Sunday, March 8, 2009

are you comfortable skinny?

All is great for me here in Philippines. I have relocated to South mindanao area of the beach near MATI...found a great group of Philippino surfers to stay with..i sleep outside on the beach in my hammock for $2/night and it is pure heavan....yesterday we cracked open almonds from their almond tree...ate bananas and coconunts too...

After over 4months of eating fruits only, my energy is 'annoyingly' high at times, hehheh, My body is soo lean and slim and i now realize that being in the USA like this will bring me lots of comments from others. I must remember that what others think is not as important as what i believe and feel and know from my life experiences.

I copied this from Richard Blackman's Blog...he has been eating fruits only for over 12years and my dad and i met him at health and fitness amazing person and an example of health.

"Are you going raw for the right reasons, are you willing to be as healthy as you can be and stay skinny? if not then your not gonna have the dedication to see it all through to get to the point where you can start to gain the muscle you need.What I've learnt from going Fruitarian is that underneath all the fat and waste accumilated over the years from cooked food is our natural size/shape and we shouldn't be afraid of being at that natural size/shape, yeah for some the change other people see in you maybe dramatic but that just goes to show how much fat, water retention, etc you was holding onto in the first place"

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