Tuesday, September 22, 2009

sumatra, headn towards Mentawaiis

Chris and I are in Lake Toba area, near tuk tuk.
peaceful surroundings here! what a breath of fresh air after Kuala Lumpur and then Medan...wow I am healing from the pollution damage rapidly...resting, swiming, walking, cycling. eating yummy Papayas and bananas here. the durian is about 6 out of 10 for quality (i am ruined by Malaysian durian quality)....

Chris and I have made a great house rule....whenever we are inside the house or sleeping area we are silent. this helps us have our own time even when we are together. We both love hanging out and chatting with each other, so this keeps us more balanced. I plan to use this forever with everyone, it is wonderful because we get to enjoy each other's presence and yet share silence together.

I have heard some alarming news about vaccinations lately due to swine flu and other BS type issues....I found this and it made sense to me..........

"Fwd: Important Info about Vaccination

A revealing alliance has formed between government and vaccine manufacturers. Manufacturers are not only able to rely on government agencies (WHO, CDC) and the lackey media to hard-sell their products to the fearful public, they are also now IMMUNE from liability even if one of their products is proven to cause harm.

And now, mandatory vaccination is coming. Who owns your bloodstream -- you or the government?

Vaccination is a profit and power-driven scam.

Here's how vaccination creates the appearance of "preventing" disease: It weakens vitality, forcing the body to retain accumulated waste it would otherwise safely eliminate via constructive illnesses like colds and flus (which are easily 'cured' with fasting and rest). People only die of flu when they are already sickened by drugs and are given even more drugs to "fight" the flu. That's why people who are "immune compromised" make up the bulk of flu casualties. Here's an assignment: Find ONE person who EVER died of simple flu symptoms who responded appropriately to them, by fasting or eating very lightly, resting and refusing drugs. There aren't any! That's because when these things are done, flu symptoms resolve themselves. Flu is a self-limiting illness that never results in death when it is properly treated.

In some people, vaccines are quick poison. They cause immediate harm, such as when they kill or maim healthy babies ("crib death", autism, etc.) or cause severe "reactions". In others, they are slow. But if they appear to only harm *some* people, it's an illusion. They harm all, the harm is just not always immediately visible. At best, they contribute to degenerative disease, which takes years or decades to form.

Arm yourself with knowledge, and/or whatever seems appropriate. As someone on a discussion forum recently said, "let them come at me with a needle, I'll have my .45 and we'll see who makes the bigger hole".

Please pass the following links along to those you care about!"


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Why Go Vegan with Madeline and Will Tuttle #380

I really enjoy hearing this wonderful guy, Will Tuttle speak about veganism...he has quite a story..read his excellent book, "The World Peace Diet"....
He looks great to me, 20 plus years vegan, 56yrs alive!.
His wife shares some animal artwork too.


This is me in Bali sticking stickers on walls that say "Love us not eat us", and have pictures of animals on them.

Today I was in Kuala Lumpur stickng vegan stickers all over the city with Harley and Freelea. We found a print shop and made cards that say "NO Smoking Please". Traveling with a purpose like Veganism is sooooo Liberating! I can make a poluted city fun to be in now. I can turn 'frustration' from traffic and over crowds and Fast food and materialism into 'contribution', then is FUN.


Monday, September 14, 2009

Kuala Lumpur to Malaka

Have been enjoying all the city stimulation in KL. Massages, internet high speed, people watching, tasting many fruits and sugar cane juices, eating Malay Durians: d24, 'the king', XO, Kampung.....hanging out with Harley and Freelea wandering the city together....running around titiwangi lake and observing and hearing the wonderful birds...
Moving on south now to Malaka area, then catching a ferry boat over to Sumatra, Indonsia. We plan to enjoy the Durian in Medan area a few days then bus to Padang, Sumatra, then get a night ferry boat to Mentawaii Islands.... We will go from Siberut to Sipora and get nesteled into a rugged tropical minimalistic acomodation for $5/night....NO motorbikes, cars, noise...ONLY pure pristine islands for enjoying nature, surfing excellent waves, freediving, bird watching, eating papayas, coconuts, bananans and we are bringing many Dates and Raisins to soak and make banana puddings and porridge type textures.
Chris Bartel is my traveling mate now....he is sooooo cool...he is approx 31yrs and from AU...we have many similar interests most importantly is that we are living a Fruitarian eating vegan lifestyle.
Chris is a professional freediver...he can go down under up to 100feet without oxygen, he can hold his breath 5minutes!! He is teaching me...I am loving this too.... I can go down 30feet now and hangout there approx 90 minutes with out air...it is sooo free and meditating under with all the sea life, tame and loving big fish and turtles....free diving is soo simple and perfect.

Chris and I will be in Mentawaii area for up to 60 days with no phone or internet...we are disconnecting

Monday, September 7, 2009

moving on from Ko Phangan

Hey friends and family!
AFter about two months on the island we are heading on. Chris and I are now visiting PrimalDurian's place (AKA Trevor and his wife, PUNG)....They are so hospitible! setting us up with nice sleeping pads, blankets, mossie nets on there veranda across from a fresh cool, crisp, natural river. The scenery in this area is sooo lush...surrounded by mountains and hills and greenery and trees. A Quaint little village with very friendly and interested Thai kids and families...no other white people in site.

I Woke up and did some stretches, had a chat with Chris as he was eating a delicious watermelon, then we headed into the river for a swim, followed by some weightlifting (using river rocks!), then some sun baking. I then cycled to the village market to buy some chempadeks and bananas with Trevor, the Chemps smell sooooo amazing!

Every day in Every way I feel more and more fortunate and grateful for my life. Being so close to nature 24/7 has been life altering for me. HOw fresh and vibrant I feel after a swim in a cool organic river followed by a nice sweet thai coconut water.

Heading to feast on Malaysian Durian in couple days.

Meetin Harley and Freelea near KL for some durian tasting.

Anyone near KL next Saturday should meet up with us...we may be there Saturday through Tuesday.