Monday, September 7, 2009

moving on from Ko Phangan

Hey friends and family!
AFter about two months on the island we are heading on. Chris and I are now visiting PrimalDurian's place (AKA Trevor and his wife, PUNG)....They are so hospitible! setting us up with nice sleeping pads, blankets, mossie nets on there veranda across from a fresh cool, crisp, natural river. The scenery in this area is sooo lush...surrounded by mountains and hills and greenery and trees. A Quaint little village with very friendly and interested Thai kids and other white people in site.

I Woke up and did some stretches, had a chat with Chris as he was eating a delicious watermelon, then we headed into the river for a swim, followed by some weightlifting (using river rocks!), then some sun baking. I then cycled to the village market to buy some chempadeks and bananas with Trevor, the Chemps smell sooooo amazing!

Every day in Every way I feel more and more fortunate and grateful for my life. Being so close to nature 24/7 has been life altering for me. HOw fresh and vibrant I feel after a swim in a cool organic river followed by a nice sweet thai coconut water.

Heading to feast on Malaysian Durian in couple days.

Meetin Harley and Freelea near KL for some durian tasting.

Anyone near KL next Saturday should meet up with us...we may be there Saturday through Tuesday.


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