Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sumatra People are Constantly saying "hello mister!"

I biked 6hours today from Berastagi to Lake Toba....... beautiful scenery, several hills to climb and go down, wild monkeys, many orange orchards (heavily sprayed with chemicals, I saw the workers spraying chemicals and wearing masks, when we dont buy organic, we support the chemical industry which is causing workers harm daily!....buy organic for yourself and to show your love for humanrights!)

The people here are soooo damn nice that I was getting 'bitter'. My ego was taking over and I would ignore them after 100 "Hello MIster"!'s.....How can people be so happy and nice? It is amazing.... White people are celebrities here and must be prepared to smile and say hello thousands of times per day. If you are not in the mood, then better stay hidden in the jungle or your room until you come out with your happy face.

Massive Durian in Sumatra....100's of sellers on the roadsides, way more than thailand and Malaysia....I tasted a few and nothing special yet. Malaysia was Insanely delicious, this may be hard to top. I'll keep eating the durian and report later on quality.

Lake Toba is Massive! I believe the largest volcanic lake in the world! I am on the island here...so beautiful.

I spent two days in bukit Lawang. Nice river there to swim in. Orangutans to visit. Jungle treks.

Today I did some Yoga in the morning followed by several handstands and handstand presses.
Cycled for 6hours, not sure how far yet..maybe 75miles.

I ate:
2lbs of mangosteens
1/2 pineaple
4lbs of mangos
1lbs of banana
tomato/cucumber salad with lime squeezed on it.

I underate fruit today (and was very acitve allday cycling), and didnt find durian, so I caved into some cooked food cravings and ate on 2 boiled potato and some peanuts in shells, added salt too.

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