Wednesday, May 19, 2010

philippino children

jogging on beach today i get soooo many looks and stares and comments from kids. This happens pretty much everywhere around philippines. its constant. they love to see a westerner. they are laughing and smiling and giggling with their friends and pointing and staring and saying, "hey Joe", "hey Joe" (this is a residual from war and gijoe, so they call all westerners joe).

Anyways....why would this wonderful, kind, innocent behavior conjure up irritation ever? They are reacting as any of us would in their innocent situation. Maybe its the fact that I have been feeling like a celebrity for about 3years now of traveling, and i crave to be ignored at times. Or maybe Im upset with myself for being out of balance of some sort that particular day.
Whatever the reason for any irritation i have, its not acceptable for me... I plan to continue to practice love and compassion and understanding and become a master of this.

any other 'vagabonders' have this experience?

Forks Over Knives - Movie Trailer

Friday, May 14, 2010

Excuses For Not Eating Raw Food - Dr. Doug Graham

Davao city, philippines gets even better

After traveling around Philippines some; Siargao, Cebu, Ilo-Ilo, Guimaras, Manila, Boracay...

Im settling into a place in Davao City called "Times Beach". Found a nice beachfront motel for $6/night, on floor level(with hbo and cable and fan and nice family owned and operated, CMPLN Inn and resort)
I feel like hangin here for a month or so....we'll see how it goes.....I am soo in love with quality Davao Durian and I need to be near it and get tucked into it daily from my main sources of certainty.

-Huge beach, nice sand, long stretches to jog, do stretches, yoga, dance, whatever you want.
--amazing little Philippino culture emmersion daily...meeting and connecting daily whether you choose to or not, be ready.
-ocean water swims
-sweet little beach community with local kids everywhere.
-3minute walk to abundance of bananas, watermelons, papayas, mangos, pineapples sold at all the little homefront shops.
-Durian seller 3minute walk from my room
-internet cafe 3minute walk 20cents/hour
-barbershop with massage option 3minute walk
-kareoke bar and nightly live music on the beach 3mnute walk
-15minute walk to SM (the hugest shopping Mall in town with a massive variety of fruits: Marang, mango, manogsteens, chicos, melons, pawpaws, avocados, tomatos, cucumbers, etc...., seasonal and imports, movies, bookstores, internet cafe, and single girls if you are looking.)
-free delivery from my main durian dealer "JO-JO", he brought me a box of 'native' and arancilo' last night, I ate half and refrigerated the rest and it was even more bitter today, nice and cool too).
-$1.50 taxi ride to two huge traditional markets, spas, immigration(for visa extension), durian restaurants, fruit sellers, etc...
-$1-2 taxi ride to several homeless shelters for fruit deliveries when you feel like giving
--45minute ferry boat ride to a fairly deserted pristine island with amazing coral garden and fish "Telukud" island.
--15cents jeepnee ride from Magsaysay durian park
I can casually walk to Magsaysay durian park on low tide on the beach most of the way there in 90minutes
--Davao is known across the country for the cheapest Best Fruits and durian...and I know why now.

-no surfing waves
--still close to a big city, so you do feel the lower air quality when you leave the beach area
--no snorkling at my beach
--motel room is concrete
--no fruitarian friends to share this amazing gift of a place

Monday, May 3, 2010

mango eating contest

Im in Guimaras, Philippines. this island is known for the sweetest mangos in the world. Ive been wanting to experience mango abundance, so I came here. I found the mango sellers in San MIguel province...$1/kilo. I ate 2 kilo....they are amazing. they peel very easily, the texture is dark orange, they have very little strings, the seed is flat, they taste sweet like 'namdadk my' thai mangos, but a little deeper flavor.

The mango eating contest was won by a philippino man who at 12kilos in a one hour period! that is over 60mangos! HIs prize was a box of mangos. Many other contestants ate over 7kilos in the one hour period. I doubt many of us fruitarians could accomplish this...i dont want to anyways.

They had "All you can Eat" Buffet of mangos for $1 through out the mango festival.

I wasnt here for this festival, but this is the news I learned from the participants.

Next year, April, 2011 mango festival again in Guimaras.

The last 3 nights I have slept under the stars on the beach on an island off of Guimaras island...I went to the resort called Barras resort and asked if I could sleep outside instead. I saved money and had a great time in the quiet, dark, star lighten skys.

I've been itching for some 'uncertainty' after 3 days of purity. lately Ive been enjoying the journey of continued travel. I feasted on mangos for 3 days straight, mostly MONO (approx 4kilos/day) I am wanting durian....i am suprised to discover that mangos held my attention so short a period.....i am a true durian lover....I'll try to be more faithful now.

Heading to Manila to volunteer for .......hoping to meet lots of wonderful vegans in Philippines....