Sunday, February 8, 2009

Tour Inside my mansion

My place of choice in Philippines now....lovely spot...come join!


stef said...

wow- this is spectacular! thanks for sharing with us, I felt I was there too for a moment!

you know darrick, you would think that your real blessing is to be there, i think that yes that is a blessing, but the real real one is that you are able to appreciate it and as you pointed out you can see how much you have changed on your incredible journey of discovery and growth. Its only when you see and appreciate beautiful things that beautigul things start to belong to you.
The Paradise belongs to you as well as you belong to it, isn't this amazing?
Enjoy, and please dedicate a swim and fruit meal to me.
you rock!


Joe Purvis said...

Joe Purvis here, Mario's friend! Great to see you are living the life. Looks like better waves than blacks that's for sure:) That sure is my idea of a dream home! I will check in from time to time and see what's