Sunday, August 31, 2008

paying $$ to Indo children so they run with me

amaaaaaaaazing feeling I have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the story goes like this...
I was walking back from purchasing my ferry boat ticket from Medan to Penang, Malaysia. It was this morning around 10am....I was debating whether to excercise today. I was feeling lazy with no good reason, since i had not excercised the last couple days besides some walking. So I decided to just go to the big open grass field and decide when i get there. Well this always leads to success for me because once I am in an environment good for running or doing something active i usually 'Just Do It'....i believe getting there is harder then starting...
Anyways, some indo children noticed me running some laps (1/6mile laps around a field). The kids where around 6-10years of age and asked me for money. I said run with me and showed them the money. 3 boys ran one lap with me so i gave them each 1000 rupiah (10cents). Then they ran again for 2000 rupiah (20cents). then I had about 8 kids running loops with me and I was paying them each about 4000 rupiah average (40cents)...4000 Rupiah purchase a Large Meal here in Sumatera of Rice, veggies, tofu, tempe, meat, hot sauce, drink. I kept paying the kids to run laps with me for one hour. They would substitute with their friends and rest every other lap or so. Many other parents and adults were watching us. IT was raining today too which felt very nice on my shirtless skin. I would even explain that if they ran faster they earned more money. It was soo fun, that i didnt even realize I was excercising at all!!! I must do this very often in my life....I must find ways to run and contribute all at the same time....maybe next time I can get a shirt made that says "LOVE animals, don't eat them", OR "vegetarian is cool", OR "Friend not Food", OR something wonderful in their Indonesian language....Maybe "NO Smoking please".....Then I can run, contribute with money, wear a wonderful meaningful message on my shirt...WOW that is called LEVERAGE...I used to only think about how I could leverage myself financially to make the most $$$$ I think about how to leverage HEALTH and Veganism! This is a wonderful LIFE...I am very fortunate....I am very HIGH on life now..its like a drug to excercise and contribute takes no motivatin for me to run laps when I am helping little kids and inspiring them to run more and telling them I am vegetarian and American ........

Last night my motorbike taxi took me to a durian market....we ate together and I was sharing my durian with his family and others and he was asking questions about veganism, and he told me on the way back he has never met an American like me with a good heart and easy to be friends with...that most are snobby types. I told him that most may appear to be snobby but are most likely afraid of something..maybe the Muslim culture here.

today is the biggest most important MUSLIM holiday of the year....this country is mainly muslim.....all are FASTING all day today and celebrating with food after is a huge deal here..they are setting up all kinds of signs and food booths and concerts and MOSK praying opportunities..its amazing to happen to be here today on this famous day of the year.....I think its called Mantaramm or something close to that.

I watched chickens get their unlucky innocent throats slit at the meat market yesterday....then they are thrown in a big cage while they run around bleeding to death for 3 minutes!!! IT takes a while for them to die..then they are thrown into a heated element that whirls them around and burns the feathers off...its a bloody, dirty place to be and work...the workers are all bloody and looking unhappy as they slit throats and watch the chickens die (but I am sure they still have chicken fried rice for lunch) chicken got loose after its throat was slit and started running around bleeding until they caught it. We support those types of jobs....people may say..what about human rights? why worry about animals? Well I believe we create nasty death jobs in slaughter houses by purchasing dead animals to eat, so we contribute to many negative things for the taste of animals in our mouth.....its proven we dont NEED them to survive and Thrive......infact how can most people justify eating animals when they are Sedentary, heheeeheh I was thinking about how 90percent of the world is not excercising, but they most still eat animals....shouldn't we have to earn the right to eat animals by chasing them down and killing them....don't most carnivores have to work very hard physically before getting their dinner...?? something to think about...

Running 1 hour
walking 1hour

yesterday food intake ALL RAW BABBBBBBBBBYYY!!!
20 small bannanas for meal number ONE
snack--one coconut water
1 cup of fresh pineaple (sooo sweet here in Medan!!)
2lbs of durian chunks

Saturday, August 30, 2008

From NIAS to Medan 24 hours of travel

Wow, I am in Medan finally.....took a taxi for 3hours, then overnight ferry boat to Sibolga for 8hours, then waited for minivan to transport 8 of us to Medan. All indonesian men in the van smoked of course (90% of indomen smoke cigs). Cigarette companies market to kids at school events here and they are very successful in getting boys hooked. Men say that smoking makes you more of a MAN with more sex drive, Its fu____ing ridiculous to see huge cigarette billboards and banners around highschool soccer games here, and boys 10years old selling cigs. If we smoke cigs we are supporting this corruption.

Found delicious durian n MEDAN tonight....$1/kilo...creamy and more sweet than bitter.

Saw how they treat the chickens for sale here..they tie 3 chickens together by their legs and leave them out on the road flapping around in the hot sun, starving of thirst and hunger. When you approach a chicken seller they grab up the bunch by whatever they hold onto (wing, throat, feet, holding them upside down)..they show you the chickens feathers and then throw the bunch of chickens back down on the pavement and grab another 'squawking' bunch. As the chickens lay there, they periodically peck each others eyes out due to frustration, heat stroke, pain, etc.... The people treat the chickens like they would a plant, veggie or fruit (actually they treat the fruit much nicer)....Our slaughter houses are most likely as bad and worse, but we dont see it. Anyways enjoy that chicken taste as much as you can if you really have to continue supporting this violence simply for Taste, OR try a Tofu or Tempeh Burger for the chickens sake.

I am eating mostly RAW fruits and veggies, but now I am eating some cooked food each day. I know this is not the best for me but it is my drug addictive behaviour kicking in when I eat salty coconut veggie curry, I get all HIGH i transistion to 100% raw is a journey and I forgive myself for taking longer then i planned.

Today I ate some unhealthy food:
stirfried rice noodles
one cup of white rice
one cup of boiled in salt cabbage
1/4cup of roasted peanuts
one fried cracker

Felt yucky after all this and didnt eat for 7hours, then I ate 3lbs of RAW Organic, sweet, carmel flavoured Durian!!!

walking briskly 3miles

leaving INDO for a while to recover from a bruised RIB cage from Surfing......I decided to go explore some NONsurfing part of the world while i recover...not sure yet...I will go to the airport and decide at last minute...maybe INDIA!

MEDAN is a major busy cluster of unorganized Chaos and pollution that somehow seems to operate effectively, not sure how its all done...crazy place to walk all around...the people are more friendly than any other big city I have ever experienced by FAR.

Friday, August 22, 2008

These kids are fruit deprived, salt sugar deathfood

In this small Village, Sorwaki Very little fruit is available. I do drink many coconuts here and find bananas and pineapples and papaya all fresh from local gardens and trees. The nearest fruit market is 12kilometers from here. I have two boys that I pay to go to the market for me each day by bus. It is very fun to create a fun job for the younger boys here. I always have them buy me enough fruit, so I can share with the local villagers here. I only share with all the kids to hopefully inspire the parents to buy their kids more fruit.
Today I walked down the street with my bag of "rambutans", which are like 'gold' around here. I was handing them out to all the kids I would come upon on my walk. Each kid gets a about 4 rambutans from me. They are very gracious and excited. Whenever the adults ask for some, I say, "this fruit is for the children". I can see they really want to eat some too and taste the wonderful taste of fruit. They all could find a way to eat more fruit, but they get into their RICE routine and keep eatin it because it is easier and cheaper. The kids are so young they don't have choices, so i like to give it ALL to them and turn down the adults.

Latest meal was:
2 large coconuts
one 8lb watermelon

last night dinner:
tomato and cucumber salad
2small boiled potatos
huge plate of slightly steamed cabbage, beans, carots, cucumbers, tomatos
peanut sauce to dip the veggies in made with salt, peanuts, msg, and sugar (death cancer condiments, the pleasure of eating it, overiding the health and environmental disasterous pain)
(High water content food, but not all raw, on the "transition back to raw " path for a while)

surfing twice 4hour total
reading book in hammock
1hour nap
1hour internet
strolling around village
meditation 30minutes

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Surfing Again in NIAS!!, ate cooked food, Rawvegan wannabe

This is a wonderful Surfing NIAS, a large island 4hours by speed boat from Sumatra. I am in a village called "Sorwaki". There is a perfect Right hand Reef Point Break here that is very consistent. The locals are calling it "Flat" today, but I just finished a 3hour session of Shoulder High waves. The water is about 80degrees, the weather is always perfect around 80degrees. Massive Coconut trees line the beaches here. About 10 guesthouses (Loseman's) here that are $3-6/night, all facing the perfect point breaking surf. Hammocks to rest in and read and watch the beautiful scenery. The guesthouses are all family owned and an interesting way to get to meet the local people. They get upset if you go eat at some other house for dinner, so be prepared to eat their dinners or be a RAWVEGAN and eat all the Tropical fruits you care for and watch them be Suprised.

I am loving this place!! After a long bicycle ride through Sumatra for 3 full DAYs of pedaling through Miles of villages and jungles and cities with such diversity. I was the first white tourist that most people had ever seen before. Feeling like an Alien from another Planet did get a little Old. Even when resting by a stream in the countryside I had kids finding me and coming to stare at me while I rested in silence. I had to be very selective about where I stopped my bicycle, rarely stopping in a village for more than 5minutes due to MASSIVE swarming of friendly local Indonesian children and people swarming me and looking at me.

I had some Local Police come to my room one night in a city in the middle of nowhere...I was getting ready to sleep and they pounded on my door demanding identification and questioning me...Very scary...I was cooperative...I realize they probably thought I was some SPY or something not a tourist. Most Tourists go to touristic places only, so it was too shocking for them to understand. All went well and I moved on in the morning.

FOOD intake lately:

meal #1
7 bananas

Coconut water

meal #2
5 bananas
1cup of steamed white rice
2cups of stirfryed veggies (with possibly MSG)
2cups of roasted peanuts in a shell, salted too.

(I was Fruit deprived and lonely and wanted some 'Comfort' Food, completely uneccessary emotional eating).
RAWVEGAN Wannabe lately.
I justify some cooked vegan food if no delicious fruit available on the I am constipated and slight headache for 3days due to dehydrated cooked foods when my body is normally so 'clean' from many months of JUICY fruits and veggies.

surfed 3hours today so far!!! feel wonderfully nourished by water and nature and movement

Friday, August 15, 2008

VIDEO: Harley and I cycling through fruit orchard

Video: candlelight dinner at Malay Market....

Harley films part of the outdoor night market in Teluk Bahang. He finds me there too.

Harley talks about cooked food cravings.....

I film Harley and ask him about cravings on Raw. We are on a fruit farm in Penang.

youtube clip: Dr. Doug Graham- Part 2

Part 2

Youtube clip: Dr. Doug Graham- Part 1

This is an interview with my favorite Rawvegan Teacher, Doug Graham, now about 55years old. I volunteered for him in Costa Rica for one month. He is someone that 'walks the walk', an excellent role model, and very Fit. Doug has been eating a diet of Fresh, raw, ripe, organic fruits and veggies for over 20years!. This interview helps someone transisition to eating more raw fruits and veggies.

Me and Malay girl eatin durian

eating the lovely fruit again and again....

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sumatra People are Constantly saying "hello mister!"

I biked 6hours today from Berastagi to Lake Toba....... beautiful scenery, several hills to climb and go down, wild monkeys, many orange orchards (heavily sprayed with chemicals, I saw the workers spraying chemicals and wearing masks, when we dont buy organic, we support the chemical industry which is causing workers harm daily! organic for yourself and to show your love for humanrights!)

The people here are soooo damn nice that I was getting 'bitter'. My ego was taking over and I would ignore them after 100 "Hello MIster"!'s.....How can people be so happy and nice? It is amazing.... White people are celebrities here and must be prepared to smile and say hello thousands of times per day. If you are not in the mood, then better stay hidden in the jungle or your room until you come out with your happy face.

Massive Durian in Sumatra....100's of sellers on the roadsides, way more than thailand and Malaysia....I tasted a few and nothing special yet. Malaysia was Insanely delicious, this may be hard to top. I'll keep eating the durian and report later on quality.

Lake Toba is Massive! I believe the largest volcanic lake in the world! I am on the island beautiful.

I spent two days in bukit Lawang. Nice river there to swim in. Orangutans to visit. Jungle treks.

Today I did some Yoga in the morning followed by several handstands and handstand presses.
Cycled for 6hours, not sure how far yet..maybe 75miles.

I ate:
2lbs of mangosteens
1/2 pineaple
4lbs of mangos
1lbs of banana
tomato/cucumber salad with lime squeezed on it.

I underate fruit today (and was very acitve allday cycling), and didnt find durian, so I caved into some cooked food cravings and ate on 2 boiled potato and some peanuts in shells, added salt too.

Friday, August 8, 2008

New AU friend, JEFF

I haven't used plastic bags or bought plastic water bottles in a long time. I love having a minimal impact on the earth. I refill my waterbottle with fresh jungle water, or water refill stations. Heading to Sumatra, Indonesian now for 2months.

Harley introduced me to another wonderful Aussie named Jeff. HIm and I have been hangin out, he is mainly RawVegan and loves the Fruit...He has been eating this way for over 10years and is now 32years. He lives and works on Fruitfarms in N. Australia, Cans area. So fun to know another 'likemind'! I plan to visit him in AU soon too.

last workout:
Yoga on the beach 30 minutes
50 pullups
50 handstands
10minute swimming
6miles of walking to and from my durian meal with Jeff.

last fruit meal besides durian was:
SENSATIONAL Flavour!! Jeff and I ate a large sweetand juicy one together.

Talk to you alls later!
Off to Sumatra. Lake Toba, Bukit Lawang, Nias.
find some epic surf in Nias or Mentawaii Islands.
The adventure continues!

The best hotel in Georgetown is called "the Nobel"...amazing clean place for 19 ringit(6$)many vagabonders, expats, backpackers here...nice staff, close to all.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

7hours in the Jungle today!

cool Jungle pic i found.
activities yesterday:-spent 7hours in the jungle alone enjoying primary jungle nature (sonemon told me most of the jungles in the world are considered new since the 'ice age', but primary jungles survived the ice age).
3 hours of treking with many meditation breaks. Spent time with the monkeys, birds, insects, squirrels, turtles. I heard lots of Jungle music from all the creatures (not the Guns and Roses's song, "Welcome to the Jungle).
-swim 10minutes in jungle fresh creek
-cycled 4km uphill for my durian meal, then coasted back down with a full tummy. I brought a new friend from France named, "Benwa"....He loves durian too.
Benwa is a vagabond for 30 years and loves to make art in the jungles. He finished a massive Labrinth he made with mud and sculpted on a massive Boulder). All is work naturally goes back into nature after rainfall.

food intake:-I had 3coconut waters in the morning.
-one large "pomeno" (like a big grapefruit
-2.5lbs of rambutans ( I carried them up the jungle trail for 90minutes, then devoured them at the hill top and planted the seeds for future tree growth).
-3lbs of Durian chunks tasted similar to carmel/vanilla flavoured icecream milkshake blended with some dark chocolate bits.

I am absolutely LOVING it is fascinating for me! I look up videos on running barefoot, rawveganism, ultrarunning, comedy: Jim carrey, Larry David, Seifield, vagabonding, animal abuse, chinese meat market (which shows dogs, Chickens and other animals getting slaughtered and are abused and neglected for days before this....when we eat chicken we indirectly support this. We create more demand for anything we purchase. We vote with our dollars 100%.)

I am sooooo grateful to be living a 'RawVegan' lifestyle for now......I have been 99% for 4 months consecutive now. I believe animals and the environment are thanking me daily. IF everbody ate a rawvegan diet of fruits and veggies, how would the world be? No more slaughtering of animals at a current rate of 10,000 animals per second.
I recently learned that 10,000 animals per second are slaughtered to meet our Demand for chicken, cow, pig, turkey, and other animals we eat for taste only (Its well proven that meat is not needed for nutrition).

Monday, August 4, 2008

Harley leaves Malaysia, DC a 'lone' travelor again

HARLEY the Australian Rawvegan state mountainbike champion.

After several weeks with my excellent Australian friend Harley, I am back on my own. Harley and I spent many days together in Thailand and Malaysia. Cycling, running, swimming, hiking, eating massive quantities of vanilla cheesecake flavored durian, eating many wonderful tropical fruits, sharing the vegan message everywhere together, challenging our strive for further life simplicity, discussing our opinions on a variety of meaningful subjects. He has taught me alot about life and the RawVegan lifestyle. I wish him luck on his journey in life, I and plan to reconnect with him soon in AU. Harley is planning on running the Adelaide Marathon later this month, and will probably "WIN".

Today I ran up many many steps for a workout.
5 sets (approx 200steps per set)
(The steps that go up to Teluk Bahang Dam)

I did 100 pushups

Meal #1
I ate 4kilos (about 9lbs) of Mangosteens

3 coconut waters

Meal #2
1lb of vanilla creamy cheescake flavoured durian
1lb of carmelized icecream flavoured durian
1lb of juicy fruit mixed with cream flavoured durian

I had the best massage in my life today (as far as I can remember). By James in Batu Ferringhi at the shopping center next to the ugly KFC. WOW, he even got up on top of my back and legs with his feet and whole body, pushing into my muscles.....excellent....i tipped him a 50% Tip and he was very suprised....He gave 100% effort and Intention! Very impressed with James.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

5 Outstanding Quotes!

In fact, if one person is unkind to an animal it is considered to be cruelty, but where a lot of people are unkind to animals, especially in the name of commerce, the cruelty is condoned and, once large sums of money are at stake, will be defended to the last by otherwise intelligent people.

Ruth Harrison, author of Animal Machines

As long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who sows the seeds of murder and pain cannot reap the joy of love.

Flesh eating is unprovoked murder.
Ben Franklin

It is my view that the vegetarian manner of living, by its purely physical effect on the human temperament, would most beneficially influence the lot of mankind.
Albert Einstein

...a long habit of not thinking a thing wrong, gives it a superficial appearance of being right, and raises at first a formidable outcry in defense of custom. But the tumult soon subsides. Time makes more converts than reason.
Thomas Paine, Common Sense

Food and activities today

A man can live and be healthy without killing animals for food; therefore, if he eats meat, he participates in taking animal life merely for the sake of his appetite. And to act so is immoral.
Howard Lyman

I woke up around 10am today, (10hours of sleep)

-relaxed at guest house
-conversation with guest
-drank lots of water
-Did 50 handstand presses
-read a book about sleep ( I learned that prior to Edison's invention of the electric light, people slept 10 hours per night. Then it changed to 8hours per night. Now with all the distractions we have due to technology, people get 6hours per night. Enough sleep reduces many sicknesses, diseases, obesity, cancers etc...) I personally average 10hours of sleep per night and will always make this important in my life.

-purchased 6lbs of mangosteens
-ate my mangosteens on the beach watching tourists
-randomly met one of my 'Durian Dealers' on the road....he gave me 6 free durians and I bought 4 red prawns (ang hairs). Will eat these with Harley for dinner.

-used internet

maybe a massage!

A man can live and be healthy without killing animals for food; therefore, if he eats meat, he participates in taking animal life merely for the sake of his appetite. And to act so is immoral.
Howard Lyman
wake up around 10am

Saturday, August 2, 2008

bicycle shoe man story, Website referals on Veganism

I got my bicycle shoes re-glued today. It was a highlight of my day to watch the 'meticulous' repair man add glue and then hand stitch my soles together. The shope was in Balik Palau, a little town that is well known for all the surrounding durian farms. I sat in a chair and watched him work, and watched the people pass by his small shop with garage door style door open (most of the shops in asia are wide open as you may know). The man had a belly ache and was sick. I had to share that eating fruits and veggies instead of animal products allows you to never get many rawvegans ever get sick? I don't know any. Even one of my teachers, Doug Graham who has been Rawvegan for 30years has never been sick. Is is due to the diet only? I believe it is mostly due to the diet of fruits and veggies, but also most rawvegans do excercise and meditate and enjoy lots of nature as well.

Is it better to spend 3 hours of time studying the pros and cons of trying a vegan diet when our kids or grandkids are young, Or after they are old?

There are now currently more people overweight in this world than malnourished, and more people have heart attacks, cancer and diabeties than ever before in history.

Maybe it would be better to really truly know with our hearts what the best path of health is before kids or grandkids are all grown up...we can save them years of damaging their bodies, mind, and environment.

Is it more painful to eat a veggie burger or feel guilty for not being better examples to our family, friends, students, peers, society, etc....

I am soooo grateful I took this time already and made my decision!!
try a vegan lifestyle for one month, read about it, watch dvds, etc.... You can always go back to eating animals although they may not 'welcome' you back.

some websites to further your studies:

(narrarated by Joaquin Pheonix)
(narrarated by Alec Baldwin)

Skinny Bitch

The China Study


At the Dam, I watched world champion dragon boat championship, met many athletes (one team from Portland, Oregon here!)
100 Pullups (over 20minute period)
20 minute easy swim in freshwater resevoir
25 miles easy cycling

8Kilos of fresh picked Rambutans (takes about one hour to eat these).
1 banana
1coconut water
12ounces of fresh pressed sugar cane juice
3.5 lbs of durian chunks