Monday, May 3, 2010

mango eating contest

Im in Guimaras, Philippines. this island is known for the sweetest mangos in the world. Ive been wanting to experience mango abundance, so I came here. I found the mango sellers in San MIguel province...$1/kilo. I ate 2 kilo....they are amazing. they peel very easily, the texture is dark orange, they have very little strings, the seed is flat, they taste sweet like 'namdadk my' thai mangos, but a little deeper flavor.

The mango eating contest was won by a philippino man who at 12kilos in a one hour period! that is over 60mangos! HIs prize was a box of mangos. Many other contestants ate over 7kilos in the one hour period. I doubt many of us fruitarians could accomplish this...i dont want to anyways.

They had "All you can Eat" Buffet of mangos for $1 through out the mango festival.

I wasnt here for this festival, but this is the news I learned from the participants.

Next year, April, 2011 mango festival again in Guimaras.

The last 3 nights I have slept under the stars on the beach on an island off of Guimaras island...I went to the resort called Barras resort and asked if I could sleep outside instead. I saved money and had a great time in the quiet, dark, star lighten skys.

I've been itching for some 'uncertainty' after 3 days of purity. lately Ive been enjoying the journey of continued travel. I feasted on mangos for 3 days straight, mostly MONO (approx 4kilos/day) I am wanting durian....i am suprised to discover that mangos held my attention so short a period.....i am a true durian lover....I'll try to be more faithful now.

Heading to Manila to volunteer for .......hoping to meet lots of wonderful vegans in Philippines....

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