feed one hundred people, feed just one.".

Friday, June 4, 2010

Wow, some wisdom i want to practice......

the practice of low speech and minimum sound. Talk low, talk little, talk in whispers, sweet and true. Examine each act of yours and see that you execute it with minimum noise. Do not shout to a person standing far; go near him or beckon to him to approach you. Loud noise is sacrilege on the sky, just as there are sacrilegious uses of earth and of water.
Sai Baba

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Spent 5 nights out on Dayong Beach, Telukud island. Pristine paradise awaits just 20minutes by speed boat or 1hour by ferry boat ($1). To have such an untouched feeling so close to a Major citie is quite interesting and fascinating. Many people may think they have to travel long overnight boat rides to achieve such a feeling. The white sand, coconut trees, grass, flowers, plants, fruit trees(mango season JULY), papaya, bananas...and I am planting more..... the water is crystal clear and warm....tropical fish and coral reefs...nice quiet place with tourists from Davao coming for afternoons mainly ( I think this is great to see people come here and I can meet them and connect with all sorts if i choose: students or professionals or sales clerks or families)....The mornings and evenings are more about solitude. The owners are wonderful....The man of the daughter is 95years old and he is teaching me his 10secrets to longetivity...he is adorable..and smiles lots...BEn is his name....3small meals only perday, mostly vegetarian, I hope to help him eat more fruits with me...he loved durian.

Today back in the city action living on the hotel beach front on poluted beach... and lving the big markets and people and hustle and bustle and internet Wifi hotspots for my new laptop...and the wonderful massages...i got a nice 2hour massage yesterday for 10bucks US. Just ate 2 Marangs in a side alley carendria in the Bankerohan market while hundreds of passerbys stare me down and smile and hopefully notice that fruit is a better choice to death.

Feeling great with the contrast of city/beach life To full island style paradise life....maybe one week on paradise and 3 days in city/beach.

My durian contact deliverd me durian out to the island too!! I text him my order and the next day it arrives by ferry boat...very fun waiting as teh boat is coming towards me..teaching me patience and renoucment should it not arrive.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

philippino children

jogging on beach today i get soooo many looks and stares and comments from kids. This happens pretty much everywhere around philippines. its constant. they love to see a westerner. they are laughing and smiling and giggling with their friends and pointing and staring and saying, "hey Joe", "hey Joe" (this is a residual from war and gijoe, so they call all westerners joe).

Anyways....why would this wonderful, kind, innocent behavior conjure up irritation ever? They are reacting as any of us would in their innocent situation. Maybe its the fact that I have been feeling like a celebrity for about 3years now of traveling, and i crave to be ignored at times. Or maybe Im upset with myself for being out of balance of some sort that particular day.
Whatever the reason for any irritation i have, its not acceptable for me... I plan to continue to practice love and compassion and understanding and become a master of this.

any other 'vagabonders' have this experience?

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