Tuesday, June 15, 2010

so happy to be vegan today......

I was riding on a ferry boat today. Many people, baggages, animals on board. When I say animals, i mean chickens, goats, and pigs. These beautiful creatures are roped up and place on the sunny hot boat deck.

Have you ever had your hand or foot fall asleep? That is not a good feeling...Or have you wrapped your wrist or ankle too tight with an ace bandage, causing the blood to stop flowing?
One little adorable piglet had a bright red foot, swollen up a bit. This was due to the rope being tied too tight around its little ankle causing blood circulation to stop.

I showed the boatmen who were all sitting around the animals on the boat deck. I removed my pocket knife and handed it to the main boat man showing him he could cut the rope around the innocent piglets ankle to provide some relief.

The boat men were all laughing and acting as it is no big deal. They didn't do anything. They did however feel my disapproval towards the neglect of the adorable innocent piglet. I was not upset with the men whatsoever.

I completely understand the disconnection in our societies, as I was directly part of this. I understand how most of my family and friends can continue to happily eat their grilled chicken breast or lean ham sandwich. I get angry at first, but then calm down and have patience and compassion.

I just watched the piglet lay there, moving occasionally in discomfort. I took the moment to be sooo grateful that I can see the connection between whats on my daily meal plate and the process it takes to get it there.

When I am a Better man, I will have the courage to intervene into someone else's culture and property. I will take personal responsiblity to cut the rope around the darling piglet and provide relief. If I cant save all the animals, I can at least make one animal feel better for his remaining hours on death row.

MOther Theresa had a quote that went something like this...
"IF you cant feed one hundred people, feed just one.".


stefania said...

you are already a better man, with your sensitive approach to humans, animals and environment.
You never know the impact you have had on those men.
Even if they looked like they didn't care, all got registered in their subconscious.
One day one of those men will find himself alone in front of an animal, maybe a pig or a cow etc, and he will cut that rope without hesitation-out of impulse- he won't know why, nobody will know why.
But if you could catch him doing that, if only you could see that, you would know why.
You have started the process brother, everything has an impact even if we are too small and limited in time and vision to see that.
You have started the process.

all my love and respect, you truly rock xxx


Anonymous said...

Vagabond Vegan, I came across your blog today while looking for vegan Maldives and saw this post. Just breaks my heart to read about the pig and the other animals. It is hard being among friends, family, and strangers who don't see it. I would be so upset and mad, but I am really glad you view it with so much understanding, something really hard for me to do but I hope I can learn from you.
As you haven't posted since 2010, I hope you are well and happy and living a vegan life full of peace and love!