Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Treking the Annapurna, Nepal......cooked diet

Hello all,
I am leaving on a treking adventure in Nepal. I may go for a few days or much longer, I'll decide on the way. NO internet for 3weeks if I choose to go the whole Annapurna Circuit.
Over 100miles of steep treking at high elevations.
Lots of lodges and places to eat on the way. Very poplular trek. Many backpackers come from all around the world for this.
I will start Alone but may join other trekers on the route.
I am at the last city before I began my trek in a few minutes.

the complete Annapurna circuit takes between 15 to 22 days, depending on fitness, adaptability to altitude and desire to linger along the way. While the trail has gained a reputation for being overrun with tourists, it had quietened with the rise of a Maoist insurgency in Nepal, post 9/11 travel jitters and the massacre of Nepal's royal family in 2000.

I have a link below....................

My diet has been junkfood cooked vegan lately. I havent felt very good about my eating decisions lately. Most of the time bad eating decisions are due to emotional issues...maybe lonliness is something I must admit I have been feeling more lately. I do meet other travelors and hang out with them. A peer group of other Rawvegan/environmentalist friends is soooo powerful for, and makes it easier to succeed on 100%RAW vegan diet. Cooked Vegan Diet is soooo easy for me and I doubt anything could Ever sway me away from this. It is soooo simple to eat cooked vegan, now that I have been 100% raw vegan. Maybe that is a huge take away in itself? Even if my transition to 100% raw takes more weeks, months, years than i ever anticipated, at least I am learning how to be a lifetime success at not contributing to animal suffering and risking myself with heart diseases, cholesterol, diabtes, obesity, cancer, etc...

Yesterday diet:
2 asian pears snack
meal #1
India vegan food: Dahl, spicey cucumber salad, white rice, potato dish, chutney
Meal #2
1/4cup of pumpkin seeds and peanuts
Nepalis food: Dahl, corn flour noodles with tomato sauce, potato dish, cucumbers
1/2cup of dates

exercise yesterday:

our bus got held up by a 7HOUR Strike!! we were in the middle of nowhere waiting for some mediation...on the way from Kathmandu to Pocara.

here are some links:



Troy Williams said...

darrick that is some crazy shit. I am glad you are enjoying seeing the world. Life in Albany sounds pretty mundane after reading your blog. Drop me a note troy.Williams@nissenmotors.com
One love.... One world


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