Sunday, August 31, 2008

paying $$ to Indo children so they run with me

amaaaaaaaazing feeling I have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the story goes like this...
I was walking back from purchasing my ferry boat ticket from Medan to Penang, Malaysia. It was this morning around 10am....I was debating whether to excercise today. I was feeling lazy with no good reason, since i had not excercised the last couple days besides some walking. So I decided to just go to the big open grass field and decide when i get there. Well this always leads to success for me because once I am in an environment good for running or doing something active i usually 'Just Do It'....i believe getting there is harder then starting...
Anyways, some indo children noticed me running some laps (1/6mile laps around a field). The kids where around 6-10years of age and asked me for money. I said run with me and showed them the money. 3 boys ran one lap with me so i gave them each 1000 rupiah (10cents). Then they ran again for 2000 rupiah (20cents). then I had about 8 kids running loops with me and I was paying them each about 4000 rupiah average (40cents)...4000 Rupiah purchase a Large Meal here in Sumatera of Rice, veggies, tofu, tempe, meat, hot sauce, drink. I kept paying the kids to run laps with me for one hour. They would substitute with their friends and rest every other lap or so. Many other parents and adults were watching us. IT was raining today too which felt very nice on my shirtless skin. I would even explain that if they ran faster they earned more money. It was soo fun, that i didnt even realize I was excercising at all!!! I must do this very often in my life....I must find ways to run and contribute all at the same time....maybe next time I can get a shirt made that says "LOVE animals, don't eat them", OR "vegetarian is cool", OR "Friend not Food", OR something wonderful in their Indonesian language....Maybe "NO Smoking please".....Then I can run, contribute with money, wear a wonderful meaningful message on my shirt...WOW that is called LEVERAGE...I used to only think about how I could leverage myself financially to make the most $$$$ I think about how to leverage HEALTH and Veganism! This is a wonderful LIFE...I am very fortunate....I am very HIGH on life now..its like a drug to excercise and contribute takes no motivatin for me to run laps when I am helping little kids and inspiring them to run more and telling them I am vegetarian and American ........

Last night my motorbike taxi took me to a durian market....we ate together and I was sharing my durian with his family and others and he was asking questions about veganism, and he told me on the way back he has never met an American like me with a good heart and easy to be friends with...that most are snobby types. I told him that most may appear to be snobby but are most likely afraid of something..maybe the Muslim culture here.

today is the biggest most important MUSLIM holiday of the year....this country is mainly muslim.....all are FASTING all day today and celebrating with food after is a huge deal here..they are setting up all kinds of signs and food booths and concerts and MOSK praying opportunities..its amazing to happen to be here today on this famous day of the year.....I think its called Mantaramm or something close to that.

I watched chickens get their unlucky innocent throats slit at the meat market yesterday....then they are thrown in a big cage while they run around bleeding to death for 3 minutes!!! IT takes a while for them to die..then they are thrown into a heated element that whirls them around and burns the feathers off...its a bloody, dirty place to be and work...the workers are all bloody and looking unhappy as they slit throats and watch the chickens die (but I am sure they still have chicken fried rice for lunch) chicken got loose after its throat was slit and started running around bleeding until they caught it. We support those types of jobs....people may say..what about human rights? why worry about animals? Well I believe we create nasty death jobs in slaughter houses by purchasing dead animals to eat, so we contribute to many negative things for the taste of animals in our mouth.....its proven we dont NEED them to survive and Thrive......infact how can most people justify eating animals when they are Sedentary, heheeeheh I was thinking about how 90percent of the world is not excercising, but they most still eat animals....shouldn't we have to earn the right to eat animals by chasing them down and killing them....don't most carnivores have to work very hard physically before getting their dinner...?? something to think about...

Running 1 hour
walking 1hour

yesterday food intake ALL RAW BABBBBBBBBBYYY!!!
20 small bannanas for meal number ONE
snack--one coconut water
1 cup of fresh pineaple (sooo sweet here in Medan!!)
2lbs of durian chunks


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Enjoying reading your blog

Vagabonding RawVEGAN said...

thank you!!
ARe you eating a Vegan diet?