Friday, September 5, 2008

Leaving Malaysia

This has been a fun place for me, Penang in particular. I spent about 5weeks here, then left to Indo for about 4 weeks, then returned here to Penang for a few more days. Returning here was amazing after having so many Indonesian experiences. I really like how I can witness so much culture and not have many people approaching me with questions and comments all day long. Bless their hearts, as they all have loving intention......its just I need more practice with patience and unlimited smiling happy responses no matter what.

Heading to Katmandu, Nepal in the morning...flying from Penang to Bangkok to Katmandu....I plan to get my India visa there which may take one week. I suggest anybody that plans to come to India to plan ahead and get it early, I didnt.
While my visa is being prepared I will enjoy some Treking around Nepal...I believe they have 8 of the 10 Highest elevated Mountains in the World!
Mt. Everest is not on my list, but some safer distances are surely.

20 ounces of fresh pressed sugar cane juice
Vegan Laksa (noodle soup)
Vegan Tom Yum soup
1/2cup of rice
small salad
1cup of stirfryed veggies
(felt majorly dissatisfied and wanted more salt after this, so I went to the movie theater to eat popcorn and maybe see a movie, but they didnt have salty popcorn only sweet, so I left thankfully)

about to eat 2lbs of durian chunks

excercise today:
walked up penang hill briskly 5km, 2300feet elevation, 1hour
100 pushups
10minutes of muscle flexing

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