Sunday, March 29, 2009

moving on to BALI, sun deck in KL

My location is Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 1 night here as I head towards Bali. I was getting my daily vitamin D from Sunshine this morning on the roof top deck of my city accomodation (i can always find a nice place to get some sunshine, my pops is this way too).
I feel so exceptional getting a daily dose of fresh sunshine on my bare skin each day, approx 1hour feels perfect for me, and my skin is more brown than ever before probably linked to a fruit diet rich in nutrients, Vitamins and minerals.

This accomodation in Kuala Lumpur's China Town is named Backpackers Inn ($4/night, sleep in room with 4bunkbeds, I have top bunk, slept better than i have in weeks even though lots of people are in the same room making noise, maybe my body craved to be around others and not alone?).

I was on a durian hunt yesterday around KL. Now is not the prime season for durian (june, july, august IS). But, in a city like this you can always find it forsale as many farms have figured out how to grow it all year round. I found D24 and D2 and Chocola available for approx $4/kilo! (Philippines off season price is only about $1.50/kilo for as good or better tasting durian!).

Since my life is stripped down to the basics all my expenditures are related to what I eat and where I sleep, so I pay what the market demands no matter what and don't worry about it. Gone are the days of not buying organic because the extra money could be spent on other items: clothes, stuff, cars, gas, bills, houses, entertainment, movies, restaurants, etc....

It feels soooo wonderful for me to be living a more natural hygienic lifestyle and am grateful daily as I see so much mindless consumption going on around me, especially in cities. I know I was part of this in the past and must remain humble and grateful that I have learned to be more conscious of what I am doing and buying and supporting.
Ultimately, I know it will be best to live naked in the tropics eating coconuts from and othe fruits from the trees, feeling know polution to my body from external sources...and giving up the internet (which is a challenge, and I wonder how many other true natural hygienic people have managed this?)

What is MEAT?
I believe 'Meat' is a term made up to replace the need to say dead animals. Forexample when we say we are eating Meat for dinner we mean, 'dead animals'. meat is a more comfortable word used to keep us distant from the death and suffering our carnivorous diet causes.

Off to meet my mom and dad in Bali for one month of rest, relaxation, pleasure seeking and connection. Bali for April!! then travel with my dad alone around some other countries following mango seasons, durian, and surf and sun.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Running Raw and the Skinny Bitch 10/21/08

i really like this interview with this beautiful author of Skinny Bitch...soon to make a new book called "skinny bastards" (because skinny bitches need skinny bastards, hehhe)....she has lots of experience around Tony Robbins and Wayne Dyer like myself too..and has the HUGE passionate purpose to spread vegan message! awesome! read the book ASAP, excellent book to share with family and friends...the title is so catchy it interests most everyone!

Goat eats my banana

Friday, March 20, 2009

vaccination before traveling? read this first.....

The Myth of Vaccination

"There are at least two sides to the vaccination controversy. One side we see all the time, in newspapers, magazines, and on TV. The other side takes a little digging to uncover, but it’s there nevertheless. When the reader has begun to do a little research, one plain fact will come into focus: all this information can’t be true. Someone is definitely very wrong." - Tim O’Shea

Did you know…

...that there are now some 33 vaccines mandated by the time your child is 6 years old? And 40 by age 16?

...that more are on the way?

...that U.S. children are the most vaccinated group not only in the world, but in all of history?

...that vaccines are not tested before they are put on the market?

...that most infectious diseases had already declined 90% by the time vaccines became mandated?

...that only one country in Europe still has mandatory DPT vaccination, whereas the U.S. requires four separate shots?

...that Hepatitis B vaccine was halted in France after 15,000 citizens filed a class action suit against the government?

...that in Oct 2000, the American Academy of Physicians and Surgeons called for an immediate moratorium on all Hepatitis B vaccinations because of all the side effects to thousands of children?

...that mandated doesn’t mean mandatory, and that there is a simple exemption form in most states, which when signed by a parent exempts the child for life?

...that all 696,000 Gulf War personnel were inoculated with three completely untested vaccines, resulting in 80,000 of them contracting a permanent disease known as Gulf War Syndrome?

...that many pediatricians will not inoculate their own children?

...that vaccines are a multibillion dollar business in the U.S.?

...that vaccination is not immunization?

...that mercury in most vaccines is dozens of times in excess of EPA safety levels?


The summary from the above article appears below:

In the December 1994 Medical Post, Canadian author of the best-seller Medical Mafia, Guylaine Lanctot, M.D. stated, "The medical authorities keep lying. Vaccination has been a disaster on the immune system. It actually causes a lot of illnesses. We are actually changing our genetic code through vaccination...10 years from now we will know that the biggest crime against humanity was vaccines." After an extensive study of the medical literature on vaccination, Dr. Viera Scheibner concluded that "there is no evidence whatsoever of the ability of vaccines to prevent any diseases. To the contrary, there is a great wealth of evidence that they cause serious side effects." These would seem to be radical positions, but they are not unfounded. The continued denial of the evidence against vaccines only perpetuates the "Myths" and their negative consequences on our children and society. Aggressive and comprehensive scientific investigation is clearly warranted, yet immunization programs continue to expand in the absence of such research. Manufacturer profits are guaranteed, while accountability for the negative effects is conspicuously absent. This is especially sad given the readily available safe and effective alternatives.

Meanwhile, the race is on. According to the NVIC, there are over 250 new vaccines being developed for everything from earaches to birth control to diarrhea, with about 100 of these already in clinical trials. Researchers are working on vaccine delivery through nasal sprays, mosquitoes (yes, mosquitoes), and the fruits of "transgenic" plants in which vaccine viruses are grown. With every child (and adult, for that matter) on the planet a potential required recipient of multiple doses, and every healthcare system and government a potential buyer, it is little wonder that countless millions of dollars are spent nurturing the growing multi-billion dollar vaccine industry. Without public outcry, we will see more and more new vaccines required of us and our children. And while profits are readily calculable, the real human costs are being ignored.

Whatever your personal vaccination decision, make it an informed one; you have that right and responsibility. It is a difficult issue, but there is more than enough at stake to justify whatever time and energy it takes.

words for thought.........

What we choose to eat makes a powerful statement about our ethics and our view of the world -- about our very humanity. Whenever we choose not to buy meat, eggs, and dairy products, we withdraw our support from cruelty to animals, undertake an economic boycott of factory farms, and support the production of cruelty-free foods.

Regardless of any other beliefs we hold and however else we choose to lead our lives, each of us can decide to act with kindness and compassion. Making humane choices is the ultimate affirmation of our humanity.

99% of animals killed in the U.S. each year die to be eaten

“There’s a schizoid quality to our relationship with animals, in which sentiment and brutality exist side by side. Half the dogs in America will receive Christmas presents this year, yet few of us pause to consider the miserable life of the pig—an animal easily as intelligent as a dog—that becomes the Christmas ham.”

Friday, March 13, 2009

WOW, a homestay experience is sweet, leverage your contribution!

I am Staying in Dahican area, near Mati, South mindanao of philippines....When I arrived in Mati two days ago i had no idea where i was going accept to be near waves and durian. I hired a motorbike taxi and he saw my surfboard and said, 'Dahican'?, so i said YES ( i figured he new where surfboards are best used).

After we found the local fruit market to stock up on Durian, marang, bananas, papaya, we headed 6km to Dahican beach. This area is very sparsely populated, white sandy beach, millions of coconut trees around here which is the main business for all the locals: they make coconut oils mainly.

We ended up at a local surfer guys house, 36year old 'junjun'. Junjun and his brother Allen and a few other boys share an ocean front dream location and manage the property....they all surf and have surfer friends ranging from 6yrs to 30yrs..about 10 surfers around here, no white people ever come here apparently, if so, very few in a year. They are awesome people and very hospitable, guiding me to all the waves, the best one is named "Bobone"...a right barreling reef break.

I am sleeping on their couch or in my hammock outside depending on the weather, for $2/night. i am sharing tons of fruit with them as they eat mainly coconut meat, green bananas cooked which taste like potatos, rice, and fish occasionally...They are loving my fruit diet and are fascinated by it and they all wish they could eat this way, but it is too expensive for them...their 1lb of rice per day is 30cents$ (they eat free coconuts and bananas) 8lbs of durian is $6/day...huge difference.

I am really experiencing the culture now...very little english, no foreigners, around all philippinos..seeing how they eat, cook, live, thrive and survive of of 50cents per day each!!!!! a simple life fully immeresed in this wonderful tropical nature of warmth..80degrees around the clock it seems...soooo easy to live light and cheap...if i needed too I could do it, but for now i am still a Spoiled brat American that needs my Durian....
if i did not eat durian and only other fruits, my fruit cost would be about $2 day, still very cheap on my standards, but far from their 50cents/day.....I could be on a delicious banana diet (the best I have tasted in the world so far...several varieties: surgar banana, morado, Tundan, lakatan, Seniorita,etc) here of 20cents/lb if I chose also.

Allen is one of the brothers....we went surfin together and stopped at a karokee machine (these are very easy to find, every other kilometer some family has one and they can be found singing and dancing at any hour of the day with friends, under an thatched roof type shelter area singin some Britany spears, Creed, mariah Carry, beetles, REM, U2, you name it!! What a great culture to be in for music brother Justin would love this aspect (I plan to show you this sometime soon JUSTY!!)....I chose my two songs for 10cents us.....Beetles #1, "all you need is love", and sTing #2 'every breath you take', these were not songs to sing too, as i chose the more conservative option of viewing a live concert (great option if you dont want to sing or are feeling shy)......
about 20 philippinos were there staring at me as usual in amazement to see a foreigner there in the middle of knowhere (only a surfer knows the feeling of discovering these places while looking for the perfect dream wave and endless summer) was fun to hear some love from Beetles. When I played Sting, I felt a great connection to my sister SHONDA who used to love STING and I love hearing 'every breath you take' and thinking of growing up with my sis.....

The philippinos were asking about our diet and what we eat to be so lean and healthy, and Allen explaned my VEGANISM to all of them!!! I feel soooooo amazing to be able to share and address this to many non english speakers by having a translator with me....this is a huge Appifany for i can LEVERAGE my contribution!!!
I used to be all about leveraging my money and time and I am more about leveraging my ability to help and reach more people!!
What a life!

Lets all remember to "Do unto others as we would want done to us"......others is including people, friends, animals, insects, fish, etc.......this is one of the golden rules most of our momies taught us but hadn't realized yet about the innocent sweet animals we were eating unneedingly.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

are you comfortable skinny?

All is great for me here in Philippines. I have relocated to South mindanao area of the beach near MATI...found a great group of Philippino surfers to stay with..i sleep outside on the beach in my hammock for $2/night and it is pure heavan....yesterday we cracked open almonds from their almond tree...ate bananas and coconunts too...

After over 4months of eating fruits only, my energy is 'annoyingly' high at times, hehheh, My body is soo lean and slim and i now realize that being in the USA like this will bring me lots of comments from others. I must remember that what others think is not as important as what i believe and feel and know from my life experiences.

I copied this from Richard Blackman's Blog...he has been eating fruits only for over 12years and my dad and i met him at health and fitness amazing person and an example of health.

"Are you going raw for the right reasons, are you willing to be as healthy as you can be and stay skinny? if not then your not gonna have the dedication to see it all through to get to the point where you can start to gain the muscle you need.What I've learnt from going Fruitarian is that underneath all the fat and waste accumilated over the years from cooked food is our natural size/shape and we shouldn't be afraid of being at that natural size/shape, yeah for some the change other people see in you maybe dramatic but that just goes to show how much fat, water retention, etc you was holding onto in the first place"