Saturday, August 2, 2008

bicycle shoe man story, Website referals on Veganism

I got my bicycle shoes re-glued today. It was a highlight of my day to watch the 'meticulous' repair man add glue and then hand stitch my soles together. The shope was in Balik Palau, a little town that is well known for all the surrounding durian farms. I sat in a chair and watched him work, and watched the people pass by his small shop with garage door style door open (most of the shops in asia are wide open as you may know). The man had a belly ache and was sick. I had to share that eating fruits and veggies instead of animal products allows you to never get many rawvegans ever get sick? I don't know any. Even one of my teachers, Doug Graham who has been Rawvegan for 30years has never been sick. Is is due to the diet only? I believe it is mostly due to the diet of fruits and veggies, but also most rawvegans do excercise and meditate and enjoy lots of nature as well.

Is it better to spend 3 hours of time studying the pros and cons of trying a vegan diet when our kids or grandkids are young, Or after they are old?

There are now currently more people overweight in this world than malnourished, and more people have heart attacks, cancer and diabeties than ever before in history.

Maybe it would be better to really truly know with our hearts what the best path of health is before kids or grandkids are all grown up...we can save them years of damaging their bodies, mind, and environment.

Is it more painful to eat a veggie burger or feel guilty for not being better examples to our family, friends, students, peers, society, etc....

I am soooo grateful I took this time already and made my decision!!
try a vegan lifestyle for one month, read about it, watch dvds, etc.... You can always go back to eating animals although they may not 'welcome' you back.

some websites to further your studies:

(narrarated by Joaquin Pheonix)
(narrarated by Alec Baldwin)

Skinny Bitch

The China Study


At the Dam, I watched world champion dragon boat championship, met many athletes (one team from Portland, Oregon here!)
100 Pullups (over 20minute period)
20 minute easy swim in freshwater resevoir
25 miles easy cycling

8Kilos of fresh picked Rambutans (takes about one hour to eat these).
1 banana
1coconut water
12ounces of fresh pressed sugar cane juice
3.5 lbs of durian chunks

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