Tuesday, February 24, 2009

vegan challenge

I am feeling sooooo wonderful lately. My sister and brother have been watching several dvds on Veganism ad have embraced the new found information. They are making changes inthere lifestyle and diet as I write this! I love them soooo much and am sooo grateful they made time to watch these dvds (I challenged them to watch as many vegan dvds they could in one month, and I pay them cash for each one).....
Shonda made a new and improved VEGANAISE Mayonaise by adding horseradish and dijon mustard. They made 'smart'bacon BLT'S and loved them...they seem to be havng fun looking for replacements for the animal products they had been eating....I remember loving this challenge myself...I would get a craving, and then go out and search for a vegan replacement it was a thrill for me!!!
My Brother in Law, Julien is from France and he loves his mayonaise, but seems to find this vegan version good enough to eat and enjoy. Thank you !! Julien, Shonda, Jossy, Missy, Justy, Zev, Jackson for joining in a lifestyle that reduces animal suffering, improves health, preserves the environment, and makes us all happier, compassionate, loving Beings!!!

PICTURES in Philippines

Friday, February 13, 2009

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Tour outside my mansion

surrounding area of my place

Tour Inside my mansion

My place of choice in Philippines now....lovely spot...come join!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

innocent pig being killed, amazing! must see now!!

I am out for a morning walk when i hear this loud squealing sound. I go film this and then speak to the local village people about veganism and hand out information.
This was amazing experience for me and my addrenaline is still racing hours later.
A must see!
powerful footage and true feelings

VIDEO: my Cheap motel room in Butuan at 'Lucky Inn', $2/night

Monday, February 2, 2009

video clip: Friend Not Food

quick video clip of me in Butuan, Philippines

Sunday, February 1, 2009

up at 3am!

Woke at 3am due to mosquitos in my room. I am in Butuan heading back towards Lanuza. This city is in between large and small. I had an amazing massage for 3dollars last night at a premo health spa type place. I am now at internet cafe that is open 24hours.
I ate a large ripe papaya in my room at 3am and am full and bummed out from eating too much. I love it when I wait until my hunger is more true before eating....that feels soooo good to me and makes the food taste 10 times better. I know that emotional eating can serve its purpose at times too, so I forgive myself. I know that the fresh papaya is way better for me then past emotional binges on spicey, salty, msg flavored, greasy, cooked street food, so be happy DC! I probably am feeling lonely in this city, with so many people and nobody I know. Maybe I should go meet some people today....wait I know one Philippino here named, Tata. I met him one month ago....I'll call him later.