Monday, December 28, 2009

Rawfood Vegan Retreat in Australia!

A wonderfully well made 'trailer' of the one week event on the fruit farm in Mareeba, Australia.
My Dad came here with me too! Hey pops, can you see yourself?

Monday, December 21, 2009

durian in Brisbane

found D-24 at Yvens asian market near china town in Brisbane. After staying with Fruitarian Ann for two days (which was so lovely!), My Dad and I headed to Brisbane. This Durian is nothing like the fresh ones in Malaysia. Its good to try when you come here, but not worth staying here long for. I plan to try the Ma sang King variety today if I find it there.
Being with my father for one month in Australia has been amazing (fruit farms, surfing, golfing, relaxing, campin on beach, people watching, exploring, taking it easy, etc.)... I am very fortunate to have such a cool pops. He is so open to try my current fruitarian lifestyle. He has lost 10-15lbs eating mostly fruits and some greens, even with the occasional pastry, bread, cake and coffee. It seems like my 68yr old dad is more in the 40's when he is stayin on the fruit, he shines, he smiles even more often, and his energy seems never ending.
Dad, I wish you the best back in USA, dont be hard on yourself if you want to eat other foods, just keep making others smile like you do.

Stayin with Ann osborn, Nigel, and Cappy was sooo cool.....Little 5yr old Cappy is a good friend of mine now. To see a little guy so happy and content with his fruitarian lifestyle was great for me. I aske him why he doesn't drink milk from a cow and he says, "because I am a fruitarian and I eat fruit" (good answer, no debates here...ehehhe).....I brought Cappy Sugar Cane juice from the Noosa Heads Sunday Farmers market, he loves it, we call it 'rocket fuel'.
I am so happy to get to know Ann and be friends with her and her Partner. Ann is living on Oranges for the time being. She seems to eat twice a day and is maintaining her perfect body weight and has bounds of energy (I went skipping with her up the road a while and it seemed she could go forever).
For those of you that dont know, Ann has written a book!!! an excellent book on can buy it on

Heading towards Byron Bay area for a while. plan to spend some time with Freeleas mom, Lindy. Surf should be plentiful there. I enjoyed surfing around Coolum beach for a while, but now want some more point break style waves.

Over a year of the fruitarian style diet has been well for me (minus a week) body weight seems to like around 150lbs energy is very high, especially when I go to bed more light (after a couple hours of not eating at least).
Avocados seem to be my 'drug' of choice here in AU, since durian isnt fresh and ready.
One avocado per day seems ok for me. Some day I will have the courage to monoeat oranges for a long time like Ann. I have no hurry, the time will come when I am ready. Meanwhile I am grateful I am clean, sober, and fruity.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

fruit in AU

Rusty's Market in Cairns, AU

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

raw retreat in Australia

WOW!!! My friends Harley and FReelea are putting on an exceptional retreat here on Clints Farm in Mareeba, AU (near Cairns).

The arrival evening I met up with Nick and Harley and Freelea and many new faces. There is one raw family here consisting of mom, dad, two boys, one girl...most of the kids have been raised on 100%fruit and some greens, they look sooo amazing and have bundles of energy.

The FRuit is abundant: my new favorites are: Ice cream fruit, Mamay sapote, Chocolate sapote, green sapote, white sapote, and the mangos are some of the best in the world..durian coming today and Roliena possible. The accomodations are my type of 5star: under the full moon, clear sky, stars, in a tent with a see thru ceiling, sleeping next to my father and his wonderful snores and next to the mango tree with huge bats feasting on mangos all night and making neat sounds.

The Farm has massive amounts of fruit trees to eat from I woke up and wnet for a jog around the 2km loop with Harley today...we did it twice in 20minutes, nice pace. later I ate the best LYCHEES ever from the tree, juicy and ripe and abundant. about 25 people here from all over:USA, AU, FRance, Europe, Brasil....great conversations so far...

Harley's first speech was on Hydration...tonight he speaks on eating enough calories (excellent job he is doing)..Freelea is teaching the morning fitness class..Nick is teaching morning Yoga...lots of time to swim in the pristine river...watching dvds in the night outside eating ice cream fruit as popcorn (showed the "Secret" dvd last night)...more fun and new friends ahead...EXCEPTIONAL RETREAT!!! I wish everyone could be here to enjoy, but maybe next time, as they are planning more.

My 4th day without durian and I think of it occasionaly, but i have so much new fruit to enjoy that I am handling it perfectly (but as I write this i almost want to book a flight to Philippines to go eat the exceptional Davao Durian and hang out with the country boys,eheh) Will try some AU durian tonight....I may stay in AU for my 3month visa duration and spend time with new friends.

It feels so good for me to hear everyone share their story of how they arrived at eating a natural hygenic diet...many people had sickness and weight challenges to overcome, some like me just wanted to continually grow and improve their health.
Getting plenty of sleep, Water and fruit sugars to make me feel optimal!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

vagabonding backpack includes:

backpack after full should weight around 8kilo max (15lbs), making it easy to carry on and simple.

--1 tanktop or very breathable cool tshirt or muscel shirt (with a good message on it like vegan, environment, health, etc.)

--1 tshirt, breathable

--1 thin long sleeve shirt

--1 long pants

--2 shorts that can be used for everything (swiming, golf, run, etc)

--1 small headlamp

--tooth brush/floss

--finger nail clippers


--one pair of thin socks

--sandals (like TEVA or North Face style)

--sun hat

--small airmattress

--notebook for journaling and notes

--one book

--one pen

--one moneybelt or fanny pack (to keep passport, money, notes, pen, tickets, earplugs)


--airline tickets or confirmation code

--sunglasses (if you wear them)


--Vegan stickers for village kids, and adults and posting.

--no smoking stickers for village kids and adults and posting


--copy of passport

--2 credit cards

--2 bank atm cards
(write down all your credit card and passport information for emergency)
one thin Bivy with mosquito net for head(like a sleeping bag but light and waterproof, see

--one mosquito headnet (so you can sleep under a sheet and keep your head out in the air but protected in your mosquito net

--one thin bag ( to be used for everything you buy (like fruit especially) to eliminate using plastic bags!)

--5 big bandaids

--one small one blade pocket knife for fruit (must check in though, so you be better buying this when you arrive, otherwise you have to checkin using a big back so it doesnt get lost in baggage).

--one handkerchif (small scarf type thing for cleaning up after eating, or sun protection wrapped around face)

DAD, you must bring your golf clubs!! We will be hiring a minibus and driving down AU coastline from Cairns to Sydney over two weeks, stopping at Agnes, port douglas, Nusa, BironBAy, golf and surf

update in Philippines

I am now in Lanuza. Feels like home. so many people recognize me and say hello "DD", which is my nickname (durian Darrick).
There is a surfing festival here. I sponsered two boys to come here and enjoy this festival, one is competing. Another man named Randal sponsered another boy to come. The boys are 14yrs old and never have really left their village near Mate..they are sooooo good at surfing, they are loving the new waves and experience. We are all enjoying surfing, eating many fruits (mango season!!! 15cents per KILO 2.2 lbs!, Durian season $1.20/kilo, papaya, bananas: red-morado, lakatan, tundan, seniorita, sugar bananas, jack fruit is here, MARANG is here and in full season...WOW marang is sooooo delicious and cheap 40cents for a nice size one, many other fruits.

Many girls are here and Chris and I are meeting them and chatting and enjoying the femininity all around: smiles and laughing...lots of dancing and kareoke around, the Philippinos seem to love their music and singing... perfect weather....
SO I love the philippines for the Durian, Fruit, uncrowded waves, many girls around interested in westerners, tropical perfect weather, happy smiling resilent people, simply living simply.

I feel amzing now after a 3hour surf session, one kilo mangos, one coconut, and 30 minute nap naked laying on hot rocks in the sun.
I have gained about 15 lbs in 8months, most everyone notices that i am now much bigger, one man said you are fat now.....last year I was 140lbs here, now I am about 153lbs-156lbs. I am feeling the same energy and vitality carrying more weight, but I like how I look when i am more ripped and lean, but getting back to that may mean less food intake, and I am loving the fruit so much lately.
I am very active already so increasing activity seems not so fun to me, since I surf 4hours sometimes, or run/swim/strength train.
MOst people that want to lose weight can do so with increased activity and no change in diet.

I love to get a nice durian and go sit alone somewhere around this festival and just people watch and enjoy my durian very slowly. I love to watch how people interact with each other, how they eat, what they look like, etc... every country has its differences, but one thing remains the same.....All people want to be loved and seek out love in many different ways.

peace in Lanuza 2009!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Dahican surfpad

I am enjoying this place again this year....its all just as wonderful: sleeping outside under stars, waking at sunrise, jogging on the white sandy beach, hangin with the wonderful local boys..and now this year its even better because I have my friend Chris here to share it all with, and I am into freediving (the reef and fish and marine life is amazing here...Chris saw some big turtles and seaCows!...bananas everywhere!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Doug has been and always will be an exceptional teacher for me. I spent 30days with Doug in Costa Rica and watched him 'walk the walk' daily. This clip shares the reminder that we humans thrive in the tropics.

make your own flu vaccine

Thursday, October 29, 2009

vegan Portland, Or Review....

I saw this on
This website is so perfect for finding vegan places to visit in your city or when you travel.
check out this review by a user who went to Portland....

Subject: 'Vegan Mecca, The Greatest Vegan Trip Ever!'
Now granted I'm half way into my Portland Adventure, but I can't help but share the heaven I have discovered with everyone. Pretty much the whole place is vegan. They ride their bikes to vegan bars, vegan grocery stores, vegan breakfast, vegan lunch, vegan dinner, vegan bakeries. Every corner has an awesome vegan place. I can see why so many vegans are moving here like its the mother land or something. I don't know even where to start. Portland is such a cool and beautiful town. Its divided into 4 parts really - NE NW SE SW and once you figure that out you can find everything EASY. Addresses will be like NE Alberta St, so you know you need to cross the river and head north. The highlight of my trip has been Casa Diablo's vegan burger. Its off the chart, like the BK Whopper only better. Everything else about that place is awesome if you don't have a stick up your arse. But Sweetpea for Sunday Brunch, Nutshell for a nice diner, the Tube/Bye and Bye for vegan boozing, Red and Black Cafe and Backspace for vegan music, it just goes on and on and on and they have these amazing Food Carts... Watch out, you'll def not fit in your pants by the time you leave here! Better join them on the bikes!

What a cool idea!!!!!!!!!.........
Should we change the name of fishes???

Would people think twice about ordering fish sticks if they were called sea kitten sticks? Would sea kitten soufflé be a hot seller at the local seafood restaurant? Does fillet o' sea kitten sound even remotely appetizing? Learn more about the new campaign to save fish by changing their name.

Many people have never stopped to think about it, but sea kittens are smart, interesting animals with their own unique personalities—just like the dogs and cats that we share our homes with. Did you know that sea kittens can learn to avoid nets by watching other sea kittens in their group and that they can recognize individual "shoal mates"? Some sea kittens gather information by eavesdropping on others, and some—such as a type of South African sea kittens that lays eggs on leaves so that they can be carried to a safe place—even use tools.

Entered the Philippines, "This Is It"

Been here in Philippines a few days now. I am in Angeles City waiting our flight to Davao. Chris and I have been walking around the city, eating Amazing Durian at the SM supermarket, using internet, getting $6 Massages, sleeping in a Pension house for $5/night, eating Tundan and Lakatan sweet bananas, eating sweet Mangos (season is May/June, but still have plenty around), chatting with many girls (nice change from some other asian countries where girls seem to be hiding), eating Durian inside the huge SM shopping Mall and getting lots of smiles (Philippinos are known for being the most happy out of all the world and smiling and laughing and singing lots! Its very true so far).

Chris and I saw the Michael Jackson Movie, This Is It. I loved it. Very moving, touching, inspiring. Made me dance in my seat most the movie.....I Loved hearing "Beat It", Billie Jean, "man in the Mirror the most. What a message Michael had and still has. GIVE LOVE, Save the planet, Be the change you seek in the world, Love everyone, He really tried. He was such a perfectionist, I could feel this as he was directing things in the movie.
I loved that beautiful Feminine girl he was with in one song. The way she walked and moved and smiled blows my mind. She was afro American, tall sexy, adorable. They follow each other across the stage, as he sings about her...WOW.
GO SEE the MOvie asap and spread the word if you like it.
People that see the movie here in Philippines seem to all be huggin each other on the way out. It made me give My friend CHris a big hug too.

I found a big casino here in this City. I am craving to play Black Jack, so I may succomb to this tonight.

I found a Big Park to jog in here and watch all the people exercise and play sports.

I feel so wonderful in Philippines. Something extra special about the people here and they way they treat foreigners and of course the amazing FRUIT is sooo abundant here..rambutan, mangos, papaya, dragon fruit, Marang, soursop, mangosteen, Pomelo, Wickedly delicious Durian.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Friday, October 16, 2009

MY surfing pics and cooking show description

I love to see photos of me surfing. This wave was very fun. Great size, speed, and rippableness. All you surfing buddies of mine like Jamie and Paul and Juergen would absolutely LOVE This wave!! Rocky bottom, not sharp...very deep water...I never touch the bottom....barrels seldomly but soo fun and fast.

AFter surfing I enjoy a nice walk up the beach to our lovely beach hut at MARY's Beach hut place (wonderful charming place owned by an English woman who has retired here).

I love watching the locals prepare foods in the countries I travel. Here in Sri Lanka the 'staple' is Rice and cury made 100 ways. ONe man works a stall outside a little store on the beach. I love to stop and chat with him after a surf. He is a lovely Sri Lankan man, tall slim and smiley. He takes pride in his cooking. He knows I am eating fruit now and cant eat his food, but he appreciates my interest as I watch him artfully create things for people to eat.

Besides Rice and Curry, there is another type of creation that the people enjoy. NOt sure the name but here is how it is pepared:
hot skillet
add one tablespoon of 'ghee', (glorified butter)
add chopped onions, garlic, tomatos, and cabage
add two tablespoons of palm oil on top over the hot skillet making loud noises
mix and scrape and stir and scrap
add two eggs
mix and scrape and stir and scrape over the hot skillet making loud noises
add chopped up chipattie breads (which are made with oil, flour, salt)
mix and scrape and stir.....
add one cup of curry sauce (which was made with coconut milk, oil, salt, sugar, spices)
mix and scrape and stir (hopefully not scraping any of the metal from the old skillet into your food)
Serve on a plate if eaten there or on a plastic wrapper if take away(careful of the leeching of plastic chemicals into your steaming hot food).
Eat after adding some condiments like (msg ridden catchup, salsa, sauce with salt, etc)
Trick question.....
What part of the meal is healthy?
Answer is below

I love watching the creation of cooked foods that look sooooo delicous and yummy and smell sooo helps me to not eat them when I see what is actually in the ingredients and watch the process, but I admit it looks and smells great.

tomatos and cabbage only
and a tiny amount of coconunt milk

photos of Darrick surfing Sri Lanka waves

pictures are Compliments of Daniel the Isrealian Photographer/surfer friend with Dreads

Surfin Aragum Bay

A fellow Surfer named Daniel was taking photos this day. He got a couple of me. ITs great to see myself surfing in a Photo!

After one week of not eating durian, I decided to get creative. I called our tuk-tuk driver in Kandy (7hours drive away from here). He was interested in bringing Chris and I 10 durian for a price of $30USA labor fee. I paid $80usa for the transportation taxi, and $60usa for the 10 durian. Next thing I knew, Cris and I are devouring delicious durian from sri lanka at our beachhut watching waves crash and birds fly....This durian love affair I have needs satiated at any price ($15/per durian is still reasonable to all the USA and AU durian lovers, and it is fresh and organic). I have found Sri Lankan durian to be sweet with very little bitter, but it has a hint of movie popcorn taste and aftertaste. The buttery salty popcorn that tasts so good at the amc theatres if you will. With out the cholesteral, msg, transfat!! it is great puts me back to the comfy seats, A/C, and digital sound technology, and the feeling of my wonderful Brother and family with me sharing a hot afternoon movie.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Sri Lanka - Beach of Arugam Bay

quick 20second clip of the area out front our beach huts here in Aragum Bay...............

Surfing again...Aragum Bay, Sri Lanka

Aragum Bay, Sri Lanka is aquaint fishing village, dirt roads, very few tuktuks and cars and motor bikes around, smiling interested Sri Lankans around, few cafes and restaurants, coconut trees, wildlife, cows, goats, elephants, reptiles, birds singing, chilled out accomdation, white sandy beaches that go for miles and miles, AND Fun, consistent, Reeling, long, warm, Right Point Break to enjoy for hours............
Yes, its my new little paradise for about 3weeks (until Sri Lankan Visa expires....but can extend it for $30 for 3months back in Colombo).

Chris and I have found a place to stay put for a bit and get into a nice routine of:
Waking at sunrise, surfing, naping in the sun, eating:papaya, delicious mangos, pineapple, perfect tomatos and cucumbers, avocado.(durian far away, but delivery coming soon), napping/reading in the hammocks, surfing, eating, chatting, hangin with the locals answering many questions about why we aren't married, Why we eat mainly fruits, why we don't eat animals,
why we don't eat Rice and Cury which is their main food, eating 3times perday, spicy curry for breakfast anyone? (believe me I do link tons of pleasure to the curries I am seeing around here and I fantasize about eatin them, but I must remember they are predominately made with Palm Oil (which is devistating the environment, and toxic to my body), SALT, many spices that are irritants to my body, and occasianal Msg's are added...I feel soo wonderfully clean, healthy and energetic eating Fruits,
but the temptation is present unless I eat Enough fruits and then make a huge bowl of my famous....................... RAW Guacamoli
(ingredients: one avocado, 10 small tomatos, one small red onion, 4 limes squeezed, 1/4cup of diced pineapple....and WOW...hold on folks..we got a biggie here...this tastes exceptional to me..

Sri Lanka Civil War?
DONE... after 30 years of lameness, most the locals are saying they feel safest ever and are claiming it is over..the top leaders have all been captured or killed....way different vibe here it seems like than it would have been last year.....This is great for the people and they are soooooo happy to see more interested in us...lots of english spoken here.

Chris and I are wonderful travel buddies...we are always talking about how we can improve it last night we decided not to talk to each other if one person is doing something (preparing food, cleaning up, organizing, walking, etc..)..only one thing at a time..we wait until the other is seated and attentive and ready..this is soo great! we enjoy silence around each other soo much and then we love our long converstations over delicious juicy fruity meals.

Many surfer girls are in this area...most people from Europe, Au, Brasil, Isreal..

Thursday, October 1, 2009

padang earthquake

Mentawaii trip postponed...., but Im Alive and kickin!! I made it through the massive earthquake in Padang, Sumatra..... 7.6 rictor scale I believe.....I was very scared, I hang on to a tree with another terrified Indonesian man, because I thought it was a tsunami coming by the loud sounds around me... I saw many casualties and hundreds of buildings were collapesed, fire, auto crashes etc... My good AU Friend Chris was outside too, so he is fine.

We organized a flight quickly as we could and made it out of that fault lined area today...I am in Kuala Lumpur for a while then headn to find some waves hopefully somewhere safer in the world.

This was my most scary experience ever, and I am very grateful and happy Chris and I and many others we had met are OK with no injuries.... We felt like more quakes are coming there soon. IT seems they have lots of people who will help, but more heavy machinery is needed to free people. I didn't feel brave enough to stay there and risk death by another quake to help others, if any of you readers are, let me know so I can help pay to get you there.
Chris and I are lucky we could afford to buy a flight and get away.
life changing for sure.
no complaints from me ever again, I hope.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

sumatra, headn towards Mentawaiis

Chris and I are in Lake Toba area, near tuk tuk.
peaceful surroundings here! what a breath of fresh air after Kuala Lumpur and then I am healing from the pollution damage rapidly...resting, swiming, walking, cycling. eating yummy Papayas and bananas here. the durian is about 6 out of 10 for quality (i am ruined by Malaysian durian quality)....

Chris and I have made a great house rule....whenever we are inside the house or sleeping area we are silent. this helps us have our own time even when we are together. We both love hanging out and chatting with each other, so this keeps us more balanced. I plan to use this forever with everyone, it is wonderful because we get to enjoy each other's presence and yet share silence together.

I have heard some alarming news about vaccinations lately due to swine flu and other BS type issues....I found this and it made sense to me..........

"Fwd: Important Info about Vaccination

A revealing alliance has formed between government and vaccine manufacturers. Manufacturers are not only able to rely on government agencies (WHO, CDC) and the lackey media to hard-sell their products to the fearful public, they are also now IMMUNE from liability even if one of their products is proven to cause harm.

And now, mandatory vaccination is coming. Who owns your bloodstream -- you or the government?

Vaccination is a profit and power-driven scam.

Here's how vaccination creates the appearance of "preventing" disease: It weakens vitality, forcing the body to retain accumulated waste it would otherwise safely eliminate via constructive illnesses like colds and flus (which are easily 'cured' with fasting and rest). People only die of flu when they are already sickened by drugs and are given even more drugs to "fight" the flu. That's why people who are "immune compromised" make up the bulk of flu casualties. Here's an assignment: Find ONE person who EVER died of simple flu symptoms who responded appropriately to them, by fasting or eating very lightly, resting and refusing drugs. There aren't any! That's because when these things are done, flu symptoms resolve themselves. Flu is a self-limiting illness that never results in death when it is properly treated.

In some people, vaccines are quick poison. They cause immediate harm, such as when they kill or maim healthy babies ("crib death", autism, etc.) or cause severe "reactions". In others, they are slow. But if they appear to only harm *some* people, it's an illusion. They harm all, the harm is just not always immediately visible. At best, they contribute to degenerative disease, which takes years or decades to form.

Arm yourself with knowledge, and/or whatever seems appropriate. As someone on a discussion forum recently said, "let them come at me with a needle, I'll have my .45 and we'll see who makes the bigger hole".

Please pass the following links along to those you care about!"

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Why Go Vegan with Madeline and Will Tuttle #380

I really enjoy hearing this wonderful guy, Will Tuttle speak about veganism...he has quite a his excellent book, "The World Peace Diet"....
He looks great to me, 20 plus years vegan, 56yrs alive!.
His wife shares some animal artwork too.


This is me in Bali sticking stickers on walls that say "Love us not eat us", and have pictures of animals on them.

Today I was in Kuala Lumpur stickng vegan stickers all over the city with Harley and Freelea. We found a print shop and made cards that say "NO Smoking Please". Traveling with a purpose like Veganism is sooooo Liberating! I can make a poluted city fun to be in now. I can turn 'frustration' from traffic and over crowds and Fast food and materialism into 'contribution', then is FUN.


Monday, September 14, 2009

Kuala Lumpur to Malaka

Have been enjoying all the city stimulation in KL. Massages, internet high speed, people watching, tasting many fruits and sugar cane juices, eating Malay Durians: d24, 'the king', XO, Kampung.....hanging out with Harley and Freelea wandering the city together....running around titiwangi lake and observing and hearing the wonderful birds...
Moving on south now to Malaka area, then catching a ferry boat over to Sumatra, Indonsia. We plan to enjoy the Durian in Medan area a few days then bus to Padang, Sumatra, then get a night ferry boat to Mentawaii Islands.... We will go from Siberut to Sipora and get nesteled into a rugged tropical minimalistic acomodation for $5/night....NO motorbikes, cars, noise...ONLY pure pristine islands for enjoying nature, surfing excellent waves, freediving, bird watching, eating papayas, coconuts, bananans and we are bringing many Dates and Raisins to soak and make banana puddings and porridge type textures.
Chris Bartel is my traveling mate now....he is sooooo cool...he is approx 31yrs and from AU...we have many similar interests most importantly is that we are living a Fruitarian eating vegan lifestyle.
Chris is a professional freediver...he can go down under up to 100feet without oxygen, he can hold his breath 5minutes!! He is teaching me...I am loving this too.... I can go down 30feet now and hangout there approx 90 minutes with out is sooo free and meditating under with all the sea life, tame and loving big fish and diving is soo simple and perfect.

Chris and I will be in Mentawaii area for up to 60 days with no phone or internet...we are disconnecting

Monday, September 7, 2009

moving on from Ko Phangan

Hey friends and family!
AFter about two months on the island we are heading on. Chris and I are now visiting PrimalDurian's place (AKA Trevor and his wife, PUNG)....They are so hospitible! setting us up with nice sleeping pads, blankets, mossie nets on there veranda across from a fresh cool, crisp, natural river. The scenery in this area is sooo lush...surrounded by mountains and hills and greenery and trees. A Quaint little village with very friendly and interested Thai kids and other white people in site.

I Woke up and did some stretches, had a chat with Chris as he was eating a delicious watermelon, then we headed into the river for a swim, followed by some weightlifting (using river rocks!), then some sun baking. I then cycled to the village market to buy some chempadeks and bananas with Trevor, the Chemps smell sooooo amazing!

Every day in Every way I feel more and more fortunate and grateful for my life. Being so close to nature 24/7 has been life altering for me. HOw fresh and vibrant I feel after a swim in a cool organic river followed by a nice sweet thai coconut water.

Heading to feast on Malaysian Durian in couple days.

Meetin Harley and Freelea near KL for some durian tasting.

Anyone near KL next Saturday should meet up with us...we may be there Saturday through Tuesday.


Monday, August 10, 2009

Vagabonding Vegan gets Interviewed!.....................

Life down under is fascinating

I FEEL amazing, woke up after 10 hours of deep recovery sleep. I Cycled up massive hills and back down to the snorkeling area of this island (KO MA), bonded with fish and other sea life for one hour, going deep, chasing fish, observing the life down under (being grateful I dont eat those wonderful creatures friendly creatures anymore. Then cycled back through the intense hills. The Lonely Planet Guidebook states to not use bicycles on this island unless you can keep up with the famous "Lance Armstrong". So here we have a ton of white tourists coming here to be healthy, practice yoga, practice vegan diet, and Ride a Motorbike to get around 5km (3miles) at the most. that is ironic to me, but i didnt realize this until last year, i have been slowly making the connection of how using motorbikes and cars contributes to things other than environmentalism.

I enjoyed some delicious, sweet red colored dragon fruits followed by a and huge salad of mango/cucumber/dragonfruit/tomato with OJ for dressing. Harley, Freelea, Nick, Rich, Choi, HOlly, Lindy and I sat in a circle outside for 2 hours of slowly eating our natural hygienic yummy food and great conversation.

Now I am enjoying some internet and more alone time. I am practicing using internet much less often, approx 2 times each week.

IF success is being happy, then I feel so successful today.

is my life REAL, is this a dream?

Thursday, July 30, 2009

video of some of us here in Ko Phangan.....

If you would like to enjoy some time in paradise with several members of '30bananas a day' this may interest you.........

What: live 10 days in Raw house Ko Phangan, Thailand absolutely FREE! All food and accomodation provided, bring your own sleeping pad and light blanket. Sleep inside house or outside under stars in fresh warm tropical air.
A small supportive community to thrive and learn and practice the exceptional raw diet.

When: NOW!! (in August 2009) Fly here sometime this August, look for your flights now.

Where: Ko Phangan, Thailand (beach front house near the Agama yoga retreat, ask the restaurant where the raw vegan fruit loving folks are, approx 200 meters from here on beach. Approx 5km north of where you arrive by ferry boat in Thongsala.)

Who: First 10 people who want to make it happen. We would like about 20 people living here! currently we have Darrick, Harley, Freelea, Nick, Rich, Choi, Colin.

How: We have the money to support you and want to share this amazing experience with others interested. We have arranged a perfect place and have excellent fruit connections (durian, bananas, dragon fruit, mangosteens, rambutan, watermelon, coconuts, etc..)
Let us know your arrival date on this thread and we will have some amazing fruit ready for you.

Two Videos of us attatched!.......
below see one video showing us all here at RawHouse, and one video showing a special night for a new raw friend's birthday where we made RAW mango tacos.

Random video of us raw vegans hanging out. Myself, Harley aka durianrider, Freelea, Nick, Rich, and Choi We call it 'Raw house', everybody here is practicing a diet of raw fruits and occasional g...

see us all eating some yummy Raw Mango tacos and Durian in Ko Phangan, Thailand. We call it 'Raw house', everybody here is practicing a diet of raw fruits and occasional greens.

Also, Here is an example of a lovely beach here:

Sunday, July 26, 2009

article about meat free monday, Paul McCartney says

random Thai fun and pics..

some random photos....
The big fruit is JackFruit..I saw this at the world durian festival in Chanthiburi..
How beautiful is that horse picture? feels so calming to see this and remember being there.

see that photo of the big sick pig below, very diseased looking and waiting for slaughter, my heart went out to this big guy (just say NO to Bacon).

Nick, Freelea, and I woke early for a nice 20minute Jog, 20minutes swim, 20minute jog. What an amazing way to start the day. Barefoot running on the rocks, road, beach gives us a natural foot massage. We did some light yoga and meditation afterwards back at our house we are renting. We now have Rich and Choi here too! So we have 6 people here at the Raw house....We are thinking about "Raw World", instead of Real World, hehhehhe. Hoplefully DAN and Sunnie will come over and join and any other people interested.

I ate some luscious dragon fruits, some mangosteens, some bananas and some durian yesterday. I tasted one durian that was very 'carmely' in taste similar to "Pomonee" variety, yellow flesh.

Harley and I did a nice run/hike up the tallest mountain on this island, it takes most people 2hours, Harley did it in 50minutes, I got lost. We met an organic fruit farmer and she now delivers me durian. She had monthong, Chanee, and Durian 'ban'.

I am enjoying the massages here in Thailand ($7)....very healing and relaxing...they stretch my whole body out too.

I sure feel great when I spend time around young children. OUr neighbors have 2year old twin girls. I love to give them some fruit and watch them devour it...They love durian too.


Monday, July 20, 2009

Random PHOTOS in Se asia

Primal durian meeting

meeting up with Primal durian in Thailand .....Him and his wife know how to treat their guests!...

Freelea mango

Freelea, Harley, and I in Thailand loving some local pineapples and mangos....

livin life in SE Asia, Ko PhanGan

Im in sort of nice routine here in Thailand. LIving in a beach front two story home with Freelea, Harley, and NIck. We have a kitchen that has refrigerator and blender, so we are making some smoothies with bananas and mangos. Living with some close friends feels amazing. Sharing durian, bananas, mangos, rambutan, dragon fruits, Lamlai, salads etc... is so connecting. Freelea and Nick and I are doing a yoga school daily called 'Agama' at Ananda yoga place.
Short Morning runs on the wide open low tide beach to get the blood pumping.
Naps in the hammocks.
We ordered 40coconuts to be delivered to our house today, we drink about 10 each per day...very sweet.
Bananas are easy to access.....two sweet and tasty varieties we like especially.
The yoga school has a restaurant outside, beach front...we hang out there and meet wonderful conscious people.
Yesterday Harley and I spoke to two nice Canadian Girls for one hour about Raw Vegan lifestyle. They seemed very excited to try vegan. They are changing there lifes very much on their 5month traveling journey.
The place we have is 3 bedroom, balcony, 2 bathroom, ocean front, nice grassy area to eat, next to other traditional Thai families with kids and babies smiling at us and sampling our fruits, nude bathing sundeck, 4000 BAHT/ Week ($120).
WE met HOlly the other day, a girl living here that loves to eat fruit.

I am feeling so great. I am loving to connect and be around some friends. I make time to be alone and meditate and rest in nature, then I find myself excited to 'reconnect' with Harley, Freelea and Nick.

We invite any other people on the Raw Vegan path to come stay one week free with us and see how they feel eating all Raw Fruits and some Veggies.

Monday, July 13, 2009


Headin to Thailand with Harley, Freelea, and Nick. Hopefully visiting Trevor (aka primal durian), then to Ko Pha ngan.
life is a dance to remember or a dance to forget?

facebook is amazing, I finally signed up


Friday, July 10, 2009

almost homeless night in Malaysia

Anybody is still welcome to join the RawFruity Crew in SE asia....plenty of durians everywhere, plenty of fun times together....

Durian contest in Balik Palau, Penang today. 3-6pm the judges will eat several varieties of durian. Sunday they will release the results.

I just walked around the area here in Balik Palau...They have some info in english....i saw nice organic papayas and bananas. I drank sugar cane juice there. I carry around a durian so people know I like it and can ask me questions. My answers typically lead to veganism.
Har, Free, Nick, Sunnie, Rich, and Choi if you read this, I hope you come around tomorrow......some people said that around 11am tomorrow is the best time.

Last night I wandered around some country road until about 9pm looking for some shelter to sleep under. I have all my personal belongings with me in my small back pack, accept my Hammock. I have a sleeping pad and a bivy. I finally was tired of looking for a private place so I asked some Malaysian girl if I could sleep on her front porch. This lead to an invitation to sleep inside their home under the fan. I usually prefer to sleep outside, but they seemed to be taking this as an insult, so I finally agreed to move inside. A great chance to mix with a Malaysian family of 8 and share a little vegan info. I feel extra happy today after being around such love and hospitality. Life is a Gift. Life is a box of durians. Life is easy.
peace out, D

Thursday, July 9, 2009

we need people

As much as I am a loner and love to be on my own, I am realizing how great I feel around close friends. Being with other humans especially with similar goals in life is so powerful. I am finding myself losing track of time amongst others which is more rare when I am alone. Spending time in nature with my friends is showing me how much I need to be around people. How often is the correct balance for me is something I am learning.

One of my friends from Australia is here, Nick. Nick is very disciplined on waking each morning and practicing yoga, mediation, and relaxation. He comes down near my campsite on the river and enjoys the jungle environment as he practices. Today I came upon him as he was finishing and his vibe was so peaceful, mature, comfortable, happy. This at first threatened my ego i noticed. Upon futher reflection, I noticed i was in admiration of his ability to be such a loving person with a controlled ego.

Harley joined up with Nick and I and contributed some powerful reminders on health and success on a low fat raw vegan diet. Teaching us again the importance in adequate intake of juicy fruits to satiate the mind, body, and soul. Harley claims one key to his success of nearly 3 years low fat diet of raw fruits and veggies has been eating enough daily. We discussed how eating an abundance of durian can contribute to gaining weight much more than juicy fruits. One way to balance this out is to eat a more nice juicy fruit meals in the daytime, leaving less room in the tummy for durian. This has worked well for me in the past, and I plan to practice this more often.

I believe that people on a cooked vegan diet can use the above wisdom to their advantage as well. If they choose to maintain and/or lose weight they could eat more juicy fruits in the day, eat more salads in the day, and have one meal with their favorite cooked vegan food along with a big salad. I remember this worked well for me to stay very lean. I remember looking extra forward to the evening meal and knowing I had earned it. I remember feeling yucky starting out my day with heavier foods: oatmeal, pancakes, breads, pastas, cereals...etc. I found that saving a heavier meal for my last worked the best for mind and body and peace.

We have a couple girls here too...Freelea, Sunnie, and Choi..I feel it is so important to be around the feminine energy. I am grateful to be around such a nice balance of males and females and different personalities to share, learn and grow.

"Where attention goes, energy flows, and Results Show".

Saturday, July 4, 2009

All U can Eat Buffet in Balik Palaou

We have a rather large group of like minded people here in Penang now (Vegan raw fooders eating mostly a diet of delicious FRUIT)
Harley, Freelea, Sunnie, Nick, Chris, Rich, Choy, and Myself. Two others are coming here soon: Stefanie (who went to visit Perenthian islands), and Dan (who has been enjoying Thailand. What an amazing peer group I have attracted. I say this, because a few months ago, I had a goal to be around several raw vegans to learn and grow with and be inspired by. I imagine most of us will be friends for our long life (some of us plan and hope to live healthy well over 120 years old).

Yesterday we enjoyed an "All u can eat buffet" for 15 ringit ($4-5). Durian, rambutans, chompadek, and Mangosteens. This took place on the organic farm, outside next to durian trees that were dropping durians (we werent under the tree).
Wow, what a feast of yummy fruits. This Farmer lets his 'Ang Hair' Durians drop natuarally to the ground. Most farmers here have saftey nets to catch the durians to prevent damage and to allow them to last longer. The best Ang Hair and durians I have are naturally dropping to the ground. This trauma to the durian actually enhances the flavor making it more complex and intense.

Today I did the Penang Hill race. I started one hour late and approx 2km head start and passed hundreds of racers up the 5km hill. Very nice body movement for me as I am recovering from my bycicle injury. I pushed my heart rate to 150 at times, but mainly kept a nice cardio pace. It took about one hour. I feel so high and happy after a work out like this. AFter some days of doing very little, I realize I need body movements daily to maintain an optimistic happy life.

I just finished a delicious Dragon fruit. The Malaysian dragon fruits are spectacular! Redish colored flesh with the black crunchy yummy seeds (similar to kiwi seeds). I used to not favor dragon fruits as I never had any 'sweet' ones. My friend Dan inspired me to give them another chance. My new rule with fruit is to try it several times before i close my mind.

I bought some DAtes from Saudia Ariabian country (high miles, not local)...i plan to eat them like popcorn at the movies later....I believe there are some healthier alternatives to cooked, oily, salty popcorn which I used to consume. Another options for movies is Rambutans or 'Lamlai' (aka longons). A fun low calorie food that keeps you busy opening. My associations with movie and food are very strong from the past, so I am working on nice fun replacements. Any more suggestions?

Thursday, July 2, 2009

video: Raw Spirit Fest 2009 - Farmers Market and Organic Veggies

This guy is GREAT! 40yrs as a vegan. 67yrs old. I enjoy how he speaks and educates. He has his own organic farm and shows some of his fruits.
what a great heart and purpose he seems to have. very inspiring.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How to Tell if You're Really Hungry

I am enjoying Ori Hofmekler's opinions on eating and hunger.

Harley and Darrick eating durian in Penang

This is a quick interview of Harley as he speaks about durian, vegan and his preparation for the Penang Hill Race. Harley and I are eating some Hor Lor durians. This interview was exactly one year ago.
We are here again!! ...This year Harley is coming to do the Penang hill race again and beat his 8th place finish (approx 3000 racers). The race is this weekend, July 5th 2009.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

bicycle crash

I met this nice Malaysian guy, Rosli, cycling last Sunday. We rode through a never ending field of 'Mangrove' trees that protect the villages from storms from the sea. Very beautiful ride.
After a nice durian feed, I headed back down towards Teluk Bahang. I looked down at my durian to see why it was rubbing on the wheel. When I looked up I was one second away from hitting an oncoming car on the side. I flew through the air like superman. 6days later my wrists are slightly sprained, my ribs are very sore, and my scrapes are healing, My mindset is positive grateful and fortunate, my life has changed to be a bicycle-free type of guy for a while or forever. I am enjoying the simplicity of walking around Ghandi-style now.
I am so fortunate I have a caregiving friend here to be with me and help me physically and mentally. Stefani from Italy is here ( a medical Doctor too!!) and we are having great time together finding yummy fruits and sharing excellent fruit filled life conversations.

be cautious 100percent of the time on bicycles
what we think about comes about
When a human body on a bike hits a steal car at 20mph, the car doesn't move.
good friends are to be cherrished

Friday, June 19, 2009

burning land to grow oil trees, fact

I am in Penang, Malaysia. Today and yesterday was very hazy. The sun is not shining. The air feels thick. It feels muggy and humid. The visibility is very poor. After some questioning some locals, I discovered they are burning large amounts of land in Sumatra (approx 300miles away). This land will then be used to grow Palm trees. The Palm trees are converted to cooking oils that we all use for any type of frying, simmering, searing, etc.. Or for the oils that are used in many of our wonderfully tasty vegan crackers, chips, cookies, and snacks. This smoggy hazey atomosphere I am living in is due to my addiction to cooked vegan foods.

I deserve to breathe these toxic smells, as I have been a direct supporter of cooked foods for 37 or so years. Even though I have been on the RAW VEGAN path for over 2 years now, I have had occasional "learning experiences" on cooked vegan foods.

I no longer have challenges staying vegan. Due to the ethical concerns, Vegan lifestyle seems to be ingrained in my Core persona forever. My goal is to have the same Rawvegan ingrained in my Core Persona forever. This will take more time, patience, and experience.
Maybe the USA is so rule governed that we outsource this type of process to 3rd world countries?
Traveling the world the last couple years has been teaching me so much about our environment. I had never connected environmental damage with eating cooked foods. I realize I may eat vegan cooked foods again in the future, possibly many times, possibly today, and that is OK. I don't plan on judging myself as a hypocrit just because I am learning the negatives. I realize that my culture has approx 10,000 years of eating cooked foods and that takes some time to 'unlearn'. I know I can survive and 'Thrive' on raw fruits and veggies. I am proving this daily and have been 90% of the last year.
If and When I choose to go against what I feel is best for me and eat cooked vegan foods, I plan to remember That eating cooked foods contributes to many terrible things such as deforestation, pollution, cancer causing air, WAR, and burning and itchy eyes from bad air. We can all do what we want, but i feel it's important to know what we contribute.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

humbling durian experience

I ate too much durian to quickly the other night. This made me feel overfull. After feeling pain in tummy for 30minutes i decided to vommit. I felt better.
This has happened about 5 times in the last 2 years of eating durian mostly daily. It seems I have been trying to eat as much as I possibly can eat before that 'hurting' point begans. 5 times in the last 2 years I have crossed this line. This sucks. It feels lame. Its wasteful. Its not good for my body and mind.
I must remember the words of wisdom, "When in Doubt, go without". and "less is more". "My body is my temple and I eat for fuel".
I must learn to eat only enough, and not try to 'wedge' in a few more pieces, just because they might fit in my tummy. That will be true wisdom.
Durian is an amazing teacher.

Friday, June 12, 2009

hanging out with eagles....

There is an eagle in me that wants to soar, and there is a hippopotamus in me that wants to wallow in the mud. I was swiming alone in a huge resivoir in Penang. An eagle soared above my head within 4 feet, scared me! I followed it to shore and got within 15feet of it. I stood in the water for one hour watching it. It was just standing there looking at me and looking around. What an amazing meditation exercise. It felt rather easy being in the moment with an eagle for one hour.
What did I learn and feel?
I learned we are not supposed to be slaughtering animals or using animals in any way shape or form.
I felt saddened about how far away from nature I have been most of my life and most people still are. I felt grateful to have all the time in the world to be around nature and animals.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Free life in Penang

I did a little experiment today! I was cycling over to Balik Palau (20km) to drink some fresh pressed sugar cane juice and use the internet. ON the way over I pass by thousands of durian trees, and several farms. I started going up the step little side paths to the durian farm house and asking them for a free durian. Everyone gives me one or two! They seem suprised a white person loves durian. Some have good english, some have broken english. IT is a chance to make a new connection, make someone smile, make someone feel great for donating and contributing their durian, make me feel great to make them smile, make me feel happy and cheerful, make me feel Full from all I can eat free durian whereever I go. I used to feel weird about asking for free stuff from people, but I feel I deserve it now.

I am sleeping at Forest Park for free now. Many exceptional Primary Jungle trails began close to my sleeping spot. Sunnie is paying only $3US for a bunkbed in a private room hostel here, and I sleep outside on veranda.
So many places to sleep for free around Teluk Bahang with shelter. I have my hammock and it has a mosquito net. The weather is soo perfect here i dont need a blanket. Sleeping outside in natural environments assures me the air is more healthy. Many materials used to build houses or paint, or drywall, etc... may not be as healthy for our lungs. I prefer outside with the birds chirping, the stars, and the moon, and the fresh breeze. I have decided to sleep outside for the rest of my life (unless too cold and not proper gear, still wimpy ;:)

So here my life is virtually free if I want it to be. However, since I have money I do find ways to spend it unnecessarily (addicted to spending from my consumer obsessed society for thirty plus years, Internet, traveling to each destination, Name brand durian 'ang hair' and 'D24', sugar cane juice, fruits from fruit stands (if I go to the fruit farms, I can get it free).

R U a Mcdonalds Puppet?

Here in Penang, Malaysia I am seeing many cars with Mcdonalds vip stickers on their windshields.
How far gone mentally are we to be proud of advertising such an unhealthy way of life? Then again, the Genius marketing department of Mcdonalds can be tough to outsmart. Only a lucky few have escaped that wicked corrupt empire.
Take a moment to be so grateful that you are Vegan or Vegetarian or at least avoiding fast food.
We must remain ever so humble though. The lure of addictive, greasy, salty food can be quite powerful at times (it has sucked me back numerous times when I even had the knowledge that it was unhealthy and wrong).

Lets help each other Stay humble, compassionate, and grateful. Lets surround ourselves with like minded people.
Always remember that we usually become very similar to our 5 closest friends.

Until he extends the circle of his compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace.

Albert Schweitzer, French philosopher, physician, and musician (Nobel 1952)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Durian farm volunteering, "all I can eat" for FREE

Waking up with the sun, walking around the durian farm and looking for fresh drops is like an Easter egg hunt as a kid. Actually I get to have Easter every single day! Today I found about 20 Durians on "Ms. Loehs" Durian farm and guesthouse in Teluk Bahang, Penang, Malaysia. Ms. Loeh offered me the chance to pick up her durian each day, twice a day. I feel a very grateful, happy feeling walking around and carrying the durian, good exercise too. I am sleeping outside in a 'mosquito' net tent that allows all the fresh air inside, full moon lately, I can see durian hangin from the trees as My head is on the pillow, I pay 50ringit per week only ($15) and accomodations included! My dream life for $15/week!! $60/month!!....I thought "Richie Rich" the comic book about the rich kid with all the material stuff and a butler was the ultimate dream as boy, but I was wrong. Vagabonding Rules!

After 2 weeks in Thailand with several Raw fruit loving friends (Harley, Freelea, Sunnie, Rich), lots of cycling on farm roads, eating many varieties of tropical fruits: pineapple, rambutan, mangosteens, mangos, durians, etc.. I am back to my favorite Durian season location in the whole world. Penang, Malaysia....home of the tree ripened organic abundance. Massive amounts of durian available now here....many different varieties to taste: Yellow flesh, White flesh, orange flesh. Chempadek, Mangosteens, and rambutans are beginning to drop as well. I found a white sweet pineapple for sale yesterday better than Thailand's variety. The mango season is still in full swing it seems, very sweet tasty mangos (almost as good as "NandacMy's in Thaiand). Plenty of coconuts to drink. Plenty of fresh pressed sugar cane juice. Papayas, Melons, bananas are around.

Penang has so much to offer: fresh water resivoir to swim, endless trails in "primary jungle", waterfalls, beaches, cycling through durian farms for miles, river swiming holes.....all within 5minutes from my durian farm guest house (Ms. Loes).

I am not missing Surfing at the moment with so much to do and see and EAT here. I do feel my surfing bug creeping up and am soon to go surf back in Mentawaiis.

Sunnie and Shiva are here in Penang too. Its so Wonderful to hang out with 2 girls and actually enjoy their friendship and learn and grow with them on the Natual Hygienic path. (I used to only hang with girls for sexual possibilities) I went jogging on trail to beach Keratut with Shiva. Helped some locals carry bricks through the deep sand for 20minutes (this feels amazing to help out and suprise the local construction workers)...they cant believe their eyes to see some skinny westerner take the time to carry dirty bricks. little do they know I like the extra physical exercise too.)

Several Cyclists around Penang today...I cycled to Balik Palau to find some fresh ripe Chempadak, use internet, then head to a private white sandy beach....many cyclists to race up the hills today.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Why did i eat cooked food after 6months raw?

I have been around Harley and Freelea here in Chanthiburi for several days now. It is great to see how a couple lives a successful fruit based diet and lifestyle for so many years. As I see it, The key is to eat enough fruit, so that other foods are not appealing. Harley and Freelea move their bodies daily approx one hour at least (bike, jog, swim, strenghtrain AND they eat 3 large meals of fruit daily (for example: 15 mangos would be one meal).

Looking back on my latest relapse to cooked food after 6 months of clean fruit eating, I was not eating enough. Harley does mentoring to people that want to increase their energy for life or endurance events. Freelea mentors all types of people as well, is their website. We discussed my goals and learning experiences in depth.
I was very active surfing several hours, burning lots of calories, but not eating enough. After a few days of this, I became ravenous but didnt have enough fruit available on the tropical island in Mentawaiis. I ate some cooked rice with my last remaining 9 bananas. After this, the 'flood gates' were open as they say. I then justified furthering my cooked food eating for a few days until I regained control. Now I am fully back to the raw fruit lifestyle feeling healthy as ever once again. All my detoxing of the salts, oils, additives, sugars, spices is complete. Even though rawfruit lifestyle feels best for me, I will allow myself to eat cooked food again whenever I please, but for now I feel wonderfully raw again!

Moral of the story, If you want to be a raw fruit eater like we are meant to be in nature, Eat lots of fruit. If other foods start looking good, you aren't eating enough.

Food intake
12mangos (900cal)
1 coconut with flesh (200 cal)
1 dragon fruit (100 cal)
5 cups of durian chunks (2000 cal)

10minute FAST run
3sets of pushups and pullups
8miles of easy cycling

Saturday, May 23, 2009


I am in Chanthiburi with 4 durian lovers....Harley, Freelea, Sunnied, and a very cool new raw foodist from Czechislovakia. We are devouring delicious durian varieties daily like: Montthong, chanee, Pomonee, Ganyao, etc..
This week long World Durian Festival festival kicked off today and there are massive amounts of fresh local durians available for as low as 60cents(USprice)/kilo!! I saw rambutans and Mangosteens, bigger and fresher than ever for 25cents(USprice)/kilo. Many other fruits available for cheap everywhere like Pineapples, Papaya, melons, jackfruit, Langsats, 'Nandakmy" Mangos, and sweet as ever coconuts.

I am enjoying morning bodymovements by the lake and daily country bike rides, excellent coversations about Natural Hygiene, and Constant and never ending improvement in our health, enviromental care, understanding and compassion for others that aren't as fortunate to know this raw healthy way of life.
The Thai people are so gentle, generous, interested, and special. I feel more than welcome here and am honored to take part in their wonderful durian event.

If you cant be in Chanthiburi by June 15th, then we will all be in PENANG, Malaysia for an even better Durian quality, taste and season...with lots of treking, swimming in waterfalls, swimming in ocean, cycling, etc....
Approximate dates to be in Penang with us are June 15th-July 15th, Plane tickets to Kuala Lumpur are cheap now (take a bus from KL to Penang for approximately $15, no prebooking necessary), feel free to come join the Durian season with us!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

headin to Thailand

Taking 22hour train from Penang, Malaysia to Bangkok, Thailand. Then catchn a bus to Chanthiburi for the "World Durian Festival". Meeting up with atleast 4 friends there to enjoy the durian, rambutans, mangosteens, etc...
Now off to go get my last Malaysian durian fix for a while.
Penang's Durian season will be pumping by June 7th! Maybe back by then.

Throw your banana peels in the streets

I have decided to advertise fruit eating more by leaving banana peels around. I got this idea while traveling through Nepal.
IN Nepal last year, I saw many empty packages of chips along the beautiful trails. As I was eating vegan cooked food then, i would start craving the chips that I would see most.
Genious advertising....I think the chip companies want as to litter their packages, so we see them, become more familar with them, and possibly start craving them. IT worked on me. I found myself buying those varieties of chips at the next village.
So, Now that I am eating mostly fruit and feeling better than ever, I want to advertise fruit and help others remember to eat more of it..maybe this will offset some of the junkfood we eat.

Care to participate? If so, Huck some fruit in the street today, ehehhehe

Friday, May 15, 2009

i love this fruit picture

smoking OK, but durian not allowed

I am in Penang, Malaysia now. My favorite durian in the world here. I just had a feast of "Ang Hair" (red prawn), "Horlor", "SO", and some other delicacies. "Ang Hair" is 16ringit per kilo ($5/kilo) now! Preseason prices, but worth it. I have had 'Ang Hair' dreams numerous times since leaving Penang in August of 08. I am back! Wow I feel sooooo amazing after the durian experience on 'Mccallister road' in Georgetown, Penang. EAting around several other Asian durian lovers feels so connecting. I planned to be finished after one hour session of eating slowly, but I was wrong. I brought about 5 more durian with me to share with the workers at my Hotel Noble, and low and behold what happened? I stopped 30minutes latter to 'wedge' some more of the best durian in the world in my stomach (dont worry, i saved some to share with the workers, ehhehe).

I was sitting on the steps next to an internet cafe in this city and the security guard guy said no eating here. I notice behind him some people smoking away on some toxic poisenous cigarettes, that is perfectly fine, get me out of the city BS please.

If you are in Padang, Sumatra at the Airport and want a durian fix quickly. hire a taxi and head in the direction of Bukitingii for 10-15 minutes and you will be happy to find some durian sellers on the right hand side of the road! What a savour.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

From Bali to Mentawaii's surf and food

After one month of fun with my wonderful parents in Bali, I ventured to Mentawaii Islands off of Sumatra for surf adventure. Found a ferry boat from Padang to Siberut (9hours), met some other surfers (French, AU, Brasilian), joined them on a small fishing boat to a smaller island with Ebay, Pitstops Beng-Beng surfspots nearby. What a quiet peaceful little village, no cars or motorbikes, pure jungle and fresh air! Amazing place to surf, within 30minute walk to 5 worldclass type surfing breaks. I feel soooooo amazing living the more simple tropical surfer lifestyle away from it all. I did have massive amounts of Durian dreams and cravings and anticipations for eating it again as it was not available. I must have this wonderful fruit available with the perfect waves too..i will continue the 'search', I have plenty of time, ehehhehe.

Most surfers pay $2500US for 10day luxury boat trips throughout the Mentawaiis (I did this in 2004 and it was great fun). I know how to travel mentawaiis for way Cheap now....I can stay at the breaks for $5/night and eat fruit and walk to the breaks and contribute to less environmental concerns.

I brought bananas to eat for one week and there are always an abundance of coconut trees. The other guys eat a normal SAD diet. I ran out of bananas after 5 days and ate some cooked rice and potatos (this digested fairly well even after 6 months of clean fruit eating). I was amazed how my cravings for more cooked food came about after this (purely emotional, thinking of past foods that were comforting when growing up, due to family and friends, etc...). For the past week I have been eating cooked foods occasionally (rice, dahl, salty veggies, even had potato chips once), even though I am back to an area that has plenty of fruit available IT is crazy how addicting they can be once they are back in my bloodstream. I am less energetic and feel bloated at times and yucky taste in my mouth, moody, sadness (all types of symptoms that are normal to someone that never have eating purely clean fruits for months at a time). I am gentle with myself and foregiving and I know I will return to eating clean and raw when ready. 6months of eating pure was an amazing accomplishment in the environments I have been in with no proper peer group support and I must be content and realize the journey continues. Constant and Never Ending Improvement (as Tony Robbins talks about). Remembering that wherever we are on the path to more improved health, there will always be somebody doing much worse and much better than us. I feel great today about myself

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Swine Flu ---- the 'real' truth

I really love this explanation, makes perfect sense to me............

We Develop Swine Flu When We Eat Like a Pig

I would like to apologize in advance to that warm and intelligent creature
referred to as a "pig". In some cases, we refer to an overweight person as
a "pig" or a person who slobbers over himself as a "pig". When we hear of a
woman who puts out easily, she is a "pig" also. So, the pig is a "pig",
because we take advantage of its ferocious appetite and feed it our awful
food, then it becomes obese, and then we eat it. (Makes us think, doesn't
it?) So, I apologize to these gentle, loving creatures, for using that old
and offensive verbiage. The flu should be rightfully called the "Human's

1. The Human's Flu occurs because we eat like that hungry creature we call
a "pig". From the time we awaken until we go to bed at night, we treat our
wonderful body like a garbage can.

2. Because we eat the way we do, we have made McDonalds the richest junk
food purveyor on earth. And not far behind are Colonel Saunders, burger
king, pizza hut and many others, that fill our stomachs and make our body
struggle to survive. The medical industry must be shaken in its foundation,
and the public needs to wake up from this malnutrition-induced coma. This
must be understood, because our way of life is killing us, and here are some
facts that cannot be cast aside.

3. Your body is polluted if your bowel movement stinks. Or, if your breath
could kill a horse, if your teeth are decaying, and your joints are stiff;
if your stools are loose, and your urine is dark and the odor from your body
requires a deodorant; if the female period is heavy and you have discomfort
before it begins; if you have headache and backaches, or if you have
difficulty sleeping; if there is vaginal drainage, or if you are overweight,
then you could be a victim of the human's flu. And all of this happens,
while you are surrounded by doctors and their medicine. And as long as we
are unaware, we will condemn our children to a short life of suffering,
under medical supervision.

4. Now, the body is congested with mostly indigestible material, which is
pushed through the bowel by subsequent eating, as the peristalsis is frozen.
And the rest is backed up, producing concentrated poison. Then, the body has
no alternative but to create diarrhea. This will lower the energy level and
increase its susceptibility. The heart is in a constant struggle, and the
stomach has never stopped reacting, but we didn't listen, and as a result it
burnt out and went silent like a spent volcano.

The blood becomes thicker and soon it will offend rather than nourish. Soon,
there won't be enough energy to look out through our windows without
glasses, because so much blood and energy is used in the digestive system
that our hands and feet become cold. We look older and our hair falls out.
And all of a sudden, we have a fever, we cough and we're tired and stiff,
and forced to lie down because of low energy.

5. In the middle of our misery, a doctor comes on the radio and talks about
the flu, and you have the symptoms, and when you hear that many have the
same symptoms --- your neighbor, your friends, and some of your family, it
is easy to believe you've 'caught' the flu, because after all, the doctor
has just announced the epidemic. And as you realize more and more people
have this flu, it reinforces the medical perspective. You wash your hands
and practice good hygiene, and continue to make McDonalds a phenomenon in
marketing, and because the authority who referees this, are doctors,
scientists and graduates of the most prestigious universities on earth, we
don't dare refute them. Remember the World Health Organization (WHO)? They
are a powerful and dangerous group. They have power over government as they
proved during the SARS fiasco that they could destroy airlines and
countries. So, what a predicament we're in! The medical authority does not
see the correlation between what we eat and what we have become, because
they see the symptom as the "disease". It is unbelievable that these
eggheads don't get it!

6. But I am refuting them, because they are absolutely wrong. A number of
people all over the earth who have this condition, are just as polluted as
each other. Some are genetically weaker, and because of medical suppression,
will die from that condition. Microbes do not cause disease, and that makes
the word "epidemic" the result of a bad thesis. And if their thesis is
wrong, what is the truth?

7. We must finally see that all the purveyors of junk food are successful
all over the earth. They are absolutely an enemy of every good wish we
have. They peddle the worst food that we can put inside the body. One only
needs to study the average restaurant's menu, and you'd see "Stomach Ulcer -
$6.50", "Future Heart Attack - $8.95", "Constipation - $7.25" and I almost
forgot, plus tips. So, rather than having the highest principles of life in
common, we have only our diseases in common - our weak hearts, our cancers,
and our iffy mentality. And if we could open the refrigerators of the
afflicted, we could see we have something else in common --- WE EAT POORLY.
And At The SAME TIME, EVERYWHERE, the body just can't take it anymore and
goes into A Major Elimination, which unfortunately, is seen as a disease.

8. So, the bottom line is, we get "Swine flu" because we eat like a pig.
This is not an epidemic, and is not caused by a microbe. It is caused by our
condition and our level of susceptibility. It is our ignorance and the way
we treat this highly evolved organism. This is the cause. Our ability to
prevent should get the Nobel Prize, not the guesswork of treatments that
will ultimately fail.

9. This is how to prevent this stupidity that ruins our lives:

a) Disregard the WHO and other disgraceful "authorities" that are absolutely
b) Don't vaccinate, allow the sickness to occur, because you caused it and
you can't heal without it.
c) Stop eating poor food, especially meat, diary, fried food and vitamins.
d) Educate yourself, read Herbert Shelton and J. Tilden.
e) Become recession proof.

10. So, the biggest defense against "Swine Flu" and all other diseases is
to keep the body clean and eat well. This is the time to spend a couple of
days drinking juices, fresh from the juicer, and celebrate your freedom.
Also, consider a water fast under guidance.

11. We are finally confronting the cause of our failures and it will take
great bravery to make the changes that will give us a life of happiness. We
must take full responsibility for causing this ignorance. Yes, we were
convinced by experts, but we became a victim! So much for experts.

All the very best,
Ray Kent
Vancouver Island, April 09

P.S. The cause of all disease, from the hyperactivity of a child to
Alzheimer's, from skin
eruptions to AIDS, all is caused by a combination of the following:

1. The way we eat and how we live our lives

and, to a lesser extent,

2. Our individual genetic history


Sunday, April 26, 2009

monkeys vegan

This morning, I fed monkeys a variety of fruits....they loved the bananas most, then raw Pistachio nuts, then mangosteen, then dried mango, then green beans.
Monkey Forest in Ubud is an amazing place to be....go early about 7am and be alone with many monkeys, no tourists and its free then, no charge. All the monkeys are free and wild but love to hang out in this area to eat food from tourists. They do not eat Blue cheese I tried to feed them this...true Vegans maybe accept for insects.

picture: Bali bike ride with durian

My pops and I found some delicious durian. We cycled from Ubud to Kramas beach area to enjoy sun and surf for night. Very fun to be out with my dad and enjoying another culture.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

photos: slim Bali 90year old

Inspiring, Check out this slim, healthy fit looking 90year old man who picks up rocks on the beach for money. These round soft rocks are used for the surrounding areas of swimming pools.

Pigs NOT in a blanket

I was walking around Ubud and I spotted a pickup truck with 3 huge pigs in the back in separate cages. The temperature was about 90degrees and the pigs were in Direct sunlight.
The truck was parked outside a restaurant that specializes in roasted Pig (Babi Guling). The pigs were panting and snorting and squirming in the hot sun. Their snouts were bloody from sticking their noses through searching for air or freedom.
I realized they are about to be slaughtered so the owners probably stop feeding them food and water to save time and money, which makes business sense.
I quickly went and got the suffering pigs some water and a snack of potato chips. They might as well enjoy their last few minutes of life.

Go Vegan Please!

Instead of pig bacon, Try 'smart bacon' i hear it is delicious, cholesteral free, no animal suffers or dies

Friday, April 17, 2009

Finding Durian near surf in BALI

My dad and I bicycled to the beach from Ubud and stayed one night. It takes about 90minutes at an easy pace to Kramas beach. I found a sweet place to sleep near Kramas at a place called Masceti Beach for 100,000 rupiah per night (maybe they will take less next time, but that was the lowest this time). There is a nice left point break out front of the guesthouse (approx 200meters North of the main Kramas Break).
The Durian was for sale on the main hwy 50meters before the stoplight at Masceti BEach (sign there says to turn right to Pantai Masceti). The place is a Warung on the left side, they had a couple durian sitting on a table out front and about 50 more durian inside. The prices are about 15000 rupiah for one durian ($1.50), the durian is about 1kilo. The durian is from Kintamani area and is yellow flesh. I found it to be average taste, but the convenience of not having to go to the poluted city center is worth it! And you can stock up and bring to the beach pad and eat while watching the waves crashing.
I surfed my brains out the last two days at 3 different points, mostly uncrowded. Had a nice run on the beach. enjoyed being with my pops and eating durian in peace and quiet with him. He loves durian too, but not a fanatic like me.
I ate approx 3cups of durian chunks and 2kilos of mangosteens for dinner last night....I normally dont prefer to food combine like this with durian. I felt like i wanted to eat more after the durian was finished so I enjoyed the delicious high quality mangosteens I got at the fruit seller in Denpasar near the durian seller in Denpasar, high quality (25,000 rupiah/kilo).

Back to UBUD today, using the wireless at KAFE....the creature comforts are here for sure as my mom and dad like to stay at more upper scale places then I would choose alone. I dont mind at all, nice change.


Monday, April 13, 2009

How i eat papaya

This is in Philippines before I flew to Bali

photos in Philippines

1. durian seller in Davao, 20 steps from my hotel!
2. Pongoy, 13yr old surfer in Dahican beach, probably going to be Professional in a couple more years...very nice boy
3. my hammock for sleeping on the beach in Dahican, pure freshness!