Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Sumatra Bus driver did not let me bring Durian on!

Several people were loading on a shuttle bus from Medan to the ferry port to head to Penang, Malaysia....I had my small backpack and my bicycle. I had a durian straped to the rack on my bicycle. The bus driver told me i could not bring my durian on cause of the smell, so I pulled out my 'trusty' fruit knife and opened the durian up, squatted on the street and devoured it while they waited, ehehehh...it was awesome......
We Can't bring durian on the bus, but we can bring a smelly bag of grilled dead cow burgers and potatoes fried in cancer oil that smells up the whole bus, supports deforestation, global warming, animal cruelty and death, human suffering, etc.......
I crave a world where the bus driver says, "If you don't have a durian, then you cannot come onto my bus!"....
Today I am loving the RAW life....come join anytime for the journey..currently in Malaysia..maybe India next.......

I rested yesterday, with very little body movement...lots of traveling....Bus, Ferry.
Today I got some movement in:
cycled slowly one hour
hiking barefoot one hour
100 pushups
100 lunges
10 pullups

I found delicous mangosteens here in Penang (way better in Malaysia than sumatra)
ate 4lbs for lunch.

8ounce of sugar cane juice
snack 2
one coconut water

I plan to eat
2lbs of durian chunks soon then maybe some Rice and veggies(I hope not)
The durian is very good here in Malaysia....I would have to say that Sumatera and Malaysia are pretty similar in taste and quality. The price for Durian in Sumatera is about $1/2lbs....the price in Malaysia $2/2lbs (double the price!!).....HOWEVER, if you get to try some of the 'name brand' durians in Malaysia like "ang Hair", "D2", "D11", "D24", "Capri KING", "Horlor", etc.....these are all Exceptional and much tastier than Sumatera in my opinion....Even more than Thailand Durians like "monThong', "Chanee", "Pomanee".

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