Saturday, August 30, 2008

From NIAS to Medan 24 hours of travel

Wow, I am in Medan finally.....took a taxi for 3hours, then overnight ferry boat to Sibolga for 8hours, then waited for minivan to transport 8 of us to Medan. All indonesian men in the van smoked of course (90% of indomen smoke cigs). Cigarette companies market to kids at school events here and they are very successful in getting boys hooked. Men say that smoking makes you more of a MAN with more sex drive, Its fu____ing ridiculous to see huge cigarette billboards and banners around highschool soccer games here, and boys 10years old selling cigs. If we smoke cigs we are supporting this corruption.

Found delicious durian n MEDAN tonight....$1/kilo...creamy and more sweet than bitter.

Saw how they treat the chickens for sale here..they tie 3 chickens together by their legs and leave them out on the road flapping around in the hot sun, starving of thirst and hunger. When you approach a chicken seller they grab up the bunch by whatever they hold onto (wing, throat, feet, holding them upside down)..they show you the chickens feathers and then throw the bunch of chickens back down on the pavement and grab another 'squawking' bunch. As the chickens lay there, they periodically peck each others eyes out due to frustration, heat stroke, pain, etc.... The people treat the chickens like they would a plant, veggie or fruit (actually they treat the fruit much nicer)....Our slaughter houses are most likely as bad and worse, but we dont see it. Anyways enjoy that chicken taste as much as you can if you really have to continue supporting this violence simply for Taste, OR try a Tofu or Tempeh Burger for the chickens sake.

I am eating mostly RAW fruits and veggies, but now I am eating some cooked food each day. I know this is not the best for me but it is my drug addictive behaviour kicking in when I eat salty coconut veggie curry, I get all HIGH i transistion to 100% raw is a journey and I forgive myself for taking longer then i planned.

Today I ate some unhealthy food:
stirfried rice noodles
one cup of white rice
one cup of boiled in salt cabbage
1/4cup of roasted peanuts
one fried cracker

Felt yucky after all this and didnt eat for 7hours, then I ate 3lbs of RAW Organic, sweet, carmel flavoured Durian!!!

walking briskly 3miles

leaving INDO for a while to recover from a bruised RIB cage from Surfing......I decided to go explore some NONsurfing part of the world while i recover...not sure yet...I will go to the airport and decide at last minute...maybe INDIA!

MEDAN is a major busy cluster of unorganized Chaos and pollution that somehow seems to operate effectively, not sure how its all done...crazy place to walk all around...the people are more friendly than any other big city I have ever experienced by FAR.

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