Monday, August 4, 2008

Harley leaves Malaysia, DC a 'lone' travelor again

HARLEY the Australian Rawvegan state mountainbike champion.

After several weeks with my excellent Australian friend Harley, I am back on my own. Harley and I spent many days together in Thailand and Malaysia. Cycling, running, swimming, hiking, eating massive quantities of vanilla cheesecake flavored durian, eating many wonderful tropical fruits, sharing the vegan message everywhere together, challenging our strive for further life simplicity, discussing our opinions on a variety of meaningful subjects. He has taught me alot about life and the RawVegan lifestyle. I wish him luck on his journey in life, I and plan to reconnect with him soon in AU. Harley is planning on running the Adelaide Marathon later this month, and will probably "WIN".

Today I ran up many many steps for a workout.
5 sets (approx 200steps per set)
(The steps that go up to Teluk Bahang Dam)

I did 100 pushups

Meal #1
I ate 4kilos (about 9lbs) of Mangosteens

3 coconut waters

Meal #2
1lb of vanilla creamy cheescake flavoured durian
1lb of carmelized icecream flavoured durian
1lb of juicy fruit mixed with cream flavoured durian

I had the best massage in my life today (as far as I can remember). By James in Batu Ferringhi at the shopping center next to the ugly KFC. WOW, he even got up on top of my back and legs with his feet and whole body, pushing into my muscles.....excellent....i tipped him a 50% Tip and he was very suprised....He gave 100% effort and Intention! Very impressed with James.

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