Friday, August 22, 2008

These kids are fruit deprived, salt sugar deathfood

In this small Village, Sorwaki Very little fruit is available. I do drink many coconuts here and find bananas and pineapples and papaya all fresh from local gardens and trees. The nearest fruit market is 12kilometers from here. I have two boys that I pay to go to the market for me each day by bus. It is very fun to create a fun job for the younger boys here. I always have them buy me enough fruit, so I can share with the local villagers here. I only share with all the kids to hopefully inspire the parents to buy their kids more fruit.
Today I walked down the street with my bag of "rambutans", which are like 'gold' around here. I was handing them out to all the kids I would come upon on my walk. Each kid gets a about 4 rambutans from me. They are very gracious and excited. Whenever the adults ask for some, I say, "this fruit is for the children". I can see they really want to eat some too and taste the wonderful taste of fruit. They all could find a way to eat more fruit, but they get into their RICE routine and keep eatin it because it is easier and cheaper. The kids are so young they don't have choices, so i like to give it ALL to them and turn down the adults.

Latest meal was:
2 large coconuts
one 8lb watermelon

last night dinner:
tomato and cucumber salad
2small boiled potatos
huge plate of slightly steamed cabbage, beans, carots, cucumbers, tomatos
peanut sauce to dip the veggies in made with salt, peanuts, msg, and sugar (death cancer condiments, the pleasure of eating it, overiding the health and environmental disasterous pain)
(High water content food, but not all raw, on the "transition back to raw " path for a while)

surfing twice 4hour total
reading book in hammock
1hour nap
1hour internet
strolling around village
meditation 30minutes

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