Sunday, February 1, 2009

up at 3am!

Woke at 3am due to mosquitos in my room. I am in Butuan heading back towards Lanuza. This city is in between large and small. I had an amazing massage for 3dollars last night at a premo health spa type place. I am now at internet cafe that is open 24hours.
I ate a large ripe papaya in my room at 3am and am full and bummed out from eating too much. I love it when I wait until my hunger is more true before eating....that feels soooo good to me and makes the food taste 10 times better. I know that emotional eating can serve its purpose at times too, so I forgive myself. I know that the fresh papaya is way better for me then past emotional binges on spicey, salty, msg flavored, greasy, cooked street food, so be happy DC! I probably am feeling lonely in this city, with so many people and nobody I know. Maybe I should go meet some people today....wait I know one Philippino here named, Tata. I met him one month ago....I'll call him later.

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stefania said...

darrick,how can you feel lonely? even if nobody was around you would still have yourself, isnt this amazing?