Monday, September 14, 2009

Kuala Lumpur to Malaka

Have been enjoying all the city stimulation in KL. Massages, internet high speed, people watching, tasting many fruits and sugar cane juices, eating Malay Durians: d24, 'the king', XO, Kampung.....hanging out with Harley and Freelea wandering the city together....running around titiwangi lake and observing and hearing the wonderful birds...
Moving on south now to Malaka area, then catching a ferry boat over to Sumatra, Indonsia. We plan to enjoy the Durian in Medan area a few days then bus to Padang, Sumatra, then get a night ferry boat to Mentawaii Islands.... We will go from Siberut to Sipora and get nesteled into a rugged tropical minimalistic acomodation for $5/night....NO motorbikes, cars, noise...ONLY pure pristine islands for enjoying nature, surfing excellent waves, freediving, bird watching, eating papayas, coconuts, bananans and we are bringing many Dates and Raisins to soak and make banana puddings and porridge type textures.
Chris Bartel is my traveling mate now....he is sooooo cool...he is approx 31yrs and from AU...we have many similar interests most importantly is that we are living a Fruitarian eating vegan lifestyle.
Chris is a professional freediver...he can go down under up to 100feet without oxygen, he can hold his breath 5minutes!! He is teaching me...I am loving this too.... I can go down 30feet now and hangout there approx 90 minutes with out is sooo free and meditating under with all the sea life, tame and loving big fish and diving is soo simple and perfect.

Chris and I will be in Mentawaii area for up to 60 days with no phone or internet...we are disconnecting


Fruitarian Mango said...

hi darrick!
90 minutes would be a real feat! but even the 90 seconds you meant is pretty impressive..

great to hear you are still on the durian trail.

Not sure if you noticed, but there were a couple of comments on your interview from family/friends

peace bro,

Iam said...

hi there...i was goggling info's about malaka and happen to open your blog tittle Kuala Lumpur to Malaka, can you explore malaka only in 1 day or do they have trekking program or stuff? I am heading soon to KL then malaka, would love to hear any answer of my questions bout this travels... *so you'r in Indonesia now? medan? thats where i am definitely shouldn't missed the durian...:)

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