Thursday, September 25, 2008

Nepal: I finished 13 days of Treking, Altitude sickness

Glad to be back to low elevation, but a life changing experience is what I just finished. The Annapurna HImalayans....very high mountains I passed about 7000meters high.
I experienced many things: treking for days in flip-flops because shoes hurt to much, traditional villages, diversity in landscapes, endless scenic views, strong Nepalese men that weigh 140lbs and Carry 200lbs on their backs for 8 hours/day up huge rocky hills, no fruit, no traffic, animals, birds, cows, Yak, sheep, goats, other wonderfulworld travelors to bond with, infected foot wounds, altitude sickness, cold relentless weather, snow/ice, sunshine, happy local people living off the land, children playing freely, dirty clothes worn by all, Seabuckthorn juice, Pumpkin soup, cooked Dal Baht twice a day (rice, curries, dahl, pickled veggies), cinnamin rolls, apple pie, chocolate, little boys carrying their sisters up massive hill climbs, negativity, doubt, hatred of treking in cold, love, compassion, understanding, rollercoasters of emotion, Endless endless endless breathtaking views for miles, hundreds of waterfalls, hundreds of plants and flowers, no internet, peace and serenity, etc....

I am back in the warmlands, Pocara.....looking for a yoga/meditation/cleansing place to go relax and let my scrapes and bruises heal.

My healthy clean diet went to a fried, greasy, lack of fruit diet for several days.....not feeling very happy about this. I do find that I am truly happy in anticipation of some cooked greasy salty food, and during the feasting I am very comforted and High from its effects. Soon to be back to what is best for me...I had several yummy bananas today, papaya, pomegranet juice......but feeling like some more cooked food tonight...its yelling my name...maybe some hummous/tahini/ ....indian food... or more Nepalese Dahl Baht.

no excercise today..
averaged 5hours/day of treking for two running....some stretching/yoga/pushups some days.

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