Friday, March 20, 2009

vaccination before traveling? read this first.....

The Myth of Vaccination

"There are at least two sides to the vaccination controversy. One side we see all the time, in newspapers, magazines, and on TV. The other side takes a little digging to uncover, but it’s there nevertheless. When the reader has begun to do a little research, one plain fact will come into focus: all this information can’t be true. Someone is definitely very wrong." - Tim O’Shea

Did you know…

...that there are now some 33 vaccines mandated by the time your child is 6 years old? And 40 by age 16?

...that more are on the way?

...that U.S. children are the most vaccinated group not only in the world, but in all of history?

...that vaccines are not tested before they are put on the market?

...that most infectious diseases had already declined 90% by the time vaccines became mandated?

...that only one country in Europe still has mandatory DPT vaccination, whereas the U.S. requires four separate shots?

...that Hepatitis B vaccine was halted in France after 15,000 citizens filed a class action suit against the government?

...that in Oct 2000, the American Academy of Physicians and Surgeons called for an immediate moratorium on all Hepatitis B vaccinations because of all the side effects to thousands of children?

...that mandated doesn’t mean mandatory, and that there is a simple exemption form in most states, which when signed by a parent exempts the child for life?

...that all 696,000 Gulf War personnel were inoculated with three completely untested vaccines, resulting in 80,000 of them contracting a permanent disease known as Gulf War Syndrome?

...that many pediatricians will not inoculate their own children?

...that vaccines are a multibillion dollar business in the U.S.?

...that vaccination is not immunization?

...that mercury in most vaccines is dozens of times in excess of EPA safety levels?


The summary from the above article appears below:

In the December 1994 Medical Post, Canadian author of the best-seller Medical Mafia, Guylaine Lanctot, M.D. stated, "The medical authorities keep lying. Vaccination has been a disaster on the immune system. It actually causes a lot of illnesses. We are actually changing our genetic code through vaccination...10 years from now we will know that the biggest crime against humanity was vaccines." After an extensive study of the medical literature on vaccination, Dr. Viera Scheibner concluded that "there is no evidence whatsoever of the ability of vaccines to prevent any diseases. To the contrary, there is a great wealth of evidence that they cause serious side effects." These would seem to be radical positions, but they are not unfounded. The continued denial of the evidence against vaccines only perpetuates the "Myths" and their negative consequences on our children and society. Aggressive and comprehensive scientific investigation is clearly warranted, yet immunization programs continue to expand in the absence of such research. Manufacturer profits are guaranteed, while accountability for the negative effects is conspicuously absent. This is especially sad given the readily available safe and effective alternatives.

Meanwhile, the race is on. According to the NVIC, there are over 250 new vaccines being developed for everything from earaches to birth control to diarrhea, with about 100 of these already in clinical trials. Researchers are working on vaccine delivery through nasal sprays, mosquitoes (yes, mosquitoes), and the fruits of "transgenic" plants in which vaccine viruses are grown. With every child (and adult, for that matter) on the planet a potential required recipient of multiple doses, and every healthcare system and government a potential buyer, it is little wonder that countless millions of dollars are spent nurturing the growing multi-billion dollar vaccine industry. Without public outcry, we will see more and more new vaccines required of us and our children. And while profits are readily calculable, the real human costs are being ignored.

Whatever your personal vaccination decision, make it an informed one; you have that right and responsibility. It is a difficult issue, but there is more than enough at stake to justify whatever time and energy it takes.