Wednesday, August 6, 2008

7hours in the Jungle today!

cool Jungle pic i found.
activities yesterday:-spent 7hours in the jungle alone enjoying primary jungle nature (sonemon told me most of the jungles in the world are considered new since the 'ice age', but primary jungles survived the ice age).
3 hours of treking with many meditation breaks. Spent time with the monkeys, birds, insects, squirrels, turtles. I heard lots of Jungle music from all the creatures (not the Guns and Roses's song, "Welcome to the Jungle).
-swim 10minutes in jungle fresh creek
-cycled 4km uphill for my durian meal, then coasted back down with a full tummy. I brought a new friend from France named, "Benwa"....He loves durian too.
Benwa is a vagabond for 30 years and loves to make art in the jungles. He finished a massive Labrinth he made with mud and sculpted on a massive Boulder). All is work naturally goes back into nature after rainfall.

food intake:-I had 3coconut waters in the morning.
-one large "pomeno" (like a big grapefruit
-2.5lbs of rambutans ( I carried them up the jungle trail for 90minutes, then devoured them at the hill top and planted the seeds for future tree growth).
-3lbs of Durian chunks tasted similar to carmel/vanilla flavoured icecream milkshake blended with some dark chocolate bits.

I am absolutely LOVING it is fascinating for me! I look up videos on running barefoot, rawveganism, ultrarunning, comedy: Jim carrey, Larry David, Seifield, vagabonding, animal abuse, chinese meat market (which shows dogs, Chickens and other animals getting slaughtered and are abused and neglected for days before this....when we eat chicken we indirectly support this. We create more demand for anything we purchase. We vote with our dollars 100%.)

I am sooooo grateful to be living a 'RawVegan' lifestyle for now......I have been 99% for 4 months consecutive now. I believe animals and the environment are thanking me daily. IF everbody ate a rawvegan diet of fruits and veggies, how would the world be? No more slaughtering of animals at a current rate of 10,000 animals per second.
I recently learned that 10,000 animals per second are slaughtered to meet our Demand for chicken, cow, pig, turkey, and other animals we eat for taste only (Its well proven that meat is not needed for nutrition).


Kev said...

Sounds like a wonderful day. I think I get out of the concrete jungle today and spend a day hiking/running in the woods. My body and mind needs it. Enjoyable and informative blog post as always. Thank you!


Vagabonding RawVEGAN said...

yur welcome Kev!
thank you for reading.