Sunday, March 29, 2009

moving on to BALI, sun deck in KL

My location is Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 1 night here as I head towards Bali. I was getting my daily vitamin D from Sunshine this morning on the roof top deck of my city accomodation (i can always find a nice place to get some sunshine, my pops is this way too).
I feel so exceptional getting a daily dose of fresh sunshine on my bare skin each day, approx 1hour feels perfect for me, and my skin is more brown than ever before probably linked to a fruit diet rich in nutrients, Vitamins and minerals.

This accomodation in Kuala Lumpur's China Town is named Backpackers Inn ($4/night, sleep in room with 4bunkbeds, I have top bunk, slept better than i have in weeks even though lots of people are in the same room making noise, maybe my body craved to be around others and not alone?).

I was on a durian hunt yesterday around KL. Now is not the prime season for durian (june, july, august IS). But, in a city like this you can always find it forsale as many farms have figured out how to grow it all year round. I found D24 and D2 and Chocola available for approx $4/kilo! (Philippines off season price is only about $1.50/kilo for as good or better tasting durian!).

Since my life is stripped down to the basics all my expenditures are related to what I eat and where I sleep, so I pay what the market demands no matter what and don't worry about it. Gone are the days of not buying organic because the extra money could be spent on other items: clothes, stuff, cars, gas, bills, houses, entertainment, movies, restaurants, etc....

It feels soooo wonderful for me to be living a more natural hygienic lifestyle and am grateful daily as I see so much mindless consumption going on around me, especially in cities. I know I was part of this in the past and must remain humble and grateful that I have learned to be more conscious of what I am doing and buying and supporting.
Ultimately, I know it will be best to live naked in the tropics eating coconuts from and othe fruits from the trees, feeling know polution to my body from external sources...and giving up the internet (which is a challenge, and I wonder how many other true natural hygienic people have managed this?)

What is MEAT?
I believe 'Meat' is a term made up to replace the need to say dead animals. Forexample when we say we are eating Meat for dinner we mean, 'dead animals'. meat is a more comfortable word used to keep us distant from the death and suffering our carnivorous diet causes.

Off to meet my mom and dad in Bali for one month of rest, relaxation, pleasure seeking and connection. Bali for April!! then travel with my dad alone around some other countries following mango seasons, durian, and surf and sun.



Balazs said...

I am happy for you, KL must be amazing!

Nowadays I also spent all of my money on fruits while my schoolmates and roomates spent theirs drinking in clubs or buying clothes, for me they are worthless. Its true that every dollar we spend is a vote for what we believe in. So I live my life according to this.

Everytime I face a decision I think whether I want to see others doing it. I cant expect less from myself than from others. I want to be the change what I want to see.

I think people like us cant remain silent and escape from the modern world. It would be selfish, we have responsibility for others as well, and for the planet. We cant just turn our back on the destruction while the world we love is being destroied.

We have to be a shining example for others who want to change and not ignorant. And they are many, and I am glad for it.

I am also glad that there are lot of humble people who learnt from his/her own mistakes became the change, like you and me.

thanks for sharing, keep up!

Vagabonding RawVEGAN said...

what you said is right on B....i want to escape and go live naked in the tropics alone, but than I can't help as much people see what I have been so fortunate to see and believe!

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